Voldemort's Daughter

Your name is Diane Alana Riddle. For five years you were kept away from the magical world to which you belonged because of a dark secret that you were unaware of. But truth always gets revealed and now you are on your way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where your arrival causes the Golden Trio to begin a new adventure to discover your secret. P.S- This story is in Diane's point of view (Or yours, of course)

Created by LoveLiveLaugh20 on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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Chapter One: The Hogwarts Express
A rush of cold air filled me as I crossed the barrier between platforms nine and ten. I had been afraid of crushing just a moment ago, but the fact that the train's departure was due in less than six minutes urged me on. I stood there, mesmerized at the sight of the train that I would be boarding any minute now and that would take me to the magical school that mother had told me about just a week ago. I was starting to think about how the train must be from the inside when something crashed hard against me, making me fall and hit the ground rather hard.
"I'm sorry! I'M SO SORRY!" a rather squeaky voice said. I winced at the pain in my head and used my trunk as support to stand up.
"It's okay. I should've moved out of the barrier's way." I said, looking up to see a girl staring at me. She was rather taller than me by just a bit. She had bushy brown hair and a worried expression was fresh on her face.
"Did you hit yourself hard?" she asked, bending down to pick up my owl's cage. My owl, Diamond, was beating her wings wildly against the cage bars.
"No, don't worry. I'm fine." I said, smiling nicely at her. She smiled back.
"My name is Hermione Granger." the girl said, extending her arm for me to shake. I took it and said:
"I'm Diane. Diane Riddle."
The smile that had been in her face just a second ago vanished. A worried look now occupied her face.
"Nice to meet you. But, I have to say, I haven't seen you a lot at Hogwarts. What house are you in?" she asked, rather flustered.
"I don't know." I responded. Hermione frowned.
"But how can you not? You surely don't look like a first year."
"I know. It's just that I have never been to Hogwarts. I just discovered a week ago that I am a witch and that I was supposed to have been attending Hogwarts since I was eleven."
Hermione was still frowning.
"But why?" she asked, pulling a stray hair behind her ear. I bit my lip. Should I lie to her?
Um... do you mind if we talk about it once we are inside the train? We don't want to be left behind, do we?"
Hermione glanced at the clock, eyes wide.
"We barely have a minute to get in! Yes, if you want you can sit with me and my friends and we can talk." she answered. I nodded. We each grabbed our trunks and headed for the train.
Just as predicted, the train started to move way before we could find the compartment in which Hermione's friends were supposed to be at. I looked around. Everything was new and weird to me. I followed Hermione until she came to a stop.
"In here." she said, sliding the compartment door open. Two boys were sitting inside the compartment. The first one I spotted had bright red hair and freckles around his nose. The second one had messy black hair and green eyes that gleamed behind a pair of round spectacles. The one with the red hair had frowned at the sight of Hermione standing with a girl he had never seen before in his life and the black haired boy raised his eyebrows.
"Hello Harry! Hello Ron!" Hermione greeted happily, motioning for me to step inside.
"Who is she?" The red haired boy, or Ron, asked.
"I just met her. She is Diane."
"Hi." I said shyly.
"Hello." Harry and Ron said at the same time.
"You sure don't look like a first year. And I have never seen you around Hogwarts." Ron said, leaning towards me as if inspecting me closely.
"Of course you haven't seen her around at Hogwarts. She's new!" Hermione said excitedly, sitting down next to me.
"I didn't ask you!" Ron protested. Hermione shot him a look.
"I was just informing you on what she told me." Hermione snapped at him.
"Well if she told you then I am pretty sure she is capable of telling us too."
"I was j-" Hermione was cut off by Harry.
"Guys, I think we are making this awkward for her. I'm Harry by the way. Harry Potter."
He extended his had form me to shake.
"I'm Diane. Diane Riddle."
I took his hand and shook it.
Something like an electric shock ran from the point where our hands met and all the way up my arm. His eyes went wide and he stared at me. I stared back.
"Yeah. And I'm Ronald Weasley. Ron for short." Ron said, obviously not aware of the confused look on Harry's face as well as mine.
"Nice to meet you too." I said, shaking his hand too.
"So tell us! Why did you not come to Hogwarts until now? What year are you supposed to be in? What house do you think you will be in? What-"
"Hermione, we are aware of your need for information, but could you please take it slowly?" Ron asked. Hermione looked at him harshly.
"I didn't come to Hogwarts because I didn't know i was a witch until now." I said.
"But how? Any magical person gets their powers working by around the age of six or seven. You were sure to notice something..."
"I don't think so Hermione. I think Diane might have just considered those events 'accidental' or 'coincidences' just like I did." Harry pointed out.
"Right. But what about Hogwarts? They were sure to have sent you a letter to tell you that you were a witch."
"Oh, come off it Hermione, just let her finish her story." Ron said. Hermione rolled her eyes at him.
"I am supposed to be in fifth year I believe." I said.
They all gasped.
"What did I do?" I asked, scared that I might have said the wrong thing.
"Nothing! It's just that we are going to start our fifth year at Hogwarts too!" Hermione squealed. I smiled. My first experience at riding the Hogwarts Express was better than I had imagined it to be. I was glad that as soon as I had told them that i would be starting fifth year they had started informing me about all sorts of things that I was supposed to experience this year. With the change of subject I wasn't pressured onto telling them the truth as to why I was experiencing what I should have experienced five years ago...
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