[What Do You Get When Seven Pairs of Strangers Meet?]=[Siblings]Nineteen

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- I wasn't too sure what Ross's plans were to execute father, but I was sick of the lies.
- You can bet your sweet ass I was in to take him down.
- Jumping up the steps, Ross runs down the short hall and throws himself into the last seat on the right. He laughs when Vee-Vee falls onto him before shoving him into sitting. "So, Will. I can call you that, right?" he asks when I take the seat in front of them, then grins to my nod, "So, Will, I'm just wondering what you think about taking out the Jerk-off."
- I shrug. "To be honest, I'm not really sure. It's not like he's ever been there for me. Sure, he gave us shit tons of money to play with, but he was never there."
- "But, he is our dad," Emmet murmurs to my frown.
- "Exactly."
- "You guys don't have to be a part of it."
- Looking at him, I shake my head. "No, Ross, I want to take him down, but..."
- "You just don't know how, right?" Lacie asks, giving me a soft smile.
- Ross grins wide, leaning on the back of my seat. "You guys don't have to do anything. That's what's so great about this. Nothing. Do nothing."
- Selene takes a seat next to Lacie across the aisle from me. "Precisely. We're not talking about doing anything to hurt him. We're just going to ignore him for ignoring us."
- "What about you, cowboy?"
- In the seat behind the girls, Tilden stares out the window for a moment before looking at Ross. "I'm in to the end. Ma and I were just enough off to make it, but we were nowhere near well off as you were," he murmurs while looking at him.
- I can't help but look down, ashamed for being the better off child in fourteen children.
- Ross reaches over to squeeze my shoulder. "It's not your fault, Will. He could have easily made us all rich, but he didn't, because he's an asshole."
- "He could have paid for my braces," Emmet murmurs angrily, "but, he didn't."
- "Because he's an asshole," Ross adds.
- "He could have bought new tires and a radiator when my truck broke down," Tilden growls, "but, he didn't, so I had to work in the town over for three months to buy 'em. Walkin', mind you."
- "Because he's an asshole."
- "He could have helped my school when we were low on funds for the music department," Vee-Vee says, leaning back with his hands clasped behind his head, "but, he didn't." He looks at Ross pointedly.
- "Need I say more? He could have taken me to Scout's, but..." He gestures outward with his hands, then bites his bottom lip when we all say, "He's an asshole." Turning to lean against the window with his back, he rubs his face for a moment. He looks up to reveal red, watery eyes, but grins despite the pain. "Whatever, though. He was never there, so I can't miss what didn't happen."
- "Ross," Lacie murmurs sadly, pouting at him.
- He looks up at her from bowing his head, but waves it off. "Ain't nothin', Sissy."
- Even though he says this, she stares at him with pity.
- I couldn't blame her. I still felt horrible for who I used to be, before they opened my eyes.
- "Welcome to Halbert Academy, guys," the bus driver says suddenly, and we all turn to look out the left side of the bus. He smiles at each of us as we file off, wishing us luck.
- When he drives off, we all take in our surroundings. After a moment to look around, Haven breaks the silence, "Well, we definitely aren't in Kansas anymore."
- Everyone giggles. Nudging me, Ross smirks at me playfully, "I bet you're right at home here, ain't ya, Mr. President?"
- I purse my lips, scanning the large building in front of me. "Not really. Believe it or not, I went to a public high school. Mercedes was the one who went to a private school." I nod when they all look at me in surprise. "Okay," I sigh, "It was a Christian public school, but it was still not an academy."
- Ross snorts. "I knew it."
- "Nice try, though," Vee-Vee teases with a grin.
- Tilden steps forward to look at us all. He swallows. "Uh, listen. I'm not exactly academy material."
- Everyone but the children and I gesture to themselves with an eyebrow raised.
- He shakes his head. "No," he murmurs, running a nervous hand over his mouth, "I...I never got passed seventh grade. Well, I was workin' full time," he defends to our wide eyes.
- Lacie steps forward to pat his broad chest. "Don't worry about that, Til. We'll help you."
- "Yeah, Sissy is wicked smart."
- Smiling at him, he nods. "Thanks, ya'll. It means a lot."
- Ross grins and lightly punches his shoulder, "What're families for, bro. Besides, I suck at school, so I know where you're coming from. If it weren't for Sissy, I'd still be in kindergarten."
- "Shut up, Ross," she laughs.
- "I'm not good at school, either," Haven murmurs suddenly, a light blush on his cheeks.
- "Could it have anything to do with skipping to join the cult?"
- He chuckles to Ross's smirk. "No. I just can't get into it. It's boring."
- "Super boring," Ivery sighs, rolling her eyes.
- "Does everybody suck at school?" Emmet asks with a grin, then laughs when glared at, "I'm so good at school, I've made Student of the Month every year since third grade."
- "That doesn't count if you're only in sixth grade," Vee-Vee teases, making the boy redden, then ruffles his hair. "I'm kidding, man."
- He puts his hands on his hips. "For your information, I'm a freshman this year."
- "And I'm a senior, which means I can stuff you in lockers." He growls and lunges, sending Emmet to run, and they circle us in chase for a few minutes.
- Ross nudges me. "We should probably go in, huh?" When we nod, he leads the way with me on his left and Vee-Vee on his right, the others following.
