The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul (a Naruto FanFic) Chapter 11

And….. PLOT TWIST!! XD ….. sorry :s So anyway, Hiraku has just found out that she is an exact copy of a dead shinobi…. what does this mean for our protagonist….. again sorry :s

Created by TheInconvenientStore on Wednesday, July 03, 2013

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"I know. I didn't believe it at first, but it's true. You are the exact same, the same abilities, the same weaknesses, the same chakra as far as I can tell. I don't know why, but somehow, you are a clone of the old Hiraku Mokoden."

"So then, I'm not real..."

"Of course you're real," Miyu snapped, "look at you, you aren't a genjutsu or a mere copy, you've had your own life, for all you know you could be completely different to her."

"You are real Hiraku. You just aren't unique. You aren't an original."

"Lady Hokage!"

"Thank you for being honest Lady Hokage. I am glad, really," Hiraku wiped away a tear before it left her eye, "at least now I know my life has a purpose."

"Your life had a purpose before-"

"Lady Hokage, if it's not too much trouble, please may I read all of the Hidden Leaf's knowledge on the Mokoden Clan, especially Hiraku."

"Of course you can. I would expect nothing less. I'll have them sent up by lunch."

"Wait!" Tsunade looked at Hiraku.


"My team. How are they?"

"They are already on their way back to Sunagakure, if not, then they are there already." She turned and walked to the doorway, then she paused, "Goodbye Hiraku." Not, I'll see you tomorrow or see you later, goodbye. Tsunade knew that Hiraku wasn't planning to stay for her next check up. She smiled internally.

"Goodbye, Lady Hokage." She saw Tsunade's mouth twitch into a smile before she left the room.




Hiraku Mokoden was the member of the Mokoden clan with the strongest bloodline trait, the Subete no Mirume. She was the only one to survive the initial massacre of the Mokoden Clan, but she was later killed trying to avenge the clan, by trying to kill the murderer.

Hiraku read the files lots of times. Apart from her date of birth and death, they were the exact same. Their personalities, their looks even their fighting style. It only darkened Hiraku's mood, she was just another chance at life for Hiraku.

What was useful however, was that Hiraku learnt about her Subete no Mirume. The SnM as Hiraku started calling it, was once one of the strongest dojutsus, however, since the clan had been removed from the group of the, then four, great dojutsus (along with the sharingan, rinnegan and byakugan). Sharingan allows the user to see into the future, Byakugan allows the user to see clearer in the present and Subete allows the user to see into the past. It provides the user with information on their opponents. Among the first things to be revealed are the opponent's range, most used jutsu and their chakra limits. The longer the person is observed the more that is unveiled until, eventually, the user will know everything about the observed, however, this would only happen after an extremely long period of time, with one year of staring revealing an in-depth ten years of their life for a rookie. However, a true master if Subete no Mirume is able to find specific things out about a person, for example, if the user was fighting someone, then they would look for all of their jutsus and try and find the person's weakness. It was a strong power, however, it comes with a risk. Being such a powerful jutsu it needs a lot of chakra to use. Also, using the jutsu makes it harder to focus on the surrounding area. Subete no Mirume is a dojutsu for spying and is difficult to be used in combat without being able to look at the subject for a long time previously.

Hiraku sat on the bed and buried her head in her hands. Of course, out of all the dojutsu, she would end up with the one that was difficult to use in combat.

"Hey, Hiraku-chan! How are you feeling? Learn anything?"

"I'm alright. I learnt a little bit." She could already feel the information surging into her head; short range, swift release, above average amount of chakra.

"Do you need anything?"

"Yes actually," wants to defeat Hiraku, as a friend, not in a death match, Hiraku blinked in surprise at that, "What was that scroll about?"

"I'm not sure. I really shouldn't be telling you this but, from what I can tell, the scroll contained information about the Kyuubi boy, he's a leaf shinobi, trained by the Legendary Sannin Member Jiraiya. His name is Uzumaki Naruto."


The Next Morning


"Lady Tsunade!"

"Ugh, don't shout so loud Miyu. It's to early in the morning."

"Please, Lady Tsunade! Hiraku-chan is not in her bed, the gate guards say the saw a girl running out into the forest. Lasy Tsunade, we have to go send help, she's in no condition to travel!"

"Don't worry, she'll be fine. She's strong. If I were you I'd be more worried about the people she runs into."

"Don't worry! I can't believe...." Miyu started shouting at Tsunade about the condition of Hiraku and the importance of getting her back in medical care.

"Are you even listening to me?!"




Hiraku ran through the forest as fast as she could. She was flying through the forest as fast as she could, at this rate it would still take her two days if she didn't stop running.

Her mind was in pieces, what should she do? Should she avenge old Hiraku's clan by killing the Shukaku? Or should she keep on living like she had, protecting her village? She didn't know, all she knew for certain is that whatever she decided, she would have to get to Sunagakure and save Gaara.

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