Japan Baby Daddy for JaxAmnell

Good God. Sorry it's so late. I have bad writers block and I was working on other requests. Hetalia and the picture do not belong to me.

Created by Russiaforthewin on Saturday, October 05, 2013



/How They Met/

Madie sighed and looked up at the sky as she sat in a cherry blossom grove. It had been a long day full of meetings and work. She was absolutly exhausted and just wanted to sleep but she knew if she did she wouldn't wake up until tommorrow and even though she liked being outside she really didn't want to sleep outside when rainn threatned to show. She sighed and sat up,got up and strolled through the grove and bumped into someone. She quickly bowed and asked forgivness. Meaenwhile Japan had also been admiring the blossoms and had not been paying attention either.He had aslo quickly bowed conking heads with her.

'i'm so sorry miss."

"No I"m sorry forgive me."

Japan raised his head and looked at the beauty before him and blushed before gently bowing in her direction.

"I"m Kiku Honda otherwise known as Japan."

"I'm Madie. Pleasure to meet you Kiku."

She bowed back and smiled at the man before standing aand contunig her stroll with him by her side and all the while they chatted about cherry blossom's and the fruit they bore.

/How They Found Love/

Kiku smiled at his best friend Maddie. After that run in two years ago the two had been insepreable friends and always relied on each other when something rouvhed happen. Over the years they had both fallen for each other but were to shy to admit it.Kiku smiled and drank tea in his garden as Madie joined him. He gently scoted his hnd towards hers and held it blushing as red as one of Spain's tomatoes.

"I love you Madie."

"I love you too."

She blushed slightly but held his hand tightly and looked out at the setting sun with a grin. She then leaned on Kiku's shoulder and before she knew it she was asleep.

/How It Happened/

Kiku sighed and finished up his drawing. It was a picture of him proposing to Madie. They had been toghther for the past seven years and now was the right time for this he knew it in his heart. He got up leaving it there for Madie to find.Madie did find it and was in shock but went running to Japan who was in the back garden.

"Oh yes Kiku. I'll marry."she practically screamed.

Kiku grinned and sat her on his lap and slide a ring on her finger and kissing her gently. He then laid her down gwently and straddled her.He was partially drunk because he had been drinking while painting the picture. He kissed her deeply and things went from there.

/How They Found Out/

Madie sighed as she stared at the postive pregnancy test. She wasn't upset she was beyond happy but she wondered if Kiku would remeber the day four months ago when they she had concived. He had beeen drunk and that was what worried her.She got up and left the bathroom going to Kiku's paiting studio that was located at the back of the house. She entered the room to see him panting and smiling to himself. She went and sat next to him and leaned on him.

"Hi honey."

'I'm pregnant Kiku."

Kiku's jaw dropped but he held her tight and kissed her head.

"I'm so happy."

Madie grinned happy he remembered and was hapy for it.

/The Birth/

Madie moaned as she lay in the hospital bed. She was nine months and in labor. She had gone in for her monthly doctor's examine and thats when the babies had decided they wanted out. She sat there clutching Kiku's and pushing wanting this to be over. She was in some pain but due to the epidural it wasn't that bad. After four more hours of labor she gave birth to the first baby a boy which was named____. She pushed again and agian and after thirty minutes his twin sister ccame out and was given the name___.Madie smiled and fell asleep all the while smiling. Kiku held the two babies smiling he was a proud dad and couldn't wait to see the future.

/4 Years Later/

Madie sighed and sat in the rocking chair of the new nursery as she stroked her large abdomen. She was due any day and the twins plus Kiku were exicted for the next and last edition to the family.She groaned and got up calling for Kiku who came immediatly and saw that her water had broken.He got the twins in the car and than her and drove to the hospital.Once there he stayed with the twins in the lobby as Madie was taken back and prepped for birth. After fourteen hours he was told to come back and when he did he grinned. There was Maddie holding a baby boy the last edition to the family. Kiku walked over with thetwins in his arms and set them on the bed next to their mother. He took the newborn gently into his arms and rocked him.

He whispered. "You shall be named____."

He grinned at his small family because who knew looking at cherrry blossoms could lead to this.

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