dog eat dog ► kiba inuzuka

good golly I havent written about naruto in years...but ive started to catch up with naruto shippuden. so, here, have a kiba ficelet for all your naruto needs. next up on my list should be either porrim (homestuck) or genocider syo enjoy!

Created by jerkstrider on Friday, May 17, 2013


"You know all this walking is making me tired!" Kiba groaned, "when are we gonna take a break? Akamaru is getting slow..."

You chucked and slapped a sweaty palm on his back, "In a bit. Man you really are out of shape aren't you?"

The Konoha ninja rolled his eyes and shrugged your palm off of his back. "Akamaru and I haven't walked in a while so shut up." You were slowlybeginningto sound like a certain greenjump suitedninja.

You rolled your eyes once again. "Excuses, excuses, excuses! You know it's a 'Dog eat Dog' world out there, right?"

Kiba and his pet suddenly came to a halt.


"It's a Dog Eat Dog world out there. You're gonna get eaten if you don't exercise!"

Akamaru and Kiba glanced at each other, as if Akamaru knew what you had just said.

"You're sick."


"Oh shut up!"

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