Smile Dog (humanized) X reader (the fang)

Created by Angelofwishes7 on Monday, August 12, 2013

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You reach in the bag to feel sothing smooth but pointed on the edge, you pull it out to be surpiced to see a small fang laying in the palm of your hand. "Let me go get dog boy" I say and walk off to find him. "you watch me confused, but are in shock to see me come back with a boy with pointed ears and a tail. He was cute but kinda freaky with his claws and large fangs showing. "_______ this is Smile, Smile this is _______! Now lets get this show on the road!" I say pushing you both into the closet. "Time Starts, NOW!" I yell then leave you both in the darkness of the closet.

It was pitch black inside the closet the only thing you could see was Smiles eyes glimer off the tiny bit of light that came from the bottem of the closet. Then you heard a slight tapping noise. It was smile tapping his claws against each other. Just then You could feel smile jump up and oush you against the wall licking your face, much like a dog would. It made you giggle. "H-hey! Stop, down boy" You said laughing softly.

The licking went from the top of your forhead slowly down to your mouth to where you and smile were soon in the middle of a making out. Smile softly pulled you to the ground and leaned over top of you only breaking the kiss to breath in for air for a few short seconds. after a few minutes Smiles jumps off. "Donna's gonna open the door soon..." he said fixing you and his clothes. Just as your done I open the door. "Have fun?" I say seeing your hair in a mess. Just then Smile grabs your arm and runs up to his room.
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