Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey (First Doctor, Chapter Sixteen)

Okay, I know the previous chapter wasn't the best, but I had to introduce Antodus the Thal somehow. That was actually a little extra chapter that I hadn't planned on writing, but I will bring Antodus into the story later on so I had to introduce the friendship he and Cuba form... Also the site kept deleting it and not letting me publish it -_- Anyways, allons-y!

Created by iLuvJasperHale7 on Friday, June 21, 2013

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Antodus and I sat underneath the petrified tree talking for quite some time. Talking about unrelated things allowed me to distract myself.

Also known as running away from your problems... Shut up, self.

"So, how exactly did Skaro become... this?" I said, gesturing to our dead surroundings.Antodus's expression darkened, and he sat there silent a few moments.

"In the past, the Daleks and the Thals... well, we were at war. This planet was once beautiful. The acts of war carried out by those vermin, the Daleks, ruined it."

His explanation ended there, and I didn't press further.

Well, the Doctor did mention something about a Neutron bomb... but is that really powerful enough to kill a planet?

"I hate to abandon a new friend, but Alydon is approaching one of your company, and I'd like to see what he's doing," Antodus suddenly said, standing up.

"I'll come with you... and I'm not with them," I said pointlessly, as Antodus wasn't listening. He was walking towards Alydon with his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

What is he so suspicious of?

I sped up to catch up with Antodus, and he and I casually walked over near Alydon, who was starting a conversation with Ian.

"Ah, there you are. Have your men from the retrieval party returned yet?" Ian asked. Alydon shook his head, and had a very serious look on his face.

"Unfortunately not, but... the children have heard something in the forest," Alydon remarked in a bearly audible voice.

But everything in the forest is petrified... well, except the Thals... and the Daleks...

Ian shook his head. "Can't be the Daleks; they're powered by electricity, so they couldn't come out of the city." Alydon nodded.

"Nevertheless, it would be unwise to let our guard down."

The conversation was broken by the Thal retrieval party returning; the group had gone back to the city in an attempt to retrieve the body of their leader, Temmosus. All that had been accomplished was another of their party being injured.

Everyone was silent, grimly thinking of the lost lives and injuries received today. As everyone tried to go back to their business normally, two of the retrieval party members, named Kristas, walked over to Alydon and Ian.

"So, have you decided what we're going to do, Alydon?" He asked. The other, named Ganatus, also spoke.

"You must take Temmosus's place, now that he is..."

Alydon nodded sadly. "If only we knew why the Daleks hated us so..."

"Your leader, Temmosus, appealed very reasonably to them. Normal creatures woud have responded. The Daleks didn't, so they must be very different from us. They must think and feel completely differenly." Ian said.

"Yes, but why destroy so much-without any thought or reason behind it?"Alydon lamented. "We have lost loved ones- and essentially our planet, as well. Skaro was once beautiful and buzzing with activity. Now we Thals are forced to scavenge the little food remaining. Just look at the state of things."

I really wish I had seen Skaro in it's hayday. Must have been quite a sight. Not to mention all of the Thals would have certainly been happier.

"Well, I believe the Daleks may believe they have reason to destroy. I think they're afraid of you. They're afraid because you're different, and they hate you for it."

Ahh. Racist, bigoted Daleks, hating anything that's not like themselves. Of course. I mean, the Thals have done nothing else to the Daleks. That must be it.

"So you would rather us fight against them and this hate for us?" A Thal woman, Dyoni, asked bitterly. I felt Antodus tense up at this. Ian shook his head again.

"I'm not meaning all out war again. You just need to show them that you're capable of defending yourselves so they don't come looking for war. Show them your strength, and perhaps-"

"You understand us just as much as the Daleks do!" Dyoni exclaimed angrily.I saw Ian's expression change at this interruption, and decided I should step in.

"Like you said, Ian; the Daleks can't leave the city. So, there's no point in risking more lives and losing vital members of the group just to 'show their strength.' If anything, the focus should be on trying to find more food, seeing as the Dalek deal ended terribly."

"What if the Daleks could leave the city?! Those things are smart, they'll figure it out! And when they do, they will certainly come and attack you. What will you do then?" Ian spat, turning back to Alydon.

All eyes were focused on him. A long moment passed.

"...We would leave. Go back to our plateau, or spread out through the forest."

"You would run away?" Barbara asked, astonished.

"Are you suggesting that we are cowards?" Antodus replied, coldly.

"It's not like they're afraid to die, they've already shown us that. There's a distinct difference between cowardice and self-preservation," I added.

"Yes, but sooner or later the Daleks will try to destroy you. After today's events, I'd say they're bound to be knocking on your front door within days!" Ian said.

Alydon sighed, and spoke before walking away.

"I see that you are attempting to help us, and I hold you in high respect for that. You do not, however, understand us. The Thals cannot wage war with the Daleks again. That is the end of it."

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