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it's Kangteuk time

They aren't famous in this. Leeteuk is a kindergarden teacher. Kangin is a parent, of Ryeowook

the majority of Super Junior will be Leeteuk's students....

and yeah


-Leeteuk pov-

"Ok guys, thats enough" I smiled walking over to the students who were fighting over blocks "Hyukjae, you can share with Donghae right?" he smiled bending to eye level with the young boys

"But Ahjussi...." Hyukjae pouted "My name is Eunhyuk!"

"Ok can Eunhyuk share with Donghae?"

"Yeah! Lets go Hae!" Hyukjae said grabbing his arm and draging him away. I laughed lightly looking around then frown walking over to the new kids desk and sitting

"Hey, Ryeowook" I smiled at him

"Hi Ahjussi...." he mumbled

"Aren't you going to play?" I asked

"....no....." he sighed

"Why not?" I asked

"....no one likes me....." he said

"Thats not true" I smied "You're just new"

"but....no one will like me" he said

"Of course someone will" I said "what do you like?"

"music" Ryeowook said

"ok, um come here" I took his hand and lead him over to three students "Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Jongwoon, this is Ryeowook, can he play with you?"

"I'm YESUNG!" Jongwoon pouted

"Aigoo ok, still can Ryeowook play?"

"No!" Kyuhyun said

"Meanie Kyu!" Sungmin pouted

"I mean yes" Kyuhyun said. I roll my eyes and chuckle leaving them. I keep with Ryeowook in my eye site, sadly he wasn't playing well....he just sat there handing over toys to anyone. At nap time I called his dad

"Hello Kim Youngwoon speaking" his voice said

"Hi Mr. Kim, I'm Park Jungsoo, Ryeowook is in my class" I said

"Oh yes Hello Mr. Park is everything ok?" he said "My Ryeowookie isn't misbehaving is he?"

"No, no he is great!" I smiled "But....he isn't....interacting with the other kids well...."

"Oh....yeah he's really shy...." he said

"Well I think we should meet to talk about what to do about it....awh~" I said forgetting I was on the phone

"what?" Youngwoon laughed

"Oh....nothing I'm sorry..." I blushed a little

"Oh no, you have to tell me!" he laughed

"Just two of my students, Zhou Mi and Henry....Henry woke up from a nightmare and Zhou Mi is holding him, its cute" I sighed watching them "I wish everything was like this"

"You watching kids?" Youngwoon said

"What? No! I meant how easy being young was" I laughed

"Oh yeah" he chuckled

"Ahjussi..." Ryeowook tugged on my sleeve

"Mmm yes Ryeowook? I'm on the phone with your appa" I smiled

"I don't feel good" he pouted

"What?" I pressed a hand to his forehead "Mmm you're not warm"

"Can I talk to him?" Youngwoon said

"Oh of course" I smiled and held Ryeowook on my lap handing him the phone

"Appa....I don't feel good I want to go home.....Please Appa!" Ryeowook pouted "But I don't like it....fine...." Ryeowook handed me the phone

"Hello?" I said

"Is it ok if we meet this afternoon?" he asked "I'm pretty busy for the rest of the week"

"Ok that's fine" I said not really wanting to admit I had nothing to do....ever besides work. The rest of the day passed. I sat with Ryeowook waiting for his dad

"Hey?" I said flipping my cell open when I got a call

"Yo this is teuk right?" my friend Heechul said

"For the millionth time Chul, If you must call me by that darn high school nickname at least use Leeteuk or Teukie, Teuk just sounds dumb" I laughed

"whatever! You are still teaching the brats?" Heechul asked

"No they aren't brats. You love kids" I laughed

"Leeteuk?" a voice said. I jumped and turned to look at Youngwoon

"Heechul I...I have to go" I said hanging up "I'm sorry, that was my best friend....Leeteuk is an old nickname...." I smiled bowing. Youngwoon tilted his head eyeing me for a second before bowing

"I like Leeteuk it suits you" he smiled "It's better than my old nickname Kangin"

"Kangin fits Appa!" Ryeowook said hugging him. I smiled and giggled. Youngwoon arched his eyebrow I covered my mouth and looked at my feet

"Umm...yeah anyway....So what do you thin we should do about Ryeowook's shyness, he need to make friends" I said

"Right....Ryeowookie....you need to make friends or else Appa will be sad" Youngwoon said

"But they all already have friends" Ryeowook pouts

"You can be friends with their friends too" I smiled at him

"What if they don't like me?" Ryeowook frowns

"Everyone will like you!" Youngwoon said

"Hey Ryeowook!" Donghae called "You're still here?"

"Why are you here?" I asked

"Umma is talking to Donghwa-hyungs teacher" Donghae said "Ryeowook lets play!" Donghae said and without waiting for an answer dragged Ryeowook off

"Well that worked out" Youngwoon said

"Yeah....Donghae is a sweet kid" I smiled

"Hey do you have plans this weekend?" Youngwoon asked

"W-what?" I stutter a little shocked

"Oh ummm" he looked at me sheepishly "You know....so we can um....talk....I don't know many people I just thought...nevermind"

"N-no its fine, I don't have plans" I smiled sweetly

"So....want to go for dinner?" he asked

"You sure Ryeowook's Umma won't mind" I asked

"Ryeowook's adopted, I'm not married" he said

"Oh...." I said "That explains the looks" I smiled looking from the cutesy Ryeowook to the handsome manly Youngwoon

"Yeah....my friend Hangeng owns a adoption center and I saw Ryeowook and was....he's just awhh" Kangin smiled laughing "So I adopted him" Kangin smiled

"Wait Hangeng?" I said "He wouldn't happen to be dating a Kim Heechul would he?"

"Yeah! How did you know?" he said

"Heechul is my best friend" I laughed

"Oh wow" Kangin laughed "Oh, heres my number" he said handing me a bussiness card

"judo coach?" I smiled

"Yep! Call and tell me when and where you want to meet....or if you want lessons" he smiled

"I will" I smiled

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