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Created by DarkAngel1930 on Friday, March 15, 2013

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The Story of Raven Delilah Luna Sakura Shadowmoore and the Hot Emo Boy named Jake. Part 1, out of 1, because if I make a part two, your guys's ears will start to bleed, and I don't want a lawsuit.

Once upon a time there was this girl named Raven Delilah Luna Sakura Shadowmoore, but since her name was too dreadfully long to say, she just went by the simple 'Raven'. She has black hair that used to be blonde. She dyed it black because black hair was way more 'emo.' She also has rainbow streaks in it, and has it emo-style falling into her eyes, which can change color whenever she wants them too. Right now her eyes are electric blue, and, of course, beautiful.

She is wearing black skinny jeans with red converse and a tight-fitting dark purple top. She has arm gloves (black, of course) too cover up the cuts on her wrists from when she was depressed for some personal reason that is way too sad for me to tell you about.

Anyway, she was walking down the street. It wa 2:00 PM. She was supposed too be in her highschool but she was suspended for being too badass. Besides, even if she hadn't been suspended, she would have skipped school anyways, because she's way too awesome for school. Plus, it's my story, so deal with it, biches. (Yay, YGS reference!)

She was talking too her black cat Rainbow Dash, because she's totally an MLP fan. In fact, she's the one who started the MLP craze, thus driving all of her haters into slow insanity, then death.

Screw you, bitches.

Rainbow Dash is a black cat that can talk and fly and poop out rainbows because, well, RD was sent too protect her from evil stuff. She has purple eyes that are awesome, but still not as beautiful as Raven's electric blue ones.

"So who are you going too date, Raven?" RD asked her in his high pitched Mickey Mouse voice.

"Idk!" Raven screamed, her temper flaring up. She stopped walking too punch a car so that she could take out her frustration on it. The car broke in half for some weird reason that defies the laws of physics, I think. "Geez, why do you have too ask all these questions?"

RD shrugged. "Because this is Angel's story, and she's writing all of this, so don't blame me, blame her."

Wh- I did no such thing, Rainbow Dash! You know what, screw you as well -

Suddenly, Edward Cullen came out of nowhere and grabbed Rainbow Dash and took him away too one of the all-boys boarding schools populated by weird boys.

Raven looked really confused all of the sudden but she started walking again, because she knew that her life was perfect and that despite what happened too other people, she would continue too live and so on. That doens't make much sense but, whatever.

Suddenly, out of the bushes came a shirtless emo vampire by the name of Jake Styles. He has black floppy emo hair with red streaks, and wears black skinny jeans with red suspenders, and no shirt. Yes, he dresses like a man-stripper. Don't judge me.

"Raven! I've come too take you away!"

Raven frowned, her perfect mouth muscles still making her look beautiful as she did. "What? Why??"

"Because I'm a smexy emo vampire prince who's come too get an arranged marriage too you, and take you away too my kingdom of All-Boys Boarding schools!"

Raven pondered about this for a moment. "In doing so, would I still get too hook up with you?"

"Only if you want too, babe~"

"...Okay, then, it's a deal."

And so, Raven Delilah Luna Sakura Shadowmoore rose off into the sunset on an emo Unicorn with the Hawt Emo Vampire Prince Jake Styles (who, by the way if you haven't already noticed, is the twin brother of Harry Styles), where they rose too Jake's kingdom of All-Boys Boarding Schools that had Justin Beiber in them. he continued too get an arranged marriage, gained immortality somehow in the process, and learned how too fly somehow as well.

How did she do all this?

Idk, it's my story.

The End.

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