Death the kid one shot!

I owed someone a one shot and then I got bored...

Created by seasky5 on Tuesday, August 06, 2013



The sun in the sky was getting sleepy. And the moon was waking up. As I sat there thinking about my one and only true love. I can't help but ponder about him. He's never shown any signs of liking me. Even when I asked him to the dance he said he couldn't take the fact everyone would dress up asemetrically. Does this mean he doesn't love me enough? Or at all? I wish I could shange his mind.

Today was a new day and everyone seemed so cheerful! Even though kids father died, he still seemed so high and mature. He's not old enough to run the school yet, but he's taking his fathers throne which is the coolest thing he's ever done! All the times he's complained about not making it, maybe now he can prove to himself he can.

"Kelly?" kids voice shot through my heart like a bullet. How ironic.

"Yes kid?" I was always shy around him. Yet today I felt brave.

"I... Need to talk to you about something very important" he seemed so nervous. It was so cute.

I allowed him to lead me to the outside hall on top of the school. He rested his arms on the wall and peered down with a worried look on his face.

"I... Have to do it, for my father..." I was confused. I wonder what he was talking about.

"kid? What do you have to do?" he seemed surprised that I heard him.

"How did you-"

"you were talking aloud kid." he smilies at me and took a deep breath standing up straight.

"I was considering getting a prescription..." then he looks away a bit ashamed.

"For what?" his faxed turned a bit.


"Your OCD?" I saw by his next face he snapped.

"No! Don't call it that! It's asymmetrical! I think I'm gonna be sick..." he places his hand over his mouth and slowly got on the ground.

"I'm a low life pieace of trash! How can I take my fathers place like this? He's a great man and now I'm deacraceing his name, might as well use me to mop the dirty floors of the school-" I broke him off by putting a hand on his shoulder.

"If you really want to, I can bring you to a doctor for the prescription..." his face was calm and he just looked at me. Then his eyes watered and he held me tight. And then he whispered to me.

"Maybe then you will finally date me? And except me?"

I held him right about to cry in this situation.

"I've always excepted you. That's how I grew to love you..."

The end.


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