Creepypasta love?

Not really a story per se, just a little ribble ramble about creepypasta and it's fandom. :)

Created by frostingcake on Monday, August 05, 2013

Does anyone here like creepypasta? And by like I mean sleep with a Jeff the Killer plush. No? Just me? Damn. I love creepypasta but so far I've mostly had to tell people about it and then we can successfully send each other different pastas to read or listen to. I know a lot of people get their pants in a bunchel about different types of pasta fans. I could care less which category you’re in, if you choose to even pick one. If you don't know there are about three types. The people who take it really seriously as scary stories and that should never be joked with. Okay, maybe not that serious. But usually they have some of the best ideas about the stories (like deeper meanings). Then there are the people who seem to forget that they are murderers and focus on shipping them with other characters and making them cute. Then there’s the neutrality zone. I’m half shipper half neutral. I can’t help it, shipping is so fun. *hides* Anyway, this is just a small little snippet of my thoughts of creepypasta’s fandom, and I have to say it’s one of the nicest fandoms I’ve been in.J The people are as great as the stories so I guess that’s it. If you like creepypasta be sure to message me, I’d love to hear about what you think about it and if you’re starting to get into the fandom here are some stories I’d recommend.

Dear Abby

Candle Cove

Laughing Jack

Happy Appy

Who was Phone?

These are just some of my favorites. Who was Phone is actually a crappypasta but I like it, and the end of Happy Appy is a bit farfetched. But oh well.

Err, I’d appreciate no flames but if you have the undying erg to make someone sad I’m afraid I cannot stop you. But for others who have non-sadistic tendencies I’ll leave you with some of my favorite pastas.

And, as always, creepypasta has no cool slogan. J

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