Spontaneous Moments ღ 【Ranmaru Kurosaki】

Third entry for SillyBaka's Rain Drops Falling On My Head Contest | UtaPri2 | Ranmaru x Fem!Reader | Genre: Um, humor, maybe? | Ah, my 2nd most faveorite bishi T3T Enjoy~!

Created by xSalvatoreXPrincessx on Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Spontaneous Moments

On the outside, Ranmaru looked calm and collected, but on the inside he was freaking out. Why? Well, he had been sitting on his black leather sofa beside [Name] and every time her lips moved; whether it was just because she was simply talking to him or because her lips became slightly dry and her tongue would come out of her mouth and lick her bottom lip slowly; it was driving him insane!

His jaw tightened in agitation and he turned his face to keep from looking at her. The way her lips moved was apparently causing a momentary lapse in his logical thinking because every time he looked over at her he would just stare at her lips. Though, she was talking, he didn't hear nor comprehend one single word she was saying.




He turned his head to look at her, but before he could ask her what the hell she wanted, her hands went to both sides of his face and she leaned forward and kissed him. At first, Ranmaru's eyes widened in shock, he didn't know what was happening, was he dreaming this?! As she continued to kiss him he closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to his chest. She definitely felt real. In all honesty, her lips were so mind-blowing; they felt so good, that it felt like an electrical shock going through his entire body. A good electrical shock.

She was the one whom pulled back from the kiss. She looked up at him and her lips upturned into a smile, her eyes half-lidded. She giggled when he just simply stared at her.

"What's wrong?"

His eyebrows furrowed slightly, "Um," he couldn't even form a sentence. [Name]'s small hand went to his right cheek; she was still smiling up at him. Finally, after a long few seconds, he spoke, "What did you do that for?" He hadn't taken notice that his arms were still around her.

"Well, you've been excessively staring at my lips for the past half hour looking like you're having some kind of mental debate." She laughed out loud, "I just thought I'd kiss you first, considering you weren't going to budge."

Usually, Ranmaru would scoff when she done something spontaneous like this and say what if, but this time he enjoyed the outcome; he was glad she kissed him.

He smirked and leaned forward, bringing her in for another kiss, though this kiss wasn't slow and gentle, it was rough and passionate and it held all the emotions he'd been holding back.

He'd have to remember not to hold back anymore.

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