Dealing With The Devil [Uchiha Sasuke - 2]

Setting: Alternate Universe || Dark/Romance/Violence. Note: Re-posted due to technical errors. Enjoy!

Created by solarbeamofdoom on Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Uchiha Sasuke

If there was anything that the Uchiha’s hated, it was clients that never complied with the deal. A number of their clan members have died due to violence caused by other clients. One of Sasuke’s cousins, Uchiha Obito, whom he held most dear in his heart, has died this way. A client has refused to pay the amount that was agreed upon and was angered when Obito declined to give the weapons. Obito fought hard for his life, but his death pushed on. He died with a bullet to his head.

Sasuke was led to the outskirts of Konoha, and into the lairs of The Sound. There were a lot of buildings that composed the area; most looked abandoned but the cars parked in front were the signs of life.

“Follow me,” the man who took him there commanded.

He was taken to a shady looking building. Another man appeared from nowhere and searched him thoroughly. “You won’t need this,” he whispered and took the gun from Sasuke’s possession.

The leader of The Sound, Orichimaru, looked paler than he usually was. He was seated in a room where there was no one else but him. Sasuke was pushed into the room roughly. Orochimaru smiled and asked, rather politely, for Sasuke to take a seat opposite to him.

“Where is she?” Sasuke sneered immediately.

Orochimaru chuckled, and then clicked his tongue.

“I assume then that Kabuto has shown you the video already.”

“Damn right he did.”

Sasuke straight up punched Orochimaru in the face. His anger was getting the better of him. Thinking logically was not an option for Sasuke anymore. Orochimaru glared and pointed a gun at Sasuke’s face.

“Sit down. Don’t make ma blow your brains out of your head.”

Sasuke spit on the ground and did as told.

“Now, that’s better.”

He offered Sasuke a glass of sake, but he did nothing but stared at the cup. His anger was bubbling to the surface. He needed to get Amaya to safety. He needed to kill this man. But above all, he needed to inform his father.

“Always report whenever something goes off. We will send back up as soon as possible.” His father has told him strictly when he was sent to his first job.

“I’m well aware that we have broken the treaty between your clan and ours. Please do understand that we did this because it’s needed. Your father doesn’t go out of the premises of your compound, so reaching him was definitely not an option. Your brother was the one we intended to take but when we tried, it resulted to the death of two troops of The Sound. We needed someone who was directly related to Uchiha Fugaku. You’re the only option that remained.

Why was Amaya involved?

“We know that you wouldn’t come if we just asked you to, so we had to get the help of your dearest lover to convince you.” Orochimaru answered, as if he read the mind of Sasuke.

“Let’s get straight to business, Sasuke-kun. You’re a bit too young, and you look like someone who doesn’t understand what’s going on. What we ask of you is very simple. I don’t think you’d blink an eye before saying yes.”

He paused to smile.

“All we want is your cold head on a silver platter.”

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t tell is Orochimaru was making fun of him or not.

“Your father has betrayed us in a lot of ways, child. We decided to let it pass a lot of times. But it’s getting too out of hand. We’re going to send your head to warn him. Is this too much information for you, Sasuke? Maybe you’d like a glass of water.”

Betrayal? He didn’t want to die. He was too young, he thought.

He instantly grabbed the knife craftily concealed in his back pocket. He lunged at Orochimaru and started to stab his left arm. They both fell on the ground and blood was pooling around them. Orochimaru was throwing all the profanities as he fumbled for his gun. Sasuke continued to stab Orochimaru’s arm, blood staining his clothes.

“You’re not going to hurt me! Or Amaya! Or my family!”

Orochimaru fired the gun, clumsily missing Sasuke, the bullet hitting the wall.

The sound of the gun shot alerted Kabuto and the others. The door flew open instantly. They rushed to the aid of Orochimaru and pulled Sasuke away. He dropped the bloody knife on the ground and spat on Orochimaru. His anger made him shake violently.

