Adventures In The Kalos Region! {Pokemon X and Y story}

Based on the game, I wanted to write a fanfic of it. I do not own Pokemon and the characters. The character is Charlotte, I just love the name and that's the name I chose for the girl protagonist when I started to play Pokemon Y.

Created by pokemonfan100 on Sunday, October 27, 2013

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Name: Charlotte Sycamore

Age: 19

Appearance: Short brown hair and grey eyes

Family: Augustine Sycamore (Older brother)

Region: Kalos

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Hometown: Lumiose City

Personality: Reserved, outgoing, wise, calm, collected

Pokemon on team: Frogadier, Fletchinder, Pyroar, Kirlia, Ivysaur and Pancham

Bio: Charlotte is Professor Augustine Sycamore's younger sister, she is a Pokemon Trainer and she carries a Pokedex that her older brother gave her. She sometimes helps Professor Sycamore out in the Sycamore Pokemon Lab when she is not busy. She had met the Gym Leaders, the Elote Four, the Champion, other people in the Kalos Region and even Lysandre a couple times. Charlotte is enjoying her journey and treasuring the time with her team while traveling the Kalos Region. Charlotte is also friends with Ariana Juniper of Nuvema Town, Cedric Juniper's second daughter and Audrea Juniper's younger sister. Even Nozomiko and Naomi of Sunyshore City.

(A/N: I don't know if Professor Sycamore has family, so I made Charlotte as his younger sister. Ariana Juniper is my Unova character while Nozomiko and Naomi are my Sinnoh characters. Charlotte is still in the middle of her journey with her Pokemon team.)

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