Love At First Sight.(CodyXOC)

This is just a series of Total Drama Island one-shots. It is also a experiment to compare my writing style and skills today and my writing style and skills back when I was active on this account.

Created by Mikeysgirl3 on Monday, May 20, 2013

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Name: Izadora
Age: 16
Team: Killer Bass
Phobia: Clowns.
Crush: Cody
Sibling: Daisy

Duncan was the one to tell me about the challenge. We had to compete in a talent show. I rolled my eyes. Chris was really becoming ridiculous with these challenges.

I wasn't that angry when I realized I didn't have to do anything at all. Courtney, who didn't like me, told me that I couldn't be in the talent show because she didn't want me to screw up anything.

Duncan, DJ and I were playing poker. While we played, I won many times. The guys had no idea what I did to win, but I never let them know.

Bridgette was trying to impress Geoff by standing on her hands, and Courtney decided to play her violin recital for the umpteenth time. By accident, Bridgette's foot got caught in a rope attached to a light, and the light dropped on Courtney and her violin.

When Courtney got up, she got so angry at the sight of her smashed violin.

"Haha, chill out Court. No one's gonna die. I'm sure your daddy will buy you a new one. " I called out teasingly.

She glared at me angrily. I couldn't believe she would act like this. She's a spoiled brat and everyone could tell. I just rolled my eyes and went to go sit in the forest with my sister Daisy. Either Chris never knew Daisy was a stoner, or he didn't care. I decided to smoke with her, which was not shown on camera.

Cody was watching me from the Gopher's side of the camp, and he admired me. The camera man who was taking a break had spotted him out. I laughed as I toked on the joint.

When it was time for the talent show, Duncan and I walked there together. I sat down on the top of the bleachers, and Duncan sat on one seat below me. Cody hurried right next to me, looking at me with me flirty eyes...

...When he put his arm around me, and I looked into his eyes it felt likelove at first sight.


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