Creepypasta: Ticci Toby love story (chapter 1)

what happens when a axe murder from the creepypasta world falls for a regular human girl. will she love him back and will he kill her or the other fall for her too? (I DO NOT OWN ANY CREEPYPASTA CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY.)

Created by vocaloidfan101 on Thursday, September 26, 2013


Your pov

I was walking home from (f/n)’s house late one night in November. We were finishing our art project due the next morning. I decide to go throw the allies because it was the quickest way back home. I enter an alley and had the feeling of being watched; I look back and saw nothing. Turning back around I saw a boy about my age with goggles and a mask over his mouth. When I looked closer I realized he carried an axe dripping in blood. He saw me standing there, I turn to run but he grabbed me before I could run away. He throws me to the ground and everything want black.

Toby pov:

I saw a girl standing there looking at me. She had (h/l) (h/c) with sparkling (e/c), she turn to run but throw her to the ground and she blacked out. I couldn’t let her get away after she saw me. I raised my axe above my head but I couldn’t kill her. I had a strange feeling in my stomach, what was this feeling. I turned around and run away from her but my head talked me I have to see her again. Maybe I’ll start following her around and see what causing the strange feel in my stomach.

You pov:

I wake up in the hospital with my parents around me. “ (Y/n) thanks god you’re awake,” your father said. They hugged you and ask what happened. “ I remember seeing a boy with an axe and running away and then everything went black, that all I remember” I said. Your parents look at you like your crazy. “You maybe just slipped on ice. You just imagine the boy (y/n) because no one was there when a police found you,” your mom said. You didn’t push it because your parents were very stubborn but you know you saw the boy. You got a strangle feeling in your stomach and found yourself thinking the boy was cute. You wanted to see him again and hope you see him soon. You were allowed to leave that night and while sitting in your room and got the feeling of being watched again but I shake it off and went to sleep.

Toby pov:

I followed her to the hospital and watch her parents and doctor talk. “She be just fine but has a small concussion.” The doctor said. Her parents look happy. About 3 minutes later, she woke up and told her parents what happened but they didn’t believe her. ‘Why don’t they believe her’ I thought. She was allowed to leave an hour later; I followed them to her house. I watch her go to her room and go to sleep. I slipped into her room her room and saw pictures of her and friends. One picture caught my eye she was in (f/c) skinny jeans and a (f/c) shirt with a leather jacket with three girls. I was guessing are her friends; I looked at the picture and turned it around on its back and saw three names. It said me (y/n), and her friends’ names. “I think I’ll take this picture” I said quickly to myself and look back at her and then jumped out the window and back to the creepypasta mansion before slenderman flips out about where I been. ‘Maybe I’m in love with her but she never like me back.’ I thought while running home. “I be back to watch you (y/n). I promise.” I said.

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