Laughing Jack X Reader (The Candy)

Created by Angelofwishes7 on Sunday, August 18, 2013

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You feel somthing, in a wrapper. When you pulled it out it was a gumball, blue, you looked at it happily and pulled it out of the wrapper it was in and put it into your mouth, You were in shock to notice that the gumball was your favorite flavor. Just then you felt a pressence behind you. You looked back toi see a clown, in black an white and a long pointed nose. "Hello, hehe!" he said with quite a fun-loving giggle. "Now, LJ. Be kind to our guest!" You could hear Slenderman say with quite a stern tone of voice. "Oh Slendy, Lighten up!" I said grabbing a few pieces of candy from LJ's hand then leading you two to the closet. I quickly closed the door behind you two and laughed softly. "________ in for a treat!"

"Now, I see you like- Candy"LJ said with a devious smile on his face as he held out a large handful of candy. "Go ahead, have some" he said with a soft chuckle. You hesitently grabbed a few pieces and pulled the wrappers off putting them into your mouth. About a minute went by and soon the mix of different flavors mixed and were now just a blend, but you also started to feel yourself get dizzy. LJ chuckled again. "Like my special blended candy? It's a twirl of flavor!" He laughed. You became more and more dizzy, to the point were you could barly stand. You felt yourself fall against LJ and Lj Held you up as you finnished the last bit of the candies in your mouth. As the Dizziness started to leave you tried to stand back up but LJ held you in place with his arms wrapped tightly around you. As the last of the dizziness went away you again tried to push away from LJ But his didnt let you move. You looked up at him to say somthing but as you did, he planted a kiss on you. You were in shock for a short moment but then melted into the kiss. Just then I opened the door, "Having Fun?" I giggled LJ looked up and you both dissapeared in a cloud of black smoke.

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