Solitary Angel, Chris Pohl's Blutengel. (Part 42)

Ok so I was informed that Eva was NOT Chris's lover it was Kati so sorry about that just use you imagination to change the name XD

Created by SinyTress on Monday, July 01, 2013

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You fell alseep on Chris on the way home but it's not like he mind, you both where really tired and worn out from that fight against Constance and Eva. You still couldn't wrape your head around the whole twisted plot to get there revenge on Chris and how wrong it was on so many levels, human or not.

Once everyone was at Chris's place, you all bassicaly staggered out of the small bus sore and tired to the front door but you were all stoped for a moment by Gordon.

"Steph hold on a minute I got something I need to ask you, it's very important." Gordon said looking at Steph in her eyes before getting down on one knee.

Steph at first was a little confused at what he was doing not sure what to make on what he was doing thinking that maybe her boot was untied again and he was going to tie it for her? But incase it was something stupid again like a prank she was ready to slap him for safty reasons if it was another prank.

"Steph I loved you from the moment I met you and I knew from that day I had to make you mine and after all this has happened and I almost lost you I need to know now for sure, will you be my brid?" Gordon said pulling out a small little ring

Steph just looked at him with small tears in her eyes shocked that he proposed to her, never in a thousand years did she think this day would come.

"Yes, I will." Steph said happy and excited as Gordon sliped the ring on her finger before kissing one another.

Everyone that was there infront of Chris's house was happy and started clapping for them before heading in.

"You know I have been carrying that ring around for the longest time waiting for the pefect time to propose" Gordon said laughing.

"And you though now out of all the other times you could have done it that now wouldn be a good time?" Steph said laughing.

"Well yea because I had a hard time getting you at the right moment, pluse I almost lost you once, I don't want to lose you again Steph." Gordon said looking into Steph's eyes holding her hands.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." You said joking while walking inside Chris's house.

"But Gordon I thought we were gonna get married and have lots of babaies when we move in together." Chris said jokenly trying to sound upset.

"I'm sorry Chris I just couldn't do it anymore." Gordon said to Chris trying to be dramatic.

"FINE THEN! Be that way, but when you need somebody there you when shit hit's the fan I wont be there, nor will I be your little boy toy anymore." Chris said trying to sound snoby but just made everyone laugh.

Gordon then took this chance to run up to Chris, grabed him and gave him a big wet kiss on the cheek for the hell of it making everyone laugh even harder as Chris just struged it off holding up his hand to Gordon looking the other way smiling.

"Well i'm glad everything is back to normal." You said still laughing whiping a tear from your eye.

When you all got into Chris's house and got ready to settle in for the night, you ran up to Chris's room to use his privet shower in his room so there would be no interuptions. You got into the hot shower and let the water run down you washing away the blood and dirt, you must have gone into deep thought to not even notice that someone had entered the room until you felt hands wrap around you in the shower, when you turned around your lips ran into Chris's creating a deep and pasionate kiss as Chis ran one hand through your hair and the other up and down your wet body, a single tear fell down your face, you were so emotional after all thats happened but where happy that you both were still together after everything and the fact that he still came back to you in the end despite Steph killing Eva ment everything to you.

~And not a word that night was spoken.~


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