Loki (reader insert) for NarissaJones

'Cus the first one was crack. My apologies. Hope this is better.`Word Count: 865~ Enjoy :)

Created by Sajipie on Wednesday, June 26, 2013


“Get out of my room Thor.” Loki seethed and slammed the door in the blond Asgardian’s face. Pouting and genuinely hurt, Thor took a step back and looked around.

“Lady _____” he looked at you standing down the hall, slightly ashamed that you had to see this almost every day. “I apologize for my brother.”

A screech of “I’M NOT YOUR BROTHER!” could be heard from the other side of the door. Thor frowned, shook his head and walked back to his room. _____ stood there gazing at Loki’s wooden door. She sighed, walked towards it and slid down leaning against the wall facing it.

Why Loki, why?

He must have read her mind because the answer is simple. He opens the door a crack, looks around and steps out brushing down his clothes, a smirk firmly plastered on his face.

“Because I do what I want.”


“He loves you y’know.” _____ says slowly. “You are his brother whatever you say, he loves you.”

“I do not want his love.” He looks away and reaches absentmindedly for a poptart. _____ shrugs and places a hand on his comfortingly.

“Unhand me mortal.” He says coolly, eyes glinting, but it’s a playful glint, nothing vicious or malicious in his voice. _____ doesn’t withdraw her hand, instead, tightens her grip and tugs him off the chair he’s on.

“What is happening? Where are we going?” Loki asks, eyes narrowing as _____ heads to the elevator.

“Problems like this call for junk food. I could use a cupcake right about now.” _____ grins easily and punches the ‘lobby’ button. Loki shrugs, unexpectedly quiet and follows behind as they weave through the normal New York crowd to get to the nearest bakery.


“Is this what earthling call a date?” Loki looks around the cozy shop and then out at the street through the window in his left.

_____ chokes on her coffee and blushes brilliantly. She tries to avoid the question. “For the last time, we’re not called earthlings.”

“You didn’t answer my question _____.” Loki singsongs turning his eyes to the female in front of him. A most interesting creature, one who stayed by his side while everyone else fled.

“I… uhhh…” she can’t lie to the God of Lies so instead opts for the truth. “Yes.” She blushes again. “If both parties are interested.”

“Well, I’m interested.” Loki says offhandedly, tongue as quick as ever as he regards her. _____ hides her face in her cup.

“SoamI” she mumbles. Loki grins.

“Then it’s a date.”


“What is this on top? Why must a mere bread product get a crown on this realm while no Prince holds one?” Loki demands of the cupcake that’s in front of him.

“It’s icing. Not a crown.” _____ shrugs. “And it tastes good.” She takes a bite of her own cupcake to prove the point. Loki narrows his eyes but dutifully sticks his tongue out and licks some of the icing.

His eyes widen as he licks more off. Soon, the cupcake has vanished and _____ giggles as she looks at Loki’s face, a smear of icing on his nose.

“You’ve got…” she leans forward and wipes it off with her thumb, licking the offending sweetness of her finger. Loki stares.

“So have you.”

“I do? Where?” _____ flails wildly trying to find a reflective surface to look at herself.

“Here.” The god interrupts smoothly. He grabs her chin between his finger and thumb and runs his tongue slowly across her lips.



…. What just happened…?

_____ stares wide-eyed at Loki. He smirks and follows it up with a kiss.


Just like icing should be.


“We should get back.” _____ suggests as he draws back.

“We should.” Loki agrees standing up and throwing down a couple of bills. Stark lent him the money and for that he’s grateful now.

“Shall we?” he holds out his hand and _____ links hers through his.

“Yeah.” She’s got a box of to-go cupcakes in another box under her arm careful not to drop or damage it as they make their way back to Stark Towers.

“Loki?” _____ asks quietly as the elevator door slide shut behind them.


“Why don’t you want Thor’s love? Why won’t you accept him as your brother?”

“Because we are not and because I have your love.”

“What if you didn’t?” _____ looks at him seriously and Loki sighs, jaw clenching.

“He would then.” He admits and _____ smiles.




Extended Ending:



Morning, bright and clear.

Thor wakes up with a smile and an earth rumbling yawn.

He opens his door and steps into the hallway to step into something squishy.

Looking down he sees a brown and yellow smear.

He sighs, un-amused at Loki’s prank.

When his eyes from the floor though, a glorious sight meets his eyes.

There are cupcakes wrapped in different coloured ribbons.

They paint a path down the hall into the kitchen


“That oaf squashed the first one!” Loki seethes from his lookout.

_____ rolls her eyes at him. “I know Loki.”

A pause and before he can repeat.

“We all know.”


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