Getting to Know You

Getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, Getting to hope you like me.

Created by getout on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Lyla spent the afternoon practicing her song choices. The other girls seemed mesmerized by her singing and dancing. Once Lyla was done she prodded them about their performances.

“Oh gosh, mine was horrible” began Sarah “because I want to do Jousting, I brought in my armor and lance and explained the process of creation via comedy routine. It was only saved by me pulling some martial arts moves on one of the Jousters.”

“Ours wasn’t that great either, we dressed as faeries and did a magic show. People were entertained enough, but it wasn’t anything worth remembering.” Anna replied. “At least not compared to your singing” teased Crystal. “What did you do Jane?” Before Jane could answer, Crystal spurted out “Only the most amazing routine ever, people are still talking about it three weeks later!” “That is awesome Jane! Congratulations. But what exactly did you do?”

“A little bit of everything actually, belly dancing, singing, and a bit of comedy.” “Wow, you can belly dance? Awesome!” Jane just nodded and went back to her needle work.


Time past slowly but dinner seemed to arrive faster than Lyla had expected it too. Dinner was a blur, she didn’t remember eating, only being charged for leave to get ready to perform. She wore a white leotard with a sheer white skirt, white tights and white ballet shoes. She listened as Caroline introduced her and there was quiet applause.

Lyla entered, seeing that they had cleared the tables from the middle of the room giving her a circle to perform in.

“Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, as said my name is Lyla and for this evening I will sing and dance for you. If you know the words I do invite you to sing along.”

Lyla began to sing “She Moved Through the Fair” and everyone went silent. She heard the harpist begin to play and began dancing during the chorus. She ended the song a took a quick bow. “Now that you all know I can sing, let’s bring it up a notch, Donald Where’s Your Trousers?” She began to sing the verse, and then the troop joined in at the chorus. This continued for over an hour of dancing and merrymaking until the queen bid her one more song. Lyla choose her favorite, “Health to the Company” The crowd quietly listened, wishing that she would never stop. The clan dispersed when she was through, they all left a bit happier, a bit kinder and a but warmer inside. Lyla smiled, she did her best and that was all that mattered. “Good job Lyla” Mrs Caroline spoke. “You may find a place in this castle quicker than most if you keep up the hard work.”

“Thank you Mrs. Caroline. If you have a moment, can you tell me our first event?”

“We have tours daily, Sarah will tell you about that and we have a faire this weekend.”

“Will we travel?” The woman only smiled, “Sarah will tell you all about it once you get back to your room.”

“Thank you and goodnight! Sleep well and thank you for this wonderful opportunity.” Mrs. Caroline only smiled and waved, but once Lyla was gone from the room she told Mike “She is thanking us, when we should be thanking her, she might just save us yet.”


Back in the room, the girls had already changed and were brushing their teeth. Lyla began to do the same. Sarah finished first and began to turn down her bed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen an introduction quite like that in awhile.” “Yeah, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves” Crystal added. Anna sighed “My favorite part was ‘The Rocky Road to Dublin’ I adore that song.” Sarah glared at Jane “Good job, that one will probably will be talked about for the next year” Jane’s tone saddened Lyla. “Jane maybe we should work together from here on out! As a team I’m sure we will have people talking about us for the next century.” Jane only nodded and slipped into bed. Sarah gave Lyla a hug, “Don’t mind her, she is just jealous”

“But I’m sure she is equally, if not more talented.”

“Yes, but she doesn’t see it that way. Now you seem pretty naive, so I am going to put this lightly as I can. There are people here who want to be the center of attention and will do anything to get it. This includes trampling over you. Right now you are the center of attention and people don’t like that. So watch out ok?”

“Will do.” Lyla was crestfallen, and it must have shown for Sarah switched topics “I can’t believe we’ve gone the entire day without telling you how a normal day works!” So Sarah, Crystal and Anna took turns telling her the ins and outs of each day.

“Tomorrow you and I will go perform in the morning. After breakfast we will get into garb and begin the tour. Mike is the tour guide along with Thomas. Our job is to be where ever people need us, often it is taking care of the kids or cleaning. But occasionally you might spend the day with each group getting to know them. It’s all good fun really.”

