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Bleach | Sōsuke Aizen x Reader, Slight Ichimaru Gin x Reader | Oneshot | Lyrics: Playing God by Paramore | Word Count: 1,457 | Rate & Message Please (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ [This is just a little preview of my writing before I start taking requests, so that you guys can get acquainted with my writing! Enjoy!]

Created by QueenCaffeine on Sunday, June 09, 2013



It's just my humble opinion

But it's one that I believe in

You don't deserve a point of view

If the only thing you see is you

"You're....what..?" Small lips uttered in surprised as [e/c] orbs stared into falsely kind brown ones, ones that were thought to be dead. A large hand reached out to touch the face of the confused and frightened girl. The cupping of her cheek in his palm was a cold act of comfort. Standing before the young female Shingami was a deadman. ____ didn't know how to behave in the matter of this moment. Just a few hours ago she had been the one who had to retrieve the supposedly deceased taichō's body which had been pinned by a single blade, his own blade, onto a tall pillar. The strong smell of iron still lingered on her hands even though she had just washed them for the tenth time. "B-but how...? I delivered your corpse to Unohana-taichō....maybe I'm just hallucinating.." She whispered while a single tear rolled down her face. Grief did these type of things to you. Especially when you were grieving over the man you had loved. "This isn't a dream. I'm real, I assure you. I came back for you ____. I need you."


All you could do is watch. Watch as Aizen mercilessly extracted the Hōgyoku from Rukia Kuchiki's petite body. The way his hand punctured through her chest without a moment's hesitation paralyzed you in utter fear. Not only that but being stared down by all the Captains and Lieutenants of the Court Guard Squads forced ____ to stand in shame. "How fascinating...I didn't expect it to be so small.." Aizen gazed at the circular orb in both fascination and minor disappointment. "The Hōgyoku. And no permanent damage to the soul, what a astounding technique." You were caught off guard as the brown-haired male placed the sphere deemed to hold such overwhelming power in the small of your right hand. Your head quickly shot up and gave him a questioning look. He in return, flashed you a kind smile and patted the top of your head as one would an obedient dog. "It's too bad, but I just don't have a use for you anymore." Aizen effortlessly picked up the small Kuchiki girl by her neck. You could only cringe as she whimpered and gasped for air while her limp body dangled off the ground. "Kill her Gin." "Well if I must." Gin said in the middle of turning on his heel and drawing his Zanpakutō. "Shoot to kill, Shinsō." He recited his incantation and within a second his blade had extended towards Rukia's body. Red was strewn across the skies. "B-Byakuya-taichō." You stuttered out in surprise and slight relief. He held his sister to his chest protectively and had taken the blow in her place. It was ironic since just a moment ago he was going to watch her die. "Oh no, brother." The captain had fallen to his knees, quickly bleeding out. "Oh no! Byakuya! Byakuya! Why did you protect me?!"


You had found yourself scooped up in Aizen's arms as the two of you ascended into the skies using the technique called a Negación alongside Kaname and Gin. "You've even joined hands with the Menos? Why?" Ukitake-taichō called out in question. You could feel the vibrations off of the man chest as he held held you so securely. "To seek new heights." Aizen replied. "Have you fallen to the ground, Aizen?" Ukitake had made sure not to leave you out of the discussion, dealing you a fatal blow. "And you ____, I'm surprised that you would be one to go down in a grave so easily."


The glasses of the man you knew dissolved within his very palm and left this world with the wind. Not before a few shards brushed ever so lightly against your cheek. As he smoothed his hair back in one swift run of the hand and he reopened his eyes you found yourself unable to recognize this new man. You were looking into the eyes of God, always watching and always judging. "I will stand in Heaven. Farewell, Shinigami."


"Lord Aizen..." Your head and torso lowered in a respectful bow at the stairs of God's throne. He motioned for you to stand and to step closer, so you did. "____, you've been cautious of me for the past few days. It's made me a bit impatient with you." She flinched at his stern tone. "Are you perhaps afraid?" Even though it sounded like a question Aizen knew that this was indeed the case. "You're in your right mind then. Only a fool wouldn't fear God." You could barely count the seconds that flew by when he stood and in a flash your chin was captured in between his strong fingertips. Daring not to open your mouth in defiance your teeth clenched while your lips stayed shut. How could he still be so gentle with his movements? Clutching your hands at the sides of your newly styled robes, the eerie beauty that radiated off of this man made you want to both melt into his touch and run. But the choice was not yours for his thin had already descended upon yours in a heated and controlling kiss. He didn't carefully part your lips with his tongue or ask for permission. Instead he squeezed your cheeks with his fingers making you involuntarily part them. Your body felt crushed against when he pulled you closer by your waist and squeezed your hip. You closed your eyes and your body flinched.


"Ah, ____-chan. Is Lord Aizen playing rough again?" You gasped and quickly covered your nude body with your night robes after seeing the reflection of another man in the tall mirror that stood within your personal bedroom. "Ichimaru-san, isn't this a bit inappropriate? You didn't even knock." The former taichō didn't seem to care about your previous statement as he casually waltzed up to your position of standing. His hands placed themselves on your shoulders and proceeded to slide the gown off. Your hands immediately shot up to cover your breasts. Littered across your torso were bruises of all shapes and sizes. Some formed a large handprint, these were mostly on your thighs and arms. While others were just a circular shape as if your skin were hit with a blunt object, these resulted from your forced training with the Arrancar. Aizen didn't want anyone who was in his army to be weak and this included you. [h/c] strands fell into your face but even then your body screamed shamed. "This is quite a mess. But Aizen is a boy, and boys don't particular take good care of their toys." Gin cooed and snaked his arm around your waist. His chin rested itself on your tender shoulder and his wide grin mocked you. You could feel him playing with your hair, twirling it around and around in his fingers. "No matter how porcelain her skin or silk her hair is. It just means you'll crack more easily before you break."


You were being strangled, strangled by the hands of Him. It was only a matter of minutes after Ichimaru fell to the ground and into a building after he had attempted to betray Aizen. Aizen had turned to you and stared down at your form with a furious gaze. "You knew about this?" He stepped forwards and you stepped back. Shaking your head and uttering the word "no" over and over did nothing to ease Aizen's accusations. God had condemned you, so you were guilty. He snatched you up by your little neck and swooped you off of your feet. "That was bold of you, woman. To know that your were an expendable asset from the beginning and still have had the gull to defy me." His eyes had changed completely, no longer the soft or harsh brown eyes you knew. These eyes were exotic and unreal. His immense Reiatsu flared and the intensity felt as if it would erase your very existence. "What a shame. I had such high hopes for you. I thought you would last a little while longer than this. But it seems as if I no longer have any use for you. Farewell, Shinigami-san."


The blade of Kyouka Suigetsu pierced your chest and your [e/c] eyes clouded. Your eyelids slowly shut after the pressure to keep them open had become too much and death's hand had layed it's touch. Aizen stared at your lifeless form as it hung onto his Zanpakutō. It looked as if you were still beckoning to be at his side and refused to let go. But you were now dead weight and Aizen knew that. He slung you from his sword in one fluid movement and turned his back as you fell from the skies, from the Heavens.

If God's the game that you're playing

Well, we must get more acquainted

Because it has to be so lonely

To be the only one who's holy


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