androphobia ♂ ; HARUKA NANASE

[Haruka Nanase X Reader] : FREE! // yesh, the swimming anime omg. // short as short. // androhphobia? its the fear of men. //

Created by kamuidesu on Saturday, July 06, 2013

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haruka nanase.





His eyes sparkled at the sight in front of him. The pool looked as clean and blue as ever. It was perfect. He was waiting for Makoto and Nagisa but he really wanted to go swimming straight away.

He quickly stripped all his clothes off, revealing that he had been wearing his swimsuit all day at school. Haruka dived into the water, floating around the pool feeling totally relaxed. He heard blurred noises of Makoto and Nagisa entering and stood back up.

Makoto sighed watching as Haruka swam over to them,

"Hey, why are you already in the pool?! Quickly get ou-"


Three heads turned to the entrance of the pool. The males looked at the girl, who was covering herself with a towel, a swimsuit obviously underneath. Another female appeared and the scared teen hid behind her,

"B-b-boys a-are h-here!!"

The three men blinked a couple of times. Makoto turned to Haruka,

"We’re not supposed to be in the pool today! Those girls are the ones that booked it!"

Makoto nervously smiled,

"U-uh, sorry about that! We’ll get him out of the pool as fast as possible."

Nagisa stared at the girl who was hiding. She hid more when he started looking at her. He turned to the other female who seemed to have no problems,

"Hey, what’s wrong with her? Why is she so scared?"

The girl replied softly,

"You see… [Name]-chan is really scared of men."

Nagisa and Makoto quickly bowed,


The friend smiled,

"No, it’s alright! You guys didn’t do anything wrong."

Makoto stood back straight, sending an apologetic look to [Name] who was still hiding behind her friend,

"But it looks like we did something wrong…"

A soft voice spoke up,

"S-s-sorry… I-it’s r-really n-not your f-f-fault…!"

The two male teens looked at her, causing [Name] to hide even more. Makoto and Nagisa smiled softly, she was really cute. They felt sorry for her that she had such a fear even though she was really pretty.

Suddenly, [Name] screamed and ran away. Her friend quickly chased after her confused. Makoto and Nagisa looked back, realizing why she had run away.

Haruka stood on the sidelines of the pool, water dripping down his chest and abs with his tight swimsuit on.

He stared at the blankly,

"Did I do something wrong?"

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