Bunny Kisses (John Egbert x Reader)

Now that I'm getting into Homestuck, I actually have the patience to try and read it each day. I have a major thing for the derpy boy, actually. I'm sure that others out there like him as much as I do. So here's one lovely fanfic for all Egbert fangirls/fanboys to enjoy.

Created by heatmiser on Sunday, March 24, 2013


You were shocked, almost disappointed by how John told you how much his favorite movie was horrible. Or according to his exact words when he told Jade, "THIS MOVIE FUCKING SUCKS!". Now normally, you didn't mind the movie. Of course it wasn't exactly the best movie ever, but you were a little taken back by how he reacted to it after watching it again. Now he's going on a cleaning rampage, throwing away merchandise from the movie he once loved the most.

" John...aren't you taking this a little too far?" you said hesitantly.

"Hell no (y/n), I should've realized how much that movie was awful." ranting as he was beginning to throw away the movie posters of Con Air.

"But John, that was your FAVORITE movie." you retorted trying to emphasize on the word "favorite".

" Not anymore." he grumbled when he was trying to stuff them in a trashbag. You sighed in defeat when you saw him throw an irritated fit. You were about to exit out of his room when something in the back caught your eye. You picked up the mysterious item and realized it was the fluffy, dirty stuffed bunny Nicholas Cage carried around with him in the movie. But it was merely a copy of the original. Then an idea hatched into your brain, that maybe, you can convince him to loosen up a bit. But how?

Once again, you stared at the bunny in your hand. As you quietly walked up to him, he turned around and noticed the bunny.

" Ah, thanks (y/n), I was gonna throw that ratty toy away." His expression turned into a half smile as he tried to reach for the bunny, but you took a step half back. Your expression was a very serious one as you shook your head.

"(y/n), what's wrong?"

Your cheeks turned into a rosy pink. Then, as if on instinct, you grabbed the bunny with both hands and pressed the bunny's lips to his. John's eyes widened a little bit, not expecting you to do that. With wide eyes, you pulled the bunny away as you realized what you have done.

"I-I-I'm sorry...." Your blush grew across your face. Embarrassed, you ran as fast as you could away from him.

"(y/n), wait!!" he tried to catch up to you, but you were too fast.

Out of breath, he looked around possible places where you could be, but to no avail. No one else was in the area he was in but that asshole cheeto-colored Davesprite. He had no choice but to ask him.

" Hey Davesprite, have you seen (y/n)?"

"Ironically, no. But I do know where she hangs out the most. CAW. Most of the time, she's down in the basement crying her eyes out because you don't do jack shit to try and ask her out."

"Wait, what? Are you saying she likes me? Like LIKES me? In THAT way?" John replied densely.

" No shit Egderp, in fact it's annoying how much she's moping and bitching over all because she 'doesn't have you'. And I thought she was freakin' clueless. CAW."

" Don't you dare talk about her that way." John growled as his blue eyes narrowed and fists clenched towards Davesprite. " She's the bravest, kindest, and the most selfless person I've ever met. Unlike you."

" Dude, chill for a moment. I'm just stating the facts. CAW. Later." Davesprite said in his usual 'cool' demeanor and floated away.

John walked down the steps in the basement, but he thought he saw no one until he heard a sniffle down below. He kept following the noise until he saw her behind one of the ship's engines.

" God, why am I so stupid?" you said to yourself," To think that John would like someone like me. I'm probably not even his type, maybe that's why he likes that Vriska girl better." You felt a few tears spill from your cheeks since you couldn't hold them back any longer. Then you leaned your face closer to the bunny you clutched in your hands and kissed its black sewn lips, letting out a sigh in the process.

" (y/n)?" John said worriedly.

As soon as you heard his voice, you turned your head around trying to hide your tear stained face.

" You heard everything, didn't you?" you sighed.

" I heard about enough." he replied awkwardly.

" You probably think I'm a freak, don't you?"

" Not at all." he sat next to you. " In fact, that was a really sweet gesture you tried to do for me. Sure, I don't like that movie as much anymore. But, I think that bunny can stay a little longer. You should keep it." He grinned as he put his hand on yours.

As you turned around with puzzlement in your eyes, he put his thumb upon your cheek and wiped away the tears.

" Besides, you're much prettier when you're not crying (y/n)." he said with that derpy smile you adored with all your heart. Then he leaned in to give you a soft, sweet kiss on the lips. Your eyes closed with a fluttery, airy feeling in your heart. The kiss felt like forever until he pulled away with a gentle smile. You wrapped your arms around him, your head on his chest hearing his soft heartbeat. You smiled back as you said these words.

" If a bunny was a kiss from me to you, I'd buy a bunch that was bigger than a shelter. Even bigger than the world's largest zoo."

He chuckled as he pulled you closer to him.



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