Metal Fight Beyblade: Truth or Dare

I wanted to do this for fun, I'm getting bored and I'm working on my story but this could be a side project. I'm doing this the way me and my friends play so the rules may be a little different but don't worry it's explained.

Created by iceqween on Friday, June 14, 2013


Well you know the rules of truth or dare.

I will do any beyblade character. I am taking requests for reader-insert and OC requests. Now here are the choices-

Truth- Someone will ask you a question and you must tell the truth. If you lie, someone will know.

Dare- Someone will dare you to do one thing, and you have to do it. If you don't you have a punishment to pay. Do it because the person who came up with the punishment is very cruel.

Both- Both truth and Dare. Someone will ask you a question and you answer it. Then you get a dare you must do.

Double Dare- It's one dare but before the dare is revealed the person giving the dare chooses someone and both have to complete the dare. It's kind of like a "If I go down someone's coming with me" thing.

Comand- The person giving the truths and dares chooses someone and that someone can give you any comand they want and you have to follow each comand for however long the persongiving the truths and dares gave.

Choose for me please- The person giving the truths and dares picks out of truth or dare but nothing else.

Choose for me- The persongiving the truths and dares chooses out of anything to give you, not only truth or dare.

Promise to repeat- The way me and my friends do it is, you are givin a piece of paper and you have to say what's on the paper to a person of the opposite gender.

I refuse- The punishment (Anyone wanting anything cute, don't choose this)

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