Mission To Capture His Heart ~ Matsuoka Rin (Day 2/7)

Reader X Rin. 2nd Day of Mission.

Created by missingnins on Thursday, August 08, 2013

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Day 2. Mission Begin.

Matsuoka Rin. Now that you know where to find him, you won't let the chance slip by again. No matter what happen, you have to confess to him.

Just like the day before, you had rushed toward Samezuka academy right after the school bell rang, indicating the end of school hour.

However, before you got to the school's gate, you noticed a student wearing Samezuka's academy uniform walking into a shop nearby.

Should I follow who ever that is? It might be Rin. What if it's not?... Never knows until you go see.

Deciding to follow the guy, you quickly made your way toward the new destination. Once you got to the shop, you saw a guy with short gray hair finding some snacks.

Ofcourse! It's not Rin.

Before you were able to walk away, he seemed to have noticed you.

"[F/N]-senpai?" the boy asked.

"Hm? You... know me?" Who is he? I can't remember...

"Back in elementary school I was in the same swimming competition with Rin-senpai and his teammates that are now in Iwatobi high. I saw you hanging out with them quite often too."

"W-wait! You know Rin-kun right?"

"Yep, we're teammates," he paused of a moment, "and roommates."

"Then do you know where he is right now, umm what's your name?"

"He's probabry practicing, and my name's Nitori Aiichiro."

"I wonder how he's doing..." you thought to yourself.

"He's doing fine."

"Eh? Did I say that out loud?"



"Do you wanna go see him?" Aiichiro offered.

"Yes! Ah- but, he's practicing isn't he? Then there would be a lot of people and..."

"I could ask him to come see you if you want."

But will he come?


"Aiichiro-kun, do you know if Rin-kun is free tomorrow?"

"Not sure, I'll ask him."

"Text me once you find out?"

"But I don't have your numbe-"

"Here~!" you exchanged numbers with Aiichiro before leaving. "Thank you~!"

Day 2 End. Plan #2 In-progress.

----Extended Ending----

"Rin-senpai." Aiichiro called out.


"Are you free tomorrow?"


"[F/N]-senpai came to see you"


"She wanted to know if you're free tomorrow so she can see you."


"She seemed to missed you a lot."


"I think she have something important to say as well."

Rin gave Aiichiro a glare. The few minutes later were filled with silence.

"[F/N]-senpai told me to text her back your respond. Should I tell her you don't wanna see-"

"Tell her I'll be waiting at the park."

I'll be waiting at the park. -Matsuoka Rin

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