“But the coolest part about working here is the magic door!” Crystal interrupted.

“Magic door?”

“Yeah, you just say where you would like to go and open the door, and there will be your desired destination.” Anna said, then Sarah took over the conversation again “But, we are only allowed to use the door with permission, which is rare.”

The girls continued their conversation about day to day life and how faires worked until it was time for bed. They said their respective good nights and went to sleep. Lyla woke to Sarah’s gentle shaking. “Time to go make money sleepy head!” Lyla begrudgingly awoke and dressed in a street costume that was provided. The two girls went outside and met up with two boys. Sarah began the introductions “Colin, David this is Lyla” “Pleasure to meet the person behind the voice” Colin winked.

“Ignore him, he is a pig but a talented one so we keep him around” David smiled and stuck his hand out. Lyla reach hers out to complete the handshake, but David grabbed it, bowed down and kissed it instead. “My angel I am at your service” David finished with a flourish, trying to hold back laughter. But neither Sarah nor Lyla could hold back and laughed while rolling their eyes. “Let’s get started shall we?” chirped Colin. “Where do we begin?” Inquired Lyla. “Well we wander the streets and look for Patrons, we perform and hopefully we make money.” Answered David.

The group began to walk down the street, through the heavy midnight fog. For fun, Lyla ran ahead and began dancing through the fog. The boys and Sarah watched Lyla in content silence, occasionally applauding a difficult move. Soon others joined, watching the girl and enjoying her enjoyment. The boys began collecting and made twenty dollars before her dance was even done. By that time the crowd was huge, Lyla finally took notice. She blushed from all the attention, but maintained the audiences interest by singing. After two songs, Sarah told her it was time to go. But before they left, Colin announced their company name and that tours were open today.

They stopped by a bakery on the way back and picked up a fresh loaf of sweet bread that looked to be chocked full of different berries and nuts. They also picked up a bag of apples. Breakfast had just begun when they arrived. Lyla sat in between Crystal and David at the Trials table. There were three other boys, Samuel, Patrick and Calvin who sat mixed in with the girls. The entire table enjoyed their spoils, while listening to Colin’s recount of the morning. After breakfast, Lyla volunteered to clean up with Calvin. The two exchanged polite conversation as they cleaned the hall.

Lyla was wiping down one of the tables when she felt Calvin come from behind her and slip his arms around her. She shook him off turning around, but before she could say anything he was kissing her hard, her hands pinned to the table so she could not get away. She managed to get out a small scream for help but Calvin clapped his hand over her mouth before she could continue. “If you scream any more, I will tell everyone that you came onto me. And they will believe me because who would discount the King’s own son.” The door to the mess hall began to open and Calvin grabbed his cloth and began to wipe down the table. David peeked in “Everything alright in here? I thought I heard a scream.” Lyla bit her lip, turning from Calvin to David.

“I’m fine. There was a huge bug crawling all over me. But I swatted it away. Although while you are in here, would you mind helping with the last bit?” David nodded and seemed to understand. “Sure thing” The dining hall was silent after that except for Lyla’s humming. After the trio finished their cleaning, David took Lyla by the shoulder and lead her out of the room. Calvin just glared at her as she left. Once they were out of the hall, Lyla heard his stern whisper. “Did he touch you? Tell me. I promise that I will not tell anyone else, but I need to know did he touch you.” Lyla fought back tears “You know, a girl always imagines her first kiss to be something special. Something worth saving for someone who you care for, even if it won’t be the last person you kiss. I guess I was foolish to think that I deserved something like that.” She could hardly manage to get out the last words as she choked on her tears. David took her in his arms and hugged her tightly whispers words of comfort in her ear. “I will make this up to you.”

“No David, please don’t, I don’t want any trouble.”

“Oh no, you won’t be involved. Calvin thinks he can get away with anything he wants to just because his father founded this troop, but his father is smarter than that.”

“David, I really don’t want anything to come from this. Please.” She grabbed his face and gently turned it towards hers. She stared into his eyes, hoping to calm the anger. His face relaxed, and he took a deep breath. “Fine, I won’t say anything, but if he does it again-“ “I will go straight to his father myself.” David smiled and took her hand in his, now let’s go see what they have planned for us today.

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