[1/2] Mending Bonds [Neji x Reader x Shikamaru]

Here is the thirteenth prize for Nerdvana, who placed first in my contest, and the first part of a two-part love triangle drabble set. I really hope that you enjoy it~! | Prompt: “Petrichor.” | Naruto Shippuden. | Neji Hyuga x Reader x Shikamaru Nara. | Bittersweet.

Created by ShadowRose75 on Friday, June 07, 2013

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After the long spell of dryness, it had rained earlier that day, and puddles littered Konoha and the surrounding areas. Not that [Name] minded. She truly loved the rain and missed it. It was about time a storm rolled around. To top it off, it was her day off, and she could enjoy it more.

She loved listening to the pattering of rain and watching the patterns the water made on the windows or cuddling up with a good book. Afterwards, she loved the fresh scent that layered the air. She loved breathing in the refreshing air and feeling the moist, cool air cocooning around her. Most of all, she enjoyed the feeling that rain was washing everything anew.

When it stopped, [Name] strolled through the village to take in the newly washed environment. A light breeze brushed through her hair and tickled her nose with the pleasant scent. “I’m happy I ran into you,” she commented happily to her companion.

Shikamaru shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked next to her. “Mmhmm.”

She truly was happy to see him. A pleasant thing, such as rain, combined with a walk with her best friend made the day so much meaningful. A fresh day, a washed beginning, someone she cared about. There was only one more thing that could make the day perfect. As if by fate, that thing, or actually person, came into view and was approaching from the opposite end of the street. The guy who stole her heart and recently returned her feelings. Neji.

However, as [Name] smiled, she heard Shikamaru sigh and shot him a warning look. The one thing she had wanted and would make the day perfect was also the one thing that could ruin it as well. “Please don’t be rude. I’ve had enough of all the tensions between the three of us.”

Shikamaru returned her gaze, his eyebrows furrowing together. “I just don’t know what makes you like him that much.”

“You two are friends and comrades,” she hissed, not wanting Neji to see them arguing. “You two have worked together and gone on missions and trained. You two used to respect each other. What happened?” But as soon as she said it, she already knew the answer. She felt more strongly attracted to one of them.

Shikamaru didn’t have to answer. Instead, he mumbled that he had to see Tsunade about an important matter and stalled off. By that time, Neji reached her, and following her gaze, saw what was troubling her. A frown formed as he looked back at her.

[Name] took a few deep breaths and fought back the urge to cry. She refused to cry. She had to be stronger than that. Tears wouldn’t fix it. Instead, she slipped her trembling hand into Neji’s and squeezed comfortingly. “It’s okay. I’m fine,” she murmured, answering his unvoiced question. She knew he understood the tensions between them. “He’ll come around. We all just need some time.” Even though she was unsure, she could only hope her words lived up to her promise.

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