Midnight Hunt (6) ~boyxboy~

WARNING:: the following chapter is a little gory with death and blood. do not read if you get queasy. you have been warned.

Created by xcherryfavoredx on Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Jeremy smirked then looked over at the other man named Julius. “Told ya it’d be a funny reaction.” He commented.

I, on the other hand, was stunned into silence for once. My face felt hot and my body numb, my hands started to get clammy as I clenched and unclenched them. This couldn’t be happening. It WASN’T happening.

My best friend in the whole world became what they hated the most. After he disappeared without a word yet here he was, all the unasked questions hanging in the air.

Instead of being overjoyed to see Jeremy I suddenly grew enraged. Enraged at the world, at Jeremy, at the situation and most of all myself. I rose from the ground, realizing that I must have fallen to my knees at some point, and without notice leaped across the throne to tackle Jeremy.

Surprisingly enough, no one stopped me and Jeremy didn’t fight back. Hot tears started to stream down my face as my fists collided with each punishing blow towards his face and chest.

“How could you abandon your squad? How could you leave your family?” I yelled out in anguish. ‘How could you desert me?’ Played in my head without giving voice. But from the look in his eyes showed he’d heard the hidden meaning all the same. Finally Jeremy stopped my fists in his grasp. I sobbed softly, the only sound in the room. With my vision blurred I still saw the bruises, gashes, and blood covering his face.

Without having to say anything Jeremy tugged me in, holding me close. If I wasn’t so upset I would have heard the low growl escape Leo.

When I moved away my eyes were cleared. I looked down at him. Jeremy was smiling that famous smirk I’d come to love.

“You look like shit.” I finally muttered, laughing shakily. I heard a sigh in relief from behind me, perhaps two? I got off of him and wiped at my cheeks.

Jeremy stood up as well and tugged out a handkerchief before handing it off to me like I was some girl in distress.

“Yeah, I'm trying out a new look. What do you think?” He joked. His face then grew serious, “Honestly though, do you think all this blood makes me look fat?”

With the way he pursed his lips while he asked there’s no way I could stay mad at him for long! I just rolled my eyes, using the cloth to clean up the almost dry tears. My brow creased, all of the unanswered questions eating in my mind.

I turned around then and noticed both Leo and Julius were smiling at the two of us. A look of both hurt but understanding crossed Leo’s features. He then gave a curt nod. “You two go catch up. We have things to discuss in private anyhow.”

Jeremy started to walk away, but I stayed. Something in Leo’s tone didn’t sound right. I looked behind him at Jeremy, who was pointing towards the door. With a sigh I walked down from the throne area and passed Leo.

“Hey.” Was all he said before he took a hold of my arm, turning me to face him. I gazed up just as his fingers grazed my chin. Before I could react he pressed his lips to mine ever so lightly.

It was over all too soon and I was sent from the room. My heartbeat was as fast as it had been when I had entered, but this time it wasn’t from being nervous. I sighed, following after Jeremy. One of these days I’m going to have a heart attack from his kisses.

“So, tell me everything!” Jeremy exclaimed, plopping down onto the bed. After leaving the throne room I had commented about getting out of this ridiculous dress, so we ended up heading to his room. I tugged the ends of the dress, lifting the hem first over my head. As soon as the fabric hit the floor it felt like an enormous weight was lifted from my shoulders.

“From where? From when you abandoned everyone?” I commented quite bitterly. I got out a pair of blue jeans and a red T-Shirt, tugging them on gratefully.

Jeremy sighed. “Come on. I didn’t technically “abandon” everyone...” he replied, putting quotation marks around abandon. I sat on the bed next to him, crossing my arms as I waited for my explanation for his disappearance.

“Your gonna make this hard on me aren’t you?” he asked with a groan. I merely grinned as a reply, but he got the message. His face was covered in badges over each open wound. The empty skin had ugly black and purple bruises. ‘Serves him right.’ I thought.

“Fine. I’ll start from Day 1 of the mission.” He sighed out then sat up to face me. “It was the dead of night. All we could make out was the outline of the place. We were on standby until the call came in at around midnight. I was on the west flank around the back.

“Wait, I thought the report said you disappeared through the front door.” I said, my eyes wide.

“Shh! You want me to tell you or not?” He asked impatiently, sounding almost like a five year old telling a story. I quickly nodded my head up and down, shutting up.

“Anyways, when the call came in at midnight that it was time to move in my flank was the first to move. But as soon as our leader gave the order we heard a loud thud. We were close enough to the house we could hear the shed doors opening, you see.” He explained.

“No one moved, not even the leader who was supposed to be some fearless hunter or whatever. All of our fingers were on the trigger, ready to fire.” He muttered in an eerie tone. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and it felt like I was really there.

“But you remember little Daryl, right?” He asked then continued at my nod. Back then, Daryl was an over-enthusiast. Nothing but a rookie like the rest of us. “Well he’s always been edgy when he holds a gun. The fact that there’s possibly a vampire out didn’t help his nerves either. So while the rest of us realized it was just the wind, he was ready to run for the hills. It would have been fine if not for what happened next.” He then shuddered and I feared the worst.

“Suddenly the wind picked up, you know? It blew the door shut with a loud slam. Daryl snapped and before we knew it he pulled the trigger. Just as if cruel fate predicted it, our leader stepped in the way and the bullet went through his skull like butter.” I covered my mouth, afraid I was going to empty the contents of my stomach. But the look on Jeremy’s horrified face as he relived each detail said he wasn’t done.

“Blood and guts splattered all over in the grass. Some went to see if he was really dead. But the ones like me who knew it looked for the cause. When we did, we saw the figure of Daryl. His body was frozen in time, his face a mask of pure horror. Then as if Mother Earth herself reached up Her arms the empty shell of the once called Daryl along with the gun stuck in his hand fell as if in slow motion to the ground. His soul was lifted then to the Afterlife. See, he must have been holding the butt of the gun to his chest. So when he pulled the trigger it sent a shock wave to his heart, and his heart exploded.”

At this point I was about ready to vomit, the innocent death of my fellow comrades churning my stomach even more. Even Jeremy’s face was twisted and pasty white at the memory. I was dying to hear the rest however.

Suddenly a knock on the door drew us from our grievous mood. In came a young nursemaid with her head down.

“Sorry to interrupt, but Master Leo has ordered for your presence in the dining room.” She stated softly.

With a sigh we both got up. I looked over at Jeremy. He smiled faintly, “To be continued.” He murmured, and we headed out.

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