Super hero original roleplay.

I hope we can rp! There are some rules to this but I hope someone wants to rp this.

Created by Dreamerchan11 on Monday, August 12, 2013


Limits - none. I'm good with lemons and stuff...seriously I'm really good with them. I like I have them in there too. If you don't let me know. Bestiality pedophilia and suicide is a no!!! For this rp rape is okay.

Mary sue's - for this! Do not give me one! Every hero has their faults! A weakness...and they're not angles with gold bows with ruby arrows...perfection is not a likable or even a relatable quality. Perfect looks suck too.

Plot -well that can be discussed. I would like it to be a team of superhero's against a team of villains. Or alliances and stuff. This can take place in the future or even the present. Whatever we want.

Loveinterests - anything works...bad guy x good girl or other way around and even a lone wolf thing. For the leader...I don't mind if your male character is the leader as long as they are MALE. My male oc can be leader if you want or we can make our own leader together. I think we should start the rp when the group is forming. The leader could be recruiting heros or whatever! Oh an a hero and average girl thing works too.

Please have a creative character! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

email rp would be prefered.

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