My Winx Club fanfiction: Part 1

HI THERE PEOPLEZ OF EARTH!!! As you might or might not know, I watch Winx Club. NO, IT'S NOT JUST FOR KIDS!!!! (ironically, the version I like best is the 4Kids version) So, um.... yahz ENJOYZ!! Keep on LOLing! ~Tigerstarthekiller

Created by Tigerstarthekiller on Saturday, June 08, 2013

I was wrapped up in chains in the heart of Shadow Haunt. Baltor was
keeping me prisoner here. Why, I don't know. Suddenly a burst of light
filled my prison. A tall, handsome elf was standing right before me!
He blushed. "Um... Hi, I'm Palladium... I'm here to get you out of
here...." He stammered. I blushed as well. "Well, please hurry! Baltor
might find you." I said. "Dont worry, I set an invisibility spell on
myself before I left Alfea." I was impressed! He was obviously quite
intelligent. With a powerful spell he released my chains. I rubbed my
wrists where the shackles had held them high in the air before.
"Quickly! We must get back to Alfea!" Palladium said to me, sounding
worried. He snapped his fingers, and I was transported to a place with
so much sunlight!
I ran around, happy to be free from that stinking cell in Shadow
Haunt. "Thank you so much! I'm Glimmer, by the way. Pleased to meet
you." I said, bowing my head. My long hair flung down in front of my
face. As I flipped it back up, my elvish ears were revealed for a
moment. "You-Youre an elf too?" Palladium asked, stunned. I nodded. He
blushed until I thought he was using a spell to make him have a red
face. I blushed a little too, slowly twirling my long caramel colored
hair. "Well, I have to go back to teaching... Goodbye!" He said. I
waved goodbye as well. When he took his first step away, still facing
toward me, I suddenly felt woozy. The world started to spin around me,
and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground, Palladium's cries for
help echoing in my ears.

"Glimmer? Glimmer, can you hear me?" A new voice was talking to me,
more feminine than Palladium's. I slowly opened my eyes to see a young
girl with fiery red hair leaning over me. "Oh, you're awake! Professor
Palladium was so worried about you! You've been out for almost three
days, and the only times he's left your side is to go to the restroom
and get food!" She explained to me excitedly. "I'm Bloom, by the way.
Professor Palladium should be back here any moment... Oh, here he is
now!" Palladium walked in carrying a tray full of food. He immediatly
dropped it and ran over to my bedside when he saw that I was awake.
"Glimmer! We thought you were gone! Are you alright? What happened to
you?" He asked many questions, and I held up my hand. "I'm fine,
Palladium. Just the aftermath from Shadow Haunt." Then Palladium did
something I would not expect. He leaned over me and kissed my cheek!
"Professor!" Bloom exclaimed. She laughed. "What?" Palladium asked.
"Nothing. Sorry for laughing." She apologized. Palladium grabbed my
hand and pulled me out of bed.

"Come on out of the infirmary, and let me show you around Alfea!" He
started to walk out of the door when an older lady walked in.
"Professor, I think that she should stay in bed. She still has to
recover from her unwanted stay in Shadow Haunt." Palladium slowly
nodded and helped me back into bed. "Palladium. Go back to your
classes and start teaching! The substitute I hired isn't nearly as
good as you with potions. And Bloom. Go back to classes as well. I
would expect you to have lots of make up work to do." The woman spoke
with great authority and power, yet she had a gentleness in her voice.
She sat on the edge of my bed. "Glimmer, I'm Feregonda. I'm the
headmistress here at Alfea. I hope you are recovering well?" She
asked. I nodded. "I just want to get out of bed! It's so cramped, and
it sort of feels like I'm back in my cell at Shadow Haunt. Sorry if it
sounds rude, though. But I would enjoy if Palladium showed me around
here!" I said, a little too excidetly. I blushed as Feregonda raised
an eyebrow, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "Very well. Palladium!
Would you like to show Glimmer around the school?" She called out. The
door immediatly opened and Palladium stood in the doorway with a big
smile on his face. "Would I ever!" He exclaimed. I laughed, realizing
that he must have been by the door this whole time.

