Clint Barton - Hawkeye

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Clint Barton - Hawkeye


Sabe’s waiting for Clint to finish his shower so they can go to sleep after another hectic day at SHEILD. Some of the new recruits really pissed her off not to mention she sprained an ankle. She can’t wait to go to sleep.

“Makenna. New mission. Director Fury wants you in by 0500 tomorrow morning.” Natasha steps into the room and hands the sprite a folder. The redhead glances around, notices Barton’s quiver lying on a chair and wrinkles her nose. She never really got what Barton saw in Mac, Blackhawk would be better in her book than Maclint but she doesn’t comment.

At least they’re happy Natasha thinks dryly as she heads back out. She doesn’t bother to talk to her half-sister anymore. It just doesn’t happen unless they’re with the rest of the Avengers. She leaves Mac to it.


Back their room of Stark Towers Mac groans inwardly. It’s going to be a long mission. Very long. Undercover, a month, maybe more. And she still has to tell Clint.

“Are you sulking?” Clint finally emerges from the toilet, a trace of humor in his voice. Towel wrapped around his waist, Mac can’t help but grin and slide under the covers.

“Not once you turned up.” She teases and Clint snorts before grabbing his pyjamas.


“Yeah.” Mac finds herself avoiding brining up the topic of the mission instead opting to get lost in Clint’s amazingly complex eyes. She can’t avoid the truth though as he turns off the lights and climbs into bead bumping into something in the dark.

She’s gonna have to leave soon and she has no idea why she’s holding on. But why so soon? He just got back from a mission and now she’s being sent on one.

Great. Perfect! Mac thinks slightly bitterly but smiles instead and wraps her hands around Clint’s waist. She rests her head on his chest tracing the hard lines of his abs and chest, can hear him breathe, the rhythm evening out before it deepens as he hits his REM cycle.

Clint’s really not a fussy sleeper and neither is Mac but she can’t afford to sleep tonight. Instead she plans to hold him close, memorize him for the next month to come.

Mac’s trying not to fall asleep as much as she should. She doesn’t want to sleep simply because when she wakes up she’s going to have to leave. Instead, she gets up and makes her way to the communal kitchen in the Tower.

Hands wrapped around a mug of hot chocolate she whips up, Mac takes a seat on one of the high barstools that’s placed by the kitchen countertop. Steam rises from her cup and she finds herself watching it swirl lazily.

“I had just gone to sleep.” Clint’s voice comes from directly behind her and she nearly jumps. He can be so damn quiet when he wants to. And perceptive.

“Sorry.” She takes a sip of her drink as Clint wraps his arms around her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” And he’d believe her except it’s too fast, to eager.

“Makenna.” He takes a seat opposite her. “Tell me.”

“I just have another assignment tomorrow. 0500 hours.” Mac ducks her head her hair curtaining her face. “For a month.”

There’s a small silence punctuated by Clint’s sigh. “It’s fine.” He says forced cheerful. Mac picks up though and frowns.

“Not really.”

“No.” he agrees eyes skimming over her. That gives them barely seven hours. The stars are going to start fading soon, the sun rising to set the sky on fire. He sighs again. And when it does rise, she’ll have to go.


But instead, he shrugs and leads Mac back to bed one arm slung over her shoulder. He just wishes everything would slow down. All of it. SHIELD, the Avengers, life in general. He wants it to stop so he can memorize the moment before building another.

He thinks, maybe, picket fences and a couple of kids. It’s something they’ve never had so he reckons it’ll be good for them. He doesn’t say so, instead collapses into bed bringing Mac down on top of him, hands protectively encasing her body.

“I think I like the dark.”

“You hate it.” Mac reminds him. Clint shakes his head stubbornly.

“If it stays dark you don’t have to go in tomorrow.” He whispers quietly.

Mac has no idea how it came to this.


Mac stares out of the grimy window of her hotel room. A couple more days till she gets back to New York. Back to Clint. It’s all she can think of really. Even the mission has faded away, blurring around the edges to reveal Clint behind it.

Clint and his diamond ring. That brings a smile to Mac’s face as she rubs her left hand with her right subconsciously tugging at the fourth finger made bare for the mission. She lets out a breath and sinks down to the floor, legs stretched out directly in front of her, leaning her head back on the edge of the bed.

Even the mark she had to seduce, something she’d loathed to do, had become Clint. Blond hair darkened to brown and murky grey eyes reflected different colours. A dream maybe.


Either way, she only wants the best for them. She’s thinking of maybe refusing the next mission. Maybe.

But for now, she gets up tiredly and lies down on the hard bed. Maybe she can get some sleep tonight.


She’s dreaming, shifting colours as she sleeps. His song, echoing through her mind, twisting until it’s unrecognizable. And in the midst of it, him. Clint. And that conversation they had a while back about family, kids. He’s all for it, she wasn’t. Too much danger.

But she could change her mind for him.