“How dare you threaten my family?! You’re nothing but filth! The Sound is just dirt beneath the Uchiha’s feet!”

He elbowed both the man that was restricting him and lunged for Orochimaru again. He punched him mercilessly, spatting insults after insults. Kabuto grabbed a fistful of Sasuk’e hair and pulled him away. He slammed Sasuke on the wall and started to beat him.

“How dare you look down upon us!”

Blood gushed out of Sasuke’s nose. He could already taste the metallic zing of his own blood. The aroma filled the room.

Orochimaru stood up from the ground, gripping the arm Sasuke continually stabbed. He spit blood on the floor. There a deadly glint in his eyes.

Kabuto kept on throwing punches at Sasuke, until, inevitably, he fell unconscious.


The sound of chains rattled inside the room. Sasuke awoke with cold water being poured on his face. Kabuto’s face came into view. Sasuke coughed out a mix of blood and water, he shivered; even inside a room, the December wind could be felt.

He found himself chained to a wall. Kabuto smiled at him.

“You should’ve have done that, Sasuke-kun. You just brought upon yourself the death of someone you hold so dear.”

Kabuto sighed and walked away.

In front of Sasuke, chained to the opposite wall, was Amaya. She was staring at him, tears streaming down her face. Her lips quivered, as if she already forgot how to talk. The cut on her cheek was larger than it appeared on the video. Sasuke felt his eyes sting with tears. It’s all my fault, he thought.

“Amaya,” he breathed. “I’m sorry. I’m going to get you out of here. I’m going to get you out alive. Please. Trust me.”

“Sasuke, I’m sorry I made you wait for me. I know you waited for a long time.”

Even at a time like this, she even had the guts to make a joke.

“I’m sorry you got involved in this. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Amaya. Forgive me. I’m sorry. You can hate me now. I’m sorry I put you into this position.”

It was Sasuke’s turn to cry. Hot, wet tears spilled from his eyes. His mouth shook and he felt weak. He stared down at the ground and struggled to set himself free. He apologized continually, his voice quavering. It’s my entire fault, he thought. He put her in danger, and he couldn’t even protect her. His tears continued to flow; there was nothing he could do but apologize and cry. He could only just imagine what they already did to her. He has brought dishonor to the family not only to his own, but also to Amaya’s.

The door opened with a loud creak. Orochimaru entered, his arm bandaged and clothes tainted with his own blood.

He smiled and unsheathed a sword. He stepped towards Sasuke and cut his cheek, same as what he did to Amaya.

“You should’ve just complied,” he cooed.

Orochimaru walked towards the girl and ripped off her clothes easily, exposing her naked body to him and Sasuke. Amaya could do nothing but cry and scream out Sasuke’s name.

“DON’T TOUCH HER!” Sasuke screamed. The chains rattled as he tried to free himself.

Orochimaru pointed the tip of the sword at Amaya’s arms. He pierced the blade; her screams filled the room as blood dripped down.


Sasuke felt like vomiting. He couldn’t bear to watch.

“Sasuke.. Sasuke.. Please. Please help me---“ Amaya cut off herself with a scream as Orochimaru dragged the blade down to her wrist. Her right arm was now open, blood severely flowing out of her body.


Orochimaru paid no attention so Sasuke as he opened up Amaya’s other arm. She screamed louder than the first time. Tears of pain flowed from her eyes. She felt weak, she felt like death was eminent.


Her voiced rang in his ear. He couldn’t stop himself from crying. It was his fault. He shouldn’t have gotten her in danger. He shouldn’t have linked himself with her.


Blood covered her entire body. Her screaming wouldn’t stop. She couldn’t handle the pain anymore.


Orochimaru slit open Amaya’s thigh.

Another ear piercing scream.


Sasuke couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

Orochimaru sliced open her chest, one last scream from Amaya, then, it was all over.


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