Winds of Change ({Jack the Giant Slayer}) Intro

I know I shouldn't have started another one, but I swear I will update my other ones as well. Well ... if anyone's got any other ideas for this one, please message me, or review ... either or would be awesome >.> ...

Created by knightgurl on Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Everyone knows the legend of Erik the Great, an ancient king who defeated an army of invading Giants by using a magical crown to control them. In the legends, he obtained the heart of a Giant and used it in the forging of the magical crown. But never did they re-tell about how the heart was obtained.

To retrieve the heart of the giant, King Erik enlisted the help of a group of hunters. These hunters were the ones who had retrieved the heart and gave it to Erik, and they recieved no thanks in the end. And after the giants were banished back to Gantua, the hunters left Albion and headed to the western island, "Ireland".

(Character Info)

Name: Maebh o' Faolain (May-iv)

Age: 21

Origins: Dublin, Ireland

Bit of Background: Maebh is a decsendant of one of the "Giant Hunters" whom helped retirieve a giant heart for King Erik. All of the direct decsendants are taught about Gantua the giants in preparation for the next attack.

Maebh and six of the other decsendants find themselves leaving their home to travel to Albion in search of adventure just like their ancestors.

Physical Appearance:

Hair: Long, Black, Wavy

Eyes: Amber/Hazel

Body: Fit, Slim, Tall, Pale Skinned

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