"These are all the classrooms; but don't poke your head in now! There
are still classes going on. I'll take you back here when classes are
over for the day. Now, up above us..." Palladium showed me around
Alfea all day. It was nice, just me and him alone together. "Would you
like to see my room, Glimmer?" Palladium asked. I eargerly nodded my
head. He led me up a series of staircases until we reached the top. He
stopped in front of an elegant looking oak wood door. "Here we are! Go
on inside, don't be shy. Snoop all you want, I don't care." Palladium
said. I opened the door to see a huge room with a big bed, large
bathroom, and, well, just everything was incredible! He gave me the
grand tour. He suddenly closed and locked the door. "Palladium...
What-" I was cut off as he pressed his warm, soft lips against mine. I
didn't struggle; I actually liked it. After all, elves only fall in
love once, and I was in love. I don't know how long we stood there,
but when he let go of my hips, he smiled and his face reddened. We
both laughed and smiled together. We sat on the bed and snuggled all

The next morning, Palladium was gone. I knew that he had a class; he
had told me last night that he had to get up at seven in the morning
to set up his classroom. I climbed out of bed, got dressed, and ran
down the stairs to his classroom. "Hey!" I said as I saw him looking
at his room. Palladium jumped, but smiled when he saw me. "Glimmer!
How did you sleep?" He asked politely. "Fine, thanks. And you?" He
nodded. "Very well." We stood there for a few moments, just looking
into each other's eyes. I noticed that his amber eyes had little
flecks of dark green in them. His eyes... So beautiful... I could
stare into them all day. "Well! I talked to Ms. Feregonda. She said
that you could stay here at Alfea as long as you'd like... She found
and empty room that you can stay in! So... I don't know what you would
do when everyone is in class though. But we have a beautiful garden!"
He told me. My eyes lit up. "I love gardens!" I exclaimed. Palladium
smiled. His eyes twinkled. Suddenly, a loud bell rang. "Oh! It's time
for classes to start... See you after classes are all out!" Palladium
called out to me as I walked away.

It wasn't hard to find the garden. The overpowering smell of strong
smelling flowers was unmistakible! Palladium was right, I thought as I
studied the garden. This garden is HUGE! I wandered around, looking at
all the flowers. When I got to the end of the floral decorations, it
was pastnoon. I headed back to Alfea, a bounce in my step when I
realized that Palladium would almost be done teaching classes! I
started to run, but I slowed down when I got towards the main campus.
Palladium was there, waiting for me! "There you are, Glimmer! Um...
Would you like to go out for dinner tonight?" He asked nervously. I
nodded, happy that he had taken the first move. He smiled. "Great! I
know of this great casual restaurant down in Magix. Does that sound
alright to you?" I was actually quite happy that he chose something
casual, not fancy. He wasn't the fancy type, and if he did choose
something elegant, I would know that he's just trying to impress me.
Besides, I hated fancy places. No good music! "That sounds great!" I
replied happily. He grinned. We walked back to Palladium's room, hand
in hand.

"Glimmer- these are some of my students! The blond one is Stella, the
dark haired one with the pig tails is Musa, the other dark haired one
is Layla, the one with your color of hair is Flora, and the one with
short hair is Techna. And, well, you already know Bloom." We met some
of Palladium's students along the way to his room. Just by looking at
her, I could tell that Stella was going to want to give me fashion
tips. She smiled at me and waved. "Hi! I'm the one of our group, the
Winx Club, who gives out fashion advice. But, you don't need any!
You're good to go!" She said. Bloom laughed. "Stella! You're actually
giving a compliment?! Wow... Today is quite weird." I laughed as well.
"It's even more interesting for me than you!" Flora nodded in
agreement. Outside I heard a strange noise. Sort of like an aircraft
hovering above the ground... Bloom's eyes lit up. "The Red Fountain
boys are here!" She said excidetly.

