Bubble's Guide on...How to Know if a Guy Likes You/How to Make Your Crush Like You (For Girls or Homosexuals)

Note: I was caffeinated when I wrote this. This is suppose to be both comical and serious at the same time, and by no means is it suppose to offend anyone if anyone does happen to be offended.

Created by KandK129 on Friday, May 17, 2013

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Hello Darlings. O u O

You may call me Bubbles. (What kind of name is that?)

Anyways, I noticed there's a lot of posts concerning "Does *he* like you?"

And they ask a lot of idiotic questions like:

Does he look at you a lot?

Seriously, bro, you could've had some spinach on your teeth...

Today you will take the expert's advice on how to know if he likes you and how to make him like you.

1. Observe his Body Language

First, sit somewhere near him.

Next, from the back of your head, watch if he leans in close to you.

If he does, then you have a special magnet that attracts him closer to you (no seriously though, people tend to "lean in" close to the person they find more attractive)

2. Ask him a question

First, sit behind him.

Then tap on his shoulder and say, "Hello good sir, do you happen to know what time is it?" or "Hey. Hey you. Do you have a pencil?"

Then he could turn around and look like an idiot instead of you.

Or you can ask him to sharpen a pencil for you.

If he doesn't, he probably thinks your creepy as a baby's butt.

If he does, then he must have some liking to you.

Or he could just be really nice.

3. Stalk his social networking site so you'll know him better

Then he'll be all creeped out by you cause you know so much about him.

Then you can think, "Wow, I think he thinks I'm a stalker. He wrote it in his diary, his facebook page, and on his twitter."

4. Notice his eye contact

Go up to him and be like: O u O

"You have beautiful eyes."

His pupils will dialate (scientifically proven) if he likes you.

Seriously. Who stares at people's pupil to see if they like you.

Next step!

5. When he's around his friend and you're near him

You'll notice guys will like to try and "prove" themselves.

Ex. "Hey Billie Joe. I got a A on my Math exam. whoot."

Ex. *arm wrestling match begins*

Ex. "So...I got recruited into the FBI"

6. He flirts with other girls

This either means he's a douche or he's trying to get your attention. Girls do this too so don't blame it on guys, okay?

7. His friends

Chances are, he told his friends he has a crush on you.

His friends would probably tease him whenever you are near.


8. don't do the "hard to get thing"

It annoys the guy so much, he'll eventually lose interest in you.

9. If he's looking for excuses to be around you, he probably likes you

Nuff said

~~~~~ ✿ ~~~~


you're probably thinking, "this is kind of obvious..."

Well then, your gut instinct it's probably right. If you get the vibe that he likes you, he probably does like you. Now go be a woman and ask him out.

~~~~~ ✿ ~~~~~

Bleh, this is kind of short, but I got tired and my coffee weared off; thus, I will proceed to take a nap.

Oh. And I'm also taking any requests. Whether it'll be rant, or comical stuff, let me know and I will most likely do it. I'm also going to start something called "The People's Haters" which is...if you are getting bullied, let me know and I'll rant out the bully like there's no tomorrow.


~~~~~ ✿ ~~~~~

I would also like to start something I've never done before. Basically you send me a question, it could be as random or serious as you like, and Bubbles will write out her response to it.

Message me for more details.

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