Something Other To Protect(Tensa Zangetsu[bankai] love story) chapter 2

Created by KillerJackel63 on Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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___ watched along with the rest of the crowd, but she noticed others who stood out besides Renji and Byakuya, such as Kyoraku,Ukitake, and Nanao. ___ looked over at Byakuya again and noticed something. One of Senbonzakura's petals had sliced through his glove, and it didn't seemed like an accident when she heard a voice belonging to someone else that wasn't the usual person trying to mentally speak with her. "Hear my voice." it said, and that was when Renji went to attack Byakuya. ___ tried to relax, as she knew that no one else had heard it. ___ sighed as the sparring match was over and Renji came over to her,"Come on, I have to take you to your room." he said as he grabbed her hand and lead her into the barracks. ___ was quickly pushed into her room and landed on her knees, making her winch in pain,"Oww." she murmured.

"How dare they?... I'll make them pay for that ___-chan, don't worry." said the voice that usually came to her,"When is this hell going to end?" ___ asked herself as she rubbed her hurt knees. ___ then felt someone starring at her from behind and she turned her head to look behind her, but no one was there. ___ sighed as she turned her head back the way it was, but then gasped when she saw two people in front of her.


"This is her right monkey?" asked the boy with red hair,"Yeah, this is the one that the boss asked us to get." the woman with magenta hair said. "Alright, let's grab her!" the boy said as he grabbed ___'s arms and the woman grabbed her legs. Before ___ could scream, the woman covered her mouth, blocking any and all sounds. ___ started to loose air from her lungs, and she soon quickly passed out. "Now look what you've done monkey!" the red haired boy who was called Snake exclaimed,"It's not my fault we were assigned this job!" the woman called Monkey replied.

~1 hour later~

Renji was sent by Byakuya to check up on you and give you your supper, and he soon arrived in the room where you were supposed to be in right now,"Hey ___, I brought you supper!" he exclaimed, but he silence in return, not even your breathing was heard. "___?" Renji asked as he opened the door to see you, but you were no longer in the room, and that made him drop the tray of food. Renji searched all throughout the room, and he paniced when he realized that you were nowhere to be found. Renji rocketed through the squads halls before arriving in his Captain's office.

"Captain!!! The girl from earlier is gone!" he exclaimed as he slammed the door open,"Excuse me?" Byakuya asked,"(f/n) (l/n), the girl we brought from the Human World and put in charge in was missing from her room when I went to give her food!" Renji replied. Byakuya stood up from his desk,"Sent out a search squad to look for her, and then I shall inform the higher ups." Byakuya said as he flash stepped away.

~With ___~

You held your head in pain as you sat up to look at your surroundings,"Ah, you're awake." came a voice. You looked over to see a man with auburn hair.


"You're the voice from before! The one that said 'hear my voice'." you said to him,"You were able to hear me? That's quite a strange ability you have acquired." he said as he stood in front of you. "What do you want from me?" you asked him as you stood up and began to walk away from him,"I don't wish anything of you, but a Zanpakuto belonging to a certain Soul Reaper wants to dearly be with you." he said. "What?" you asked him,"Nothing." he said as he began to walk away.

"___-chan, don't worry, nothing will happen to you, I'll be there soon." came the usual voice, making you sigh,"I don't want this power." you murmured, making Muramasa stop in his tracks and turn to look at you,"What did you say?" he asked you. "I said that I don't want this power! It's taken me from my home and it's left me so confused, I just... Don't want it." you said londer so that he could hear you. You then felt a pair of arms wrap around you, but no arms were actually visable in front of you,"Please don't say that ___-chan, I wouldn't have ever gotten to know you if it weren't for your wonderful powers." the voice said, making your eyes widen. Muramasa seemed a bit surprised too, because he could sense some kind of Spiritual Pressure near or around you. "Are you... Tensa Zangetsu?" you asked aloud to the voice, surprising Muramasa even further.

"Yes, I am Tensa Zangetsu, Ichigo Kurosaki's Zanpakuto."the voice replied,"So it is Ichigo Kurosaki's Zanpakuto that you have made a connection to." Muramasa said with a smile. "This only makes the plan all the easier." Muramasa said to himself.

"And all the more interesting."

~A few days later~

You had been told all about Soul Reapers, their powers, and the Zanpakuto rebelling against their partners. You didn't know exactly why you were here in the first place, but you just wanted to get out of there. You sat against a group of rocks that were further away from the group of Lieutenants and Captains Zanpakuto. Muramasa told you to sray away from most of them, which you happily told him you would.

You sighed as you played with a braclet that Muramasa gave you so that you couldn't be found or detected by the Soul Reapers. You missed seeing the sky, the fresh air, the warm sunlight. This hideout didn't exactly have those things. "___, get up." Muramasa said as he stood in front of you,"Huh?" you asked him,"Get up, we're going to go find Ichigo Kurosaki, he has entered the Seireitei." he told you as he forced you to stand up. You felt some form of hope spark in your chest, as you knew Ichigo from school and how he rescued Rukia before, and you hoped that there was a possibility that he could save you from these people.

~30 minutes later~

Muramasa stood with Tensa Zangetsu, who he had pulled out of Ichigo's inner world just minutes before. You looked directly at him, and you were able to recognize him because you had seen him from a flashing image before. He looked over at you and frowned,"Why do you stare at me?" he asked, making you slightly blush because you hadn't realized that you had been staring at him. "D-Don't you remember me?" you asked him. He blinked,"I remember you from Ichigo Kurosaki's encounter with you, but other then that..." he said.

"I've never seen you before in my life."

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