"Who?" I asked. "Their boyfriends. They go to the Red Fountain School
of Heroics." Palladium explained. I nodded and laughed. Young girls
chasing after boys... Reminds me of the stuff I used to watch the
other fairies that lived near me do. The girls ran out of the room
and towards the clearing in the middle of the college. Out stepped 5
boys, all in the same uniform. When they saw me, they introduced
themselves politely. The blond one near Bloom was Prince Sky, the one
with Stella was Brandon, the boy with Musa was Riven, the boy with
Techna was Timmy, and the one with Flora was Helia. I noticed that
Layla stood outside of the group of boyfriends and girlfriends
awkwardly. I walked over to her. "It's okay, Layla. You'll find
someone soon!" I assured her. She smiled, looked up at me, and said
"Thanks, Glimmer."

As I walked to my newly appointed room from Feregonda, I saw Palladium
teaching class. He looked very confident in his work. He looked out
into the hallway and smiled at me. He beckoned me in with his hand. I
stepped in. "Now, girls, I know that some of you may already know her,
but this is Glimmer, the elf that I was sent to rescue from Shadow
Haunt." I smiled and waved. The girls said hello. I noticed Bloom and
the others in the class. They must have the same schedule! I thought.
He pointed to an empty seat. "If you would like!" I shook my head. "I
want to get freshened up. You know, for tonight!" I said. The girls
looked at their professor and whistled. "Professor! You are one lucky
man! Glimmer is CUTE!" Stella exclaimed to Palladium. He blushed. I
walked out before I caused anymore disruption in the class.

I found my room with ease. It had a "G" on it with glimmering paint,
and it was right next to Palladium's. I smiled as I opened the door.
The room was grand, filled with everything I could possibly want! A
sauna, a big TV, a large bed, (that I would later realize was a water
bed) a nice bathroom, everything was great! There was a knock on my
door. "Come in!" I yelled. In walked Palladium, smiling. "So, this is
your room?" I nodded. "Its right next to mine! And so elegant. Like
you." He said. I shifted my feet uncomfortably. He looked at me,
worried. "What is it?" Palladium asked. I sat down on the bed. He did
the same. "It's just... I wonder if Feregonda will let me stay here as
long as I'd like. I'd like to stay here as long as you stay here, and
you're going to be here forever, aren't you?" He nodded slowly,
understanding what I was saying. "Fergonda's quite nice! I'm almost
100% positive she'll let you stay!" My eyes lit up. Then we laughed
and laughed.

I looked through my closet to find a pretty but casual dress that
Stella put in there. I knew it was from her because it had a little
note on it! "Hey, Glimmer! Heard about your date with Palladium
tonight. Here's a dress that I thought would look good on you! It
brings out your eyes. Well, it should. Hve a great time! -Stella." I
laughed and pulled it out. It was a medium length dress that covered
my knees. It was a light silver with a red ribbon tied around the hips
with a red rose on the right side. I snapped my fingers, and the dress
magically got onto me and chose matching shoes from my closet. I
looked at myself in the mirror. Stella's not a bad fashion giver! I
thought. I twirled around and around and the skirt flew up a little
bit. I couldn't help but giggle. I sat down as the world came to
focus, and thought about Palladium.

Suddenly there was a knock on my door. "Glimmer? I went out while you
were changing to give one of my students and extra lesson. May I see
the outfit?" Palladium asked politely. "The door's open!" I replied.
He stepped in and gasped. "It's beautiful! Like you." He said. I
blushed. "You look nice as well!" I complimented. Palladium wore a
light gray suit that matched mine with a tie. We stared at each other
for a while until Palladium broke the silence. "Let's go now!" He
said. I looked at the time.4:32. "Isn't it a little early for
dinner?" I asked. He smiled. "I don't know any restaurants down in
Magix!" He exclaimed. "I just wanted to spend time with you." He said.
He ordered us a pizza and we looked at the stars from my balcony for a
few hours. "Glimmer?I better go. I have a meeting in fifteen minutes,
and it's getting a little late. It's10:30." Palladium said, getting
up and stretching. I nodded and held back a yawn. "Bye!" I said to him
as he left. He said bye and I changed into my pajamas and went to sleep.

