I'm not okay✖ [America X England]

HELLO ALLLLL sorry for the absence again, omg i didnt know university life would be so hectic D: ANYWAY enjoy this short angst sad fic thingyyy xD This is inspired by the end of the American Revolution! ENJOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Created by ninjababy on Monday, August 26, 2013

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Do it.” America hissed.

“ . . . . .”

“I said do it.”

England shook his head.

“DO IT.”

America raised his voice as he grabbed England’s gun and pointed the bayoneted gun at his throat.

“N-no. Fuck no. A-after all that? You expect me to-“

England choked on his words, tears welled up in his eyes.

“Don’t give me that shit.” America spat at England who was now on his knees, their uniforms soaked to their skins under the pouring rain.

It fitted the atmosphere, the end of a painful war,

The end of a brotherhood.

“Fuck you, America. Fuck you.”

“Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.”

America shoved the gun into England’s chest as he whispered. He stood up and looked at England’s figure on the ground; weak, pathetic.

He then turned around and roared, “MOVE OUT!” and almost immediately all his men scrambled together and started marching off in the opposite direction.

America looked forward, on one hand; his chest was bursting with pride at his new found freedom.

But on the other, his heart ached a little at the sight of the man who raised him, the once great and mighty nation who America looked up to, was now kneeling defeated in a puddle of mud.

England cradled the musket in his chest. Memories flooded his mind as the rained poured down on him.

Through teary eyes, England looked up and what he saw was not the back of a fully grown America marching off into the distance,

But a young, innocent child that once gave him a smile as bright as the sun.

Not the cold eyes that looked down on him.

Don’t go.

゜゜* :..:゜゜゜* :.:

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