A Short Story for my English Class #2

Two in a row. My English teacher gives us homework every night, but she's still awesome. I need to shorten it before I turn it in, but this is my story on cloning! I got some inspiration from Angel Beats and Clannad.

Created by animeholic24 on Saturday, October 05, 2013

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The scientists cheered as the product of their design opened its eyes. For years they had attempted to transfer the DNA of a human being to create a clone, and it was finally a success.

Although most of them were happy, Dr. Howard Deeley, the head of the project, had a melancholy look. The DNA for the clone had been taken from his dear wife Margaret who had been killed at the young age of 25 in a tragic car accident.After harvesting samples of her genes from the wreckage, Howard realized how much potential these samples held.

Howard frowned at the body holding his wife's genes. This freak of nature will never be my loving wife, he thought. The creature in front of him was only an infant, but the resemblance to Margaret was uncanny. The doctor knew this scientific breakthrough could impact society amazingly, but that it would still be only one feature in the mysteries of the world.

"Dr. Deeley," a scientist said to Howard, "since this baby holds Margaret's DNA, it's only fair that you keep her."

No, thought Howard, get that thing away from me! It's not my Margaret! He glared angrily at the baby swaddled in his arms until it smiled at him, making him stop. This thing, he thought, truly is Margaret.

It had now been five years since the experiment. Cloning had now become a common trend among the wealthy. Howard now lived happily with his cloned daughter Margie, but all had not been well. Margie was constantly struck with sicknesses and her life was in constant danger. At this time in the dead of winter, she was sick yet again.

"Daddy," Margie muttered, "Can we see the Christmas lights?

Howard frowned. "The doctor said you need to stay in bed." Margie sighed. Howard couldn't stand seeing his daughter so sad. "Let's go see the lights." He got up, pulling on Margie's winter coat. He held his daughter's hand and they walked out the door together for the last time.

Halfway through the line of Christmas lights, Margie collapsed. Howard kneeled beside her. "Margie, are you alright?" Heheld her hand tightly.

Margie simply smiled. "I'm so happy Daddy. We got to see the lights together. This was the best day ever, so please don't cry." Margie's eyes flickered shut and her breathing slowed. Howard grit his teeth, throwing his head back to face the sky, and screamed the name that belonged to the two girls he had loved.

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