Maybe Tuesdays Aren't So Bad (A Sam/Gabriel Story)

Just a cute little fluff about what happens on a certain Tuesday. I've fallen so desperately in love with Supernatural, so this happened.

Created by MusicXloverX94 on Friday, October 25, 2013

There it was, that horrid song that makes Sam cringe. He opened one eye and glanced at the bulky alarm clock on the bedside table and groaned. It was a Tuesday, to top it off. Sam hit the snooze button, to turn off the song, and let his eyes slip shut once again.
A familiar voice whined, "Why'd you do that?"
Sam's eyes opened wide. That voice..... That sweet, sweet voice he hadn't heard in years. The voice that haunted his dreams at night....He sat up. That voice could only belong to........
There was a snap, and the song began to play again. He looked over to see an archangel dancing around the room, quite badly, to be honest.
"Wake up, sleepyhead! Come dance with me!"
"Gabriel...." Sam breathed out, before jumping out of bed and hugging the smaller angel tight, holding him close. "You're alive!" he whispered happily into the angel's honey hair.
Gabriel was a little taken aback by the embrace, but he found himself wrapping his arms around the taller man's waist. "Course I'm alive, Sammy. You can't get rid of me that easily."
"How, though?" Sam asked softly, "How are you alive?"
Gabriel snapped his fingers and the radio was silenced. "One of my many tricks. I used that nifty little mirror clone think I do, and when Luci stabbed it, I pretended I was dead and gone, then laid low for a while so he wouldn't find me. You know, did some Pepsi commercials, some more casa Erotica. Then when I learned brother dearest was in the cage, I figured I was safe." He sat on the edge of the bed. "By the way, I got all your prayers. Kinda touched you actually prayed to me."
Sam bit his lip. 'I hope he didn't get the sexual ones...' he thought to himself. "Oh?" he asked softly. Now that he thought about it, there /were/ some instances where it did seem like they were getting assistance.
"Yes, I got the sexy ones," Gabriel replied, smirking, "And yes, I helped you and your boneheaded big bro out. All those times there was a random gust of wind that turned the page and showed what you were looking for? Or, how about all those times you were having nightmares about my death and suddenly they were peaceful and you woke up rested? All me, kiddo."
Sam sat next to him. "Well, thank you for the help," he said softly, still getting over the fact that Gabriel had heard all of his desperate prayers, trying to get off.
"Hey," Gabriel said, placing his hand over Sam's and giving it a gentle squeeze, "It's no problem, Sammykins."
Sam felt his heart beat faster when the archangel touched his hand,. He had a feeling he was blushing, but he tried taking his mind off of it by letting out a small laugh. "Sammykins? That's a new one."
Gabriel smiled at the laugh. "Yep, had some time to think of new names for ya."
Sam cocked an eyebrow, intrigued. "Like what?"
"Well," Gabriel started, lacing their fingers together, "There's Sam-I-Am, Samsquatch..." he trailed off, leaning into Sam and kissing him softly, chaste, "Mine," he murmured, not pulling away.
Sam was surprised, and definitely blushing, if he wasn't before. He smiled, wanting that kiss for years. "I think I like the last one best." He kissed Gabriel.
"Yeah?" The archangel asked, kissing back.
"Yeah," Sam replied, kissing him yet again.
"Good," Gabriel whispered.
Another kiss sealed the deal.

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