Something wrote for Aerious and Vlad. Since you guys dont see much of them, thought Id show something! xD

Created by vllladamau5 on Friday, April 05, 2013

‎ "I refuse to have you recognized as my father!" Aerious screamed, tears cascading to the ground.

"Who would've thought..." Vlad whispered as he took a firm stance.

The wind picked up, causing his scarf and trench coat to drape in its own course. Vlad was put into a predicament where even his own daughter shared a hate for his very gut. Now he face every militant in the city as well as the A.R.F, his own Assassin Organization.

Vladamir, once deemed the greatest assassin of his time, took notice of his clothing. He left the hood of his sleeveless sweater to rest upon the black spaulders that protected his shoulders. A carbon colored scarf wrapped around his neck and left the two ends to drape down his chest. The crimson sleeveless sweater he wore was tucked underneath a tattered scarf that was tied around his waist as a belt. Steel links connected his belt-like scarf with his demon-graved sheathed that housed his Exidon. A brown leather strap overlapped his waist scarf and hoisted up the holsters to his Ebony Black Edition Pistols. A black cape covered the front section of his legs and another black cape covered the back section. Feeling confident, he looked back up through his bloody red hues, keeping watch of the blood that dripped from his silver bangs.

Aerious pointed directly at her father and ordered, "...kill him.."

She wiped the tears away and managed to get lost in the millions of soldiers that stampede towards their objective.

Not that she was hard to spot. For she was the only one with a hood on, leaving her demonic, silver hues to illuminate amongst the darkness of her hood. She was dressed in a Inquisitor robe aligned with shiny, silver armor. Her weapon of choice? It was the very Devastator that was given to her from Vladamir to show family honor.

He knew she was prowling about. So to keep from giving her a preemptive attack, he kept his kills short and clean. Parrying the incoming blows and dishing out quick slashes to the throat. Though occasionally, he was force into maneuvers that cause him to lose focus and Aerious was counting on this moment. Once finding her chance, she soared through the air for an assassination and Vlad took this moment to take her out. The two extended their blades and aimed for each others neck. Sadly both only grazed each others cheek instead. Now the two face each other, both showing a look that tells another that they intend to kill.

"Don’t tell was really going to kill me...huh?" Aerious sadistically questioned.

"Stealing my lines again as always I see. I believe its time to put an end to this."

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