Creepypasta in heaven:Ben Drowned

Here it is...The oh-so-long waited Ben result.Sorry for the long wait guys...things happened.Ahem so i'll just say that i won't post anymore Oc's here...and i'll just give them when i get messages asking for rps.BEWARE OF: SMUT AND LEMONISH...(Hey it's Ben-fucking-Drowned..of course there would be a lemonish here)If you want a lemon,just message me and i'll post it on dA or you can REQUEST something else ^^

Created by XCookiesxFreakX on Sunday, August 04, 2013

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Humming,you grabbed something from the hat,without looking at it.”I’ll be in the closet~!”you purred slightly drunk and petting Slenderman’s cheek,while getting up.

When you were near the closer door,you turned around with shaky legs and blow a kiss,waving after.”You guys *hic*fucking rock.If I die in *hic* this closet.I *hic* want you guys to know *hic* that….I eat and drink all your cookies and beer!”Closing the door rather loudly,you lean on it laughing like crazy.

‘I can see fucking unicorns,in here’ you thought leaning closer to pet a unicorn,only for you to shouted and lean back in a warm chest and jump slightly.’Oh!Fuck!’ biting your lower lip,you turned slowly around,only to blink and gaze in red irises.

“Sup [Name]!”the voice purred,nuzzling your neck and boy you felt really hot out of sudden.You had know that the voice was Ben’s one…and you are now stuck with the ‘Pervert Lord’ for 7…or mostly 10 (Splendor gived you 3 minutes as a bonus,seeing that you are drunk)of terror.

“Hey *hic* Ben.How are ya?”Ben smirked and looked up from your neck.HOLYBBQ!You were so fucking close you could feel his breath.’Mmm~Mint and lemon.My favs~’ licking your lips,you moved closer to Ben,practically being in his lap.

“Eager,aren’t we?”giggling a little,you nod your head and wrap your hands around Ben’s neck.The blonde smirked,making you able to see all his razor sharp teeths.Boy did that excite you…

“Ngh…Ben…can you stop *hic* thinking about dirty things and screw me,already?”Ben gived out a throaty laugh,rising one of his blonde eyebrows,pushing your head closer to his and smashing your lips together.

That freaking minty and lemon taste,made your vision turn to sparks and your mind to mush.Maybe it was because of the alcohol,but you were sure it was only because of Ben’s magical touches.’Fucktastic!’ you thought,watching Ben’s hands starting to travel all over your body.While one of his hands draw circles on your middle back,the other tugged your shirt upwards.

Breaking the kiss to throw your shirt away,you found your hands already making work on Ben’s shirt,and soon removed too.”My,my…I never know that you are so pervert [Name].”Ben chuckled,licking and biting your neck,making sure to mark you as his.Growling loudly,your left hand tugged on his blonde locks,earning deep groans from the demon under you.

“Ben *hic* shut up and fuck me while *hic* we have the chance!” Clearly your mind was blank and fuzzy at that point.”With pleasure~”Ben growled back,pushing you on the door and licking your lower lip.You giggled and let him explore your wet cavern,moaning in his mouth,when he licked the roof of your mouth.Your right hand was working on his belt,making you frown deeply.

When did undoing a fucking belt,become so damn hard?Ben laughed in the kiss and help you with his belt.You silently thanked him,and return back to your work.”Shit [Name]!” Ben hissed,when your finger tips touched his underwear.And boy,the tend in his pants made you proud of your drunk work.

“Can’t let you have all the fun,babe~”rising his eyebrow at him,you moaned out breaking the kiss and looking down.When did Ben unclap your bra?Oh well,fuck it.He massaged your breasts,so damn skillfully that made you more wet then you were before.Humming,Ben took one of your rosy buds(cuz nipples sounds to awkward)in his mouth.His tongue licking it in circles,making the rosy bud hard.

You moaned and stroke his buldge,shivering when Ben groans turned huskily.”Ben.” you purred tugging on his hair,only to gasp when Ben stroked your tummy with one oh his hands,going lower and lower.The other hand stil playing with your breasts.

Furrowing your brow,you leaned forward and bite his neck,licking and sucking the blood,making the blonde demon to shiver in delight.”Fuck [Name].You are so fucking hot~”Ben purred playing with the elastic of your panties.The motion,sending shivers down your spine.

“Ok kids times-----up??”Splendor cryed,opening the door,making you fall on top of Ben.Your chest pressed in his face,something the blonde demon loved deeply.Grinning sheepishly,you waved.

“Sup guys~”

I’ll let the rest of this to your imagination.

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