Creepypasta in heaven: Masky&Hoodie

MUH LOVERS!...Wait!I didn't say that,cut it!!! *face palms* uhhh.........; ////// ;.......Beware of fluffyness?.......*gows to her corner* I can't belive i just say that Q A Q....I don't own Creepypasta

Created by XCookiesxFreakX on Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Your hand moved around the hat,feeling different objects in your path,but you got a hold of something round and cold.Bringing it out,you rised an eyebrow at the clock and give it to Slenderman.

“Masky,Hoodie you guys are up.Move your lazy ass inside with miss (Name),until I won’t get mad and punish you two.” With that being said,the two proxies stood up and run full speed thowards you.Each one of them grabing a hold of your arms and skipping inside the closet.

Being the grumpy person Hoodie is,he entered first while you and Masky enter after him. ‘Jerk’ you whispered under your breath,when Slender closed the door,leaving you with two murders in a dark closet.

Leaning on the wall,you closed your eyes and sigh a little.’Why did I even come here?Oh yeah..i got that invitation…damn’ while you mentaly scolded yourself,you didn’t see the two boys looking at you from under their masks.

You jumped a little when you found a cold hand on your shoulder and other on your waist,bringing you in a hard chest.Your breath hitched and you looked up,blinking slowly at the black mask with red stitches.”Hoodie?” you breathed out only to moan a little when other hand squeezed your hips.

You felt your face flush different types of red and look behind your shoulder,smiling at little at Masky.Those two were your favorite creepypastas but you loved how they acted like they were twins or brothers.Hell they almost shared everything and right now,they shared you.

Smirking a little,you wrapped your hands around Hoodies neck,bringing him closer to you,and frown at his mask.”Can’t you get it off?I can’t kiss you if you keep that on.”you felt Hoodie growl under his mask and push it up only for his lips to be uncovered.

Shrugging you smashed your lips togheter while Masky kissed up and down your neck,sometimes grinding himself in you.You moaned sharply and break apart from Hoodie,only to gasp when Masky found your sweet spot.

‘Hell they are two….i can’t even keep up with them.’ Your eye twiched while you growled a little.You needed much more,not only a few kisses here and there.Turning a little you grabed Masky by his jacket and kiss him with enough force to send you both on the floor.Hoodie laughed a little and crawl on top of you,sandwiched you in the process.

You giggled a little and cuddle your back in Hoodie’s chest and tug on Masky’s black hair a little to forcefully,making him to groan in the kiss.The make-out continue for some more minutes,until you guys break apart panting and bruised pretty much.

Ajusting your clothes,you stood inbetween them and chat for the rest of the minutes,sometimes snatching kisses or cuddling.When Slendy opened the door,Masky exit first and glare at BEN from under his mask,silently telling him to not mess with you.

“Did you have fun (Name)?” Slendy asked,looking at your hickeys on your neck,giggling a little you nod your head and grab Hoodie’s hand,walking after Masky upstairs,to finish your guys bussiness.

Let’s just say that nobody could party as much as you guys did.

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