- A boy with longish black hair notices us and moves over with a smile. "Hey, guys. You must be the new kids. The Halberts, right? I'm Carlton, but everybody calls me Cat." He grins cheekily, and I understand the nickname. "Well, I'll be showing you around. First, I need to split you up into years. Um," he looks down at his clipboard, "Fifth Years: Tilden and Vaden."
- "It's Vee-Vee, bro," he clarifies while stepping to the side with Tilden.
- He grins again. "Cool. Uh,Fourth Years: Lacie, William, and Hale." He raises an eyebrow at us for correction. When he gets none, he continues, "Third Years: Rosslin, Haven, and Ivery."
- "It's Ross, but everybody calls me Target."
- Another grin. "Why?"
- "You know, the stores. It's an inside joke back home."
- "Okay," he chuckles, writing it down, then looks at the remaining. "Second Years: Selene, Emmet,and Mercedes." He raises an eyebrow when onlythe twostep out. "Where's Mercedes? Okay," he says when we all shrug, "Then First Years: Emelyn, Rain, and Daisy. Okay, everybody but one accounted for. Well, let's get going."
- Ross, Vee-Vee, and I look at each other and shrug.
- Cat leads us down the hall, all the while grinning. "So, this is the Headmaster's office. You'll meet him later, hopefully not for disciplinary actions," he murmurs with an eyebrow cocked at Ross, earning a mock offended pout. He chuckles. "He is also the head of discipline."
- "I, sir, am offended."
- "You, sir, are spot on," Lacie retorts from her brother's joke, earning a playful glare.
- Tilden shakes his head. "The truth hurts, man."
- "So does my foot up your-"
- "And moving on!" Grinning, Cat gestures to the hall on our right. "This is the First Year corridor, where most of your classes will be held, as well as the recreation-slash-amphitheater for those who are in the Arts. Anyone? No? Okay. To the left is the library and tearoom for study on free courses."
- Ross nudges me, looking confused. "What the Hell is a tearoom?"
- "Think of it as a study hall class, but with snacks."
- "Sweet."
- We come to a stop before two large mahogany doors. "Here is the luncheonette, where all meals will be held. Morning meal at seven sharp, brunch at ten-thirty, high tea at one, supper at six sharp. Anyone late will receive a tally. On your fourth tally, you will be sent to the Headmaster for punishment. Don't worry," he smiles at the younger members' wide eyes, "First offense is just a tap. Second is a letter and a tap. Third is both with a parent conference. I don't recommend the fourth tally." With a grimace, he subconsciously rubs his left hip, but smiles. "Moving on. In this next corridor to the right is for Second Years. And we're turning right. Ah. This entire are is for Third Years and extracurricular activities, such as group meetings and clubs."
- Passing through the hallway, I look around for any sign of other life. According to my watch, it was about time for high tea.
- "To the right is the Fourth and Fifth Year corridor. Don't worry about being stuck in one hall all day. Classes are scattered throughout the academy. That's about it."
- "What about that door over there?"
- Cat chews the inside of his cheek for a moment. He meets his eyes. "I wouldn't worry about that door, if I were you, unless you would like to receive a fifth tally."
- "What's a fifth tally?"
- "You ask a lot of questions, Ross."
- Tilden puts him in a headlock, setting him to immediately struggle. "Sorry about him, Cat. He meant no harm."
- Eyes flashing in warning, he smiles tightly. "No harm met. I'm just trying to give some friendly advice." He looks Ross dead in the eye. "Forget about that door."
- Sighing once released, he shrugs indifferently, "Whatever. It's already forgotten about. Like I care about some stupid anyway."
- As if we hadn't discussed it, our guide grins once more at the harmony of bells. "Well, that would be high tea. Let's head back towards the luncheonette."
- I fall back to walk with Ross and Vee-Vee. "So, what do you guys think about this place?"
- "It's a dump," he hisses with a scowl, scuffing his heels on the linoleum, and tugs on his cap.
- A smile. "It's alright, I guess. I'm not a pep school fool. No offense."
- "Shut up, Vee-Vee."
- "Sorry," he snorts. We walk in silence for a while before he says softly, "What do you think a fifth tally is?"
- Ross snorts loudly. "I don't even know what a fucking tall is."
- "It's a strike."
- "I know that!" he snarls at me, "I just think it's stupid."
- We raise our eyebrow at him as he scuffs his heel again. "So, anyway, Will. Mind telling us what the Hell is high tea?"
- "It's lunch."
- "Luncheonette?"
- "Cafeteria."
- "Stupid," he hisses under his breath.
- Cat herds us along until we reach the cafeteria. He grins. "Every meal is paid in tuition, so have as much as you like." He glances at Tilden's stocky form. "If there aren't any questions, I need to go see to the Headmaster to confirm your arrival."
- Daisy slowly raises her hand. "Where is the bathroom?"
- "Ah." He slaps his forehead. "Sorry. There is a powder room at the beginning of every corridor."
- "Thanks." The girls follow him out of the room.
- Ross squints. "I never got that."
- I look at him as Emmet asks, "Get what?"
- "Why girls have to go to the bathroom together."
- Haven shrugs. "Who cares. I'm hungry."
- "I don't think they sell blood and sacrificed virgins here."
- He laughs and shoves him, "Shut up about that! I grew up Goth. I like to wear black. Leave it alone already."
- "Not until I get a wreath of garlic and some holy water."
- "Shut up, Ross," we all laugh, and he smirks.
- I think I like having brothers. Especially six.

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