“Please?” He’d ask eyes wide and puppy like, completely breaking her resolve. “Please? If it’s a boy I can play softball and teach him to hit the bullseye and-”

“Clint. Clint.” She’ll wait for him to look up and smile. “And if it’s a girl?”

“Well…” He’d give her that cheeky smile that made her melt every time. “Well, you could do girly things?”

Mac would laugh out loud then. “Like what?”

“Dress up? Tea parties?” He’d offer all smiles. “Girly things.”

And she could for him.

It’s a pretty picture painted in her mind. But it’s in her mind. That’s the problem. It doesn’t work for her in real life. Never did. Not since SHIELD. Oh well, oh well. She’s just wasting time dwelling on what could have been…

Forgoing what really is.


“Hey.” Mac buries her face in Clint’s chest as soon as she steps off the plane.

“Hi.” He replies voice low. “How did it go?”

“Target terminated.”

“Good.” A simple word that means absolutely nothing. “I heard you finished early?”

“By two days. But there were no flights out.”

“I know…” Clint rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. “Did you get time to think about what we discussed? A family?” He looks at her hopefully chucking her bag into the back of the car and sliding into the driver’s seat.



“And no.” Mac says plainly. Clint loses some of the shine in his eyes.

“Why?” He asks quietly.

“You know why Clint. It’s too dangerous. You took one through the heart, I got cut up, it’s sure as hell not easy to talk about.” She lapses into a silence slightly smoking.

“Mac.” Clint lays a hand on her knee. She takes it somewhat reluctantly. “Okay.”

She nods looking out of the window avoiding his eye but tightens her grip on his hand. She’s made it clear across the field so now it’s a matter of just flying.


“Sabe. I need to talk to you.” Clint walks right into the lab where Sabe’s helping out Tony.

“Uh-huh. One second.” She hands a plier over to the goateed genius on her right and looks up. “About what?”

“It’s Mac.”

“No.” Sabe says immediately, her face just shutting down. “No Clint.”


“Clint…” Sabe looks away gritting her teeth. “Ask someone else. Nat or… that Maria Curtis she talks about. I’m not… You know I’m not…” Sabe trails off and looks back eyes full of regret.

“Sh*t happened okay?” Clint asks loudly. “I asked her about kids. A family. And now it’s weird, wrong.” His voice picks up. Tony, startled, looks up and frowns.

“What got your panties in a twist?”

“F*ck off Stark!” Clint yells.

“Get out of my lab.” Tony says calmly. “You too Sabe.”

“What?” She’s thrown by the unfairness of it.

“Help him. Mac’s your friend.”

“Is she?”

The answer remains unspoken as she’s pushed out of the lab with Clint.

“Fine then.”


“I’ve… I’m not religious but I’ve… asked… God… for help.” Clint looks completely broken. He’s a teammate. He helped her out with Bruce.

“Okay.” Sabe says simply. “Okay.” She takes a breath. “I know what it’s like when she smiles and it isn’t for you allright? I know.”

“Yeah. You would.” Clint laughs humorlessly and Sabe gives him a dirty look.

“Don’t go there.”

“Yeah.” There a small silence.

“Just… just show her what she means to you without the added complications. Without the mess. No kids, no family, nothing. Just you and her.”

“Is that what you’d do?” Clint asks seriously.

“It’s what I want to. But I can’t. I don’t forget or forget so… you’ve seen it before Clint.”

“That bad huh?”

“Yeah.” Sabe’s eyes are distant before she re-focuses on the problem at hand.


“Yeah. I’m with you Clint. But I can’t… So you do it.”


Mac’s on the roof as usual. It’s a place where both Clint and Mac retreat to when they need to think. She’s balancing on the ledge, wind whipping at her clothes. Clint smiles sneaking up behind her and grabs her making Mac yelp in fear.

“I’ll hold you close, keep you safe.” He promises lifting her off the ledge. Mac turns to face him.

“I know you will.”

“You don’t have to… y’know… make it like this. It was just a question. A suggestion. I just thought we’d wait for the fireworks, the snow. I thought maybe it’ll do us good and maybe wash away the pain.”

Clint’s not the best at voicing his thoughts but he feels that he has to do this for her. He wants to.

“I just really want to live in your arms. Spend every moment with you. Stay up all night confessing, well, whatever. Another day, another night, another moment spent with you.”

Mac smiles a little at his fumble. Clint grins too, emboldened.

“You know I’m sorry. So just be here now against me. Sing along with me. If you died right now I’d never be the same. That’s how much you mean. Kids doesn’t matter. Let’s just do us now.”

Mac’s full out grinning by this time. It’s cheesy and sweet and cute and… perfect.

“Would you help me out of the dark?” Mac asks softly.



“Yes.” Clint says with feeling cupping her face in his hands. Slightly rough from handling the bow it’s familiar and something that Mac missed. So much.

“Just us?”


“No-one else?”

“Mac…” Clint says exasperated.

“Yes?” Mac asks cheekily.

And he knows that everything’s going to be fine kids or not kids.

Just them


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