I Guess I Believe You. *A Justin Bieber Fan Fiction* Prologue

So. I am re-writing a story. I hope ya'll like it, It will be better, and more explained. No more errors. lmao enjoy. I had a trillion messages to go through. HOPE YOU GUYS WILL LOVE THIS. ILY.

Created by annabanna123 on Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Characters:Bree Boden- Long, brown curly hair. She has a toss-up of Brown, green and blue eyes. She is about 5'3 and is 18 years old. She is a current resident of Canada, and is also mixed with British. Bree loves Cyndi Lauper, and of course, Justin Bieber.

J\Justin Bieber- Explains himself

;)Alfredo Flores {Fredo} - Again, explaining himself

Selena Gomez- Explains herself.

Pattie Mallette- Explains self.

Scooter Braun [Scott] Explains self

Right now, this is it for Characters, I'll explain them as I go along.

Mom is out of town for a business trip, for six months, and Dad... well Dad left. I'm an only child and I stay home alone alot. over the past couple years I've become more observant of boys. Heartbreaks are overwhelming me so I just gave up. I logged onto Twitter. Justin was online. I tried my best, spamming him. No luck. as usual. I tweeted a picture of Justin with the caption "typical" my tweet to go along with it? "@justinbieber wont notice me again. Typical."

I stayed awake, I was really, really bored. I had nothing to do.. I was just sick and tired of all these boys. I went on Omegle, it was about 2:30am.

"Hi" I typed.

"Hey" They person responded.

"Where u from?" I asked.

"Oh Canada.. How about you?"

"I'm from Canada too.. What part"

"Oh I'm from Ontario"

"Me too!" I said. I was happy, I had so much in common.

"Wow that's awesome.. Hey its like 3:00am why are you awake?"

"Oh it's nothing" I said.

"Awe... Tell me please? I have time"

The person was curious. Ohwell, It wont hurt to tell.

"Just over guys.. Typical tho"

"What kind of guys lol"

"My ex, ugh just everybody.. but it's okay." I was sad..

"It's fine.. You will find the right guy someday!" This person was really nice.

We talked for a little while more...

"I have school later.. I should try and get a couple hours in.." I responded.

"That's fine.. Do you have a skype?" The person asked.

"Yeahh.." I gave them my skype, and they gave me theirs.

We said goodnight, and I went to sleep.



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