The Moth Who Got Himself to Close to the Light (Sad Love Story) Part 1

This story is based on a song. Some may know it, if you do I'm using the same plot with my own little extras. If you don't know it I will reveal the song at the end of the series and you can listen to it, It's a seven minute song.

Created by MzCami on Sunday, June 23, 2013

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From the porch of my home I see her walking by, alone, she's always so quiet and likes to mind her own bussiness.

I noticed her the first time she sat in front of me the first day of college classes. I heard once that sometime in your life there's going to be one person that just catches your eye and gives you a good feeling. Im not saying I believed it, but she's different from the girls I grew up with, that's for sure.

I Ignore the feeling because guys like me, dont get the girl like that. plan and simple. She's beautiful, respectable, with a good future and too good for me.

As for Me, Poor thug, got my G.E.D while I was locked up. A thug isn't the same as a gangster. I don't follow anyone, I'm my own person who has to do bad things to survive in this world. I figured the best way to survive is to get an education.

I soon heard footsteps coming from behind.

"She doesn't let anyone talk to her you know" said my friend Cisco, noticing I was staring at her.

"yea I noticed, why do you think that is?"

"who knows, I've seen every kind of guy try to get at her, you name it, but she never says anything, just keeps walking as if she didn't hear them.

I looked her way again, admiring her

"she's a fly chick and everything bro, but trying to get at her is hopeless. I ain't gunna lie I tried too" he laughed

I laughed and we both look back towards her way

"What are you staring at?" said Cessy, one of the girls from the block.

It wasn't even hot outside but that never stopped her from wearing a skirt and I swear she always wore the smallest shirt she could find.

"Don't trip, mind your own bussiness," I told her.

"If you're checking out Ruby, don't even, she's a bitch, she thinks she too good for us, can't you tell by the way she just disses everyone who talks to her, none of the girls like her, I don't know who she thinks she is" Cece spat

"Are you deaf? I said mind your own, quit talking shit and go be a hoe some where else, I spat back

"Fuck you Victor!" she said both angry and embarrassed

"Just get your ass home, I'll call you when your services are wanted."

She left mad, I went back to thinking about Ruby. I don't know what it was that consumed my mind of her. She had a style of her own, respectful and pure.


"Mijo (Spanish for son) wake up!" I heard a voice say.

"You have class in an hour!" I slowly opened my eyes,

Damn I felt like shit, maybe it was a bad idea to drink the night before. I slowly arose from my bed and went into the kitchen to get an Advil for my head. I slowly dragged myself inside the shower and quickly got dressed. After I grabbed my keys and things, got in my car and headed down the road.

Ahead of me I see Ruby, walking a fast pace to get to our class. I figured she was going to be late anyways so I could at least ask her if she wanted a ride. I slowed down next to her.

"Hey, do you need a ride? The college is about 5 minutes away driving" I asked her but I got no response, she looked at me and she kept walking her fast pace, kind of breathing hard.

"look, we have the same class, I'm just trying to help you out, nothing else" I assured her. She slowed down and looked at her phone I guess she realized she wasn't going to make it.

"Yeah, I could use a ride..." she said quietly but still clear enough for me to hear.

I pulled over to the side and without thinking I just jumped out the car and opened the door for her. Damn I've never felt so cheesy. She gave me a little smile so I didn't feel so stupid. I got back in the car and continued driving.

"My name is Victor" I told her, trying to be friendly

"I'm Ruby..." she said quietly, looking forward

"That's a nice name" I told her

"Thanks" is all she said.

The rest of the way was nothing but silence except for the low music playing on the stereo. We arrived and I parked. She got out of the car and hurried to class without saying a word. I took my time and got my things in the back seat of the car and headed to class.

I sat down and took a glimpse at Ruby, she just looked forward and took notes. I did the same until she eventually looked back at me and got my attention.

"I just wanted to thank you...for the ride" she said quietly with a little smile.

I took a second or two and looked at her beautiful brown eyes as she looked at me, I thought to myself "why do they seem so empty and sad?"

I smiled back, "Anytime" I said truthfully.

She turned away and did her work for the rest of class. Once class was over we all walked out, I saw her starting to walk home. I thought I might go and ask her if she needed a ride but I didn't want to push my luck. I decided not to, I didn't want to seem desperate. I know too many guys that act like that, then what? getting thirsty over some girl who don't want them. I'm smart enough not to fall for that. I got in my car and drove home.


Ruby Salazar (Ariana Grande)


Victor Hurtado (Thre4t, Stockton, CA Rapper)

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