Sons of Anarchy OC 2

Craving this, although every one I have done before fell through pretty quickly.

Created by DaughterofAnarchy on Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Name:Sabrina McClane


Birth date:
Septmeber 28th

Appearance:Medium black hair, in a sort of pixie cut. Has a soft face but her words are always sharp and harsh when she does speak. Has greenish eyes.


Portrayed by:Mel Suicide of Suicide Girls

Tattoos:Sun like tattoo around her navel, wings on her back, koi on her right ribcage, feather with swallows breaking off and "home is where the heart is" along it on her left ribcage. "Too weird to live" on the back of one thigh "Too rare to die" on the other. Infinity sign on the back of her neck, with "Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive" underneath it. A nearly touching crescent moon on her left wrist, libra sign on the right.

Piercings:Tongue, right nostril, lobes x 3, conch, rook, tragus, helix, triple forward helix, industrial, double clavicle microdermals on both sides, double hip microdermals on both sides, navel microdermal, navel, nipples.

Noticeable Marks:Scar from the bottom of her left breast to her navel, scar behind her ear, scar on her right wrist on the side, large scar on her right hip.

Style:Usually wears scrubs as she is a maternaty nurse, but when she goes out or is trying to dress up nice, she often wears tight fitted jeans with black boots, a low cut or V-neck shirt that emphasizes her tattoos and body.

Zodiac Sign;Libra, The Scales

Job;Works at St. Thomas Hospital as a maternaty nurse

She is confident and strong headed. She can often be stubborn and angers easily and will be sharp to whomever bothered her. She will keep her mouth shut when she needs to, but she won't hesitate to make a snide remark. She finds comfort in animals and genuine people.

Personality Points;

Strong headed

Gentle when she needs to be

Close Minded

Knows when to keep her opinion to herself


Flaws;She angers easily and never feels the need to hold back her verbal wrath, hates saying she is sorry

Personality type;Realist

Nighttime, storms, exploring, helping people, bringing life into the world, animals

Dislikes;Meat, animal cruelty, non-competitive people.

Being alone in the end of things, while she is independant, she likes having at least one friend at the end of it all. She is such a workaholic, she can never seem to settle with one person.

Superstitions;Dream catchers, breaking mirrors

Talents;Drawing, driving, verbally fighting

History; Born and raised in Tofino, British Columbia. Took nursing at UVIC before getting an offer from St. Thomas in Charming. She didn't want to move from her small island in Canada to California, but the job offer was too good to pass up.


Focuses all her time onto her work, trying to keep her head out of the Sons of Anarchy business. She is good friends with Tara and has seen what it has done to her. She would rather avoid that conflict. However, she meets Filip one night at a bar and has a hard time resisting his charm,

Love Interest: Filip "Chibs" Telford

Friends; Tara, Your OC (if you want), Jax, Juice, Chibs, Happy, Tig

Family;Mother; Susan McClane
Father; Rudi McClane
Siblings; Veronica, Harrison, Isaac Mclane

Dislikes; Gemma, Clay

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