"Glimmer! Get up! The school's being attacked!" Palladium's yells woke
me up with a jolt. I snapped my fingers and u clothes magically
dressed on me, did what little make-up I wear, and put shoes on me. I
threw open the door and ran outside. Sure enough, bolts of magical
lighting were hitting the magical barrier that protected the school.
Palladium was already planning with the other teachers and Feregonda
about how to deal with the attackers. A large shadow suddenly loomed
over us. "Hello, Alfea students and teachers! I would like to take
your powers now." A man with a long, red coat floated down through a
hole in the barrier. Bloom and the others transformed, and so did all
the other fairies. "Oh, look Baltor! They're going to try to fight
back!" Three girls, about the age of the Alfea seniors, descended
right next to Baltor. Or was it Valtor? One had a ponytail up on her
head with silver hair, one had short hair poofed out to the side that
was purple, and the last one had long dark brown hair that flowed all
the way past her knees.

"It's Icy, Darcy and Stormy! They're with Baltor!" Bloom exclaimed.
Palladium motioned for me to get back in the school, but I shook my
head. "I can fight for the school and people that let me stay here!" I
mouthed. He nodded slowly, obviously not liking what I was doing.
Bloom and Techna flew up into the sky and shot beams of magic at the
witches and Baltor. They dodged easily. "Sorry, Bloom, but you're
going to have to do better than that!" Icy sneered. Well, I guessed
that it was Icy. She had silver hair. My questioning was answered as
she shot icicles at Bloom. Everyone was fighting, but I didn't know
what to do! Suddenly the one with long hair noticed me. "Hi, loser.
The name's Darcy. And you?" She asked politely. I was so surprised
that I answered her. "Uhh... Glimmer." I said. She sneered. "What a
dorky name." I opened my palm and thrusted my hands upward. Immediatly
a large rock rose out of the ground and crashed into Darcy. She
groaned and heaved herself up. "And now it's my turn!"

Darcy yelled and shot a darkness beam a me. I dodged it, but barely.
Palladium looked over my way. "I'm fine!" I mouthed. "Oh, is he your
boyfriend?" Said a voice above me. I saw the witch with the purple
hair come down towards me. "I got this, Stormy!" Darcy said
impatiently. "Aw! Just let me crush her down! You do the final attack.
Ok?" Stormy compromised. "Um, I know that it's smart to have a battle
plan, but it's not smart to do it in front of the person you're trying
to defeat..." I said. But Darcy and Stormy didn't listen. Darcy just
backed away to let her try to crush me. "YAH!" She screamed as she
created a storm in front of me. "Aah!" I yelled in panic. Palladium
heard my cries and ran over to help me, only to get his feet frozen to
the ground by Icy! "You know, I always hated Palladium. He ruined both
our plots to destroy Bloom and the others in the magical reality
chamber. And what better way to get revenge than by destroying his
little girlfriend!"

Palladium tried to get free, but he couldn't. The ice was just too
thick. Stormy dissapated the huge thunderstorm in front of me and
created a tornado while Icy froze me to where I was standing. "No!" I
screamed. The tornado was just spinnig faster and faster until I
thought I was going to be sucked into it. "Hey! Three against one is
not fair!" Bloom yelled from the sky. Just in time she unfroze me and
used magic to carry me up into the sky. "Ah! Bloom! You mess up
EVERYTHING!" Icy shrieked. "Bloom! Behind you!" I yelled. She turned
just as Darcy was about to hit her with a dark slap. She dodged away,
carrying me with her. "Glimmer!" Bloom yelled. "I have to go help the
others with Baltor! Will you be fine here?" I nodded, but pointed to
Palladium, who was still trapped in ice. With a burst of fire from her
hands Bloom unfroze him and lowered me to the ground, carefully
setting me down. She flew off to her friends. Darcy snickered. "Aw.
How cute! It's like you actually think you're going to win!" "Glimmer!
Look out!" Palldium screamed. I turned around. Too late. Icy froze me
in ice, and Stormy did the rest. I don't remember what she did. All I
remember is Palladium screaming and seeing black.

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