Yard: Two Hunterdon Finance Administrators Have To Be Fired

Created by moneymoon62 on Monday, October 28, 2013


Gold finance firms gain on talk of hike in loan limit

He noted that on the county organization chart, Human Resources is the only department that reports directly to Yard. Cheryl Wieder, who was Human Services director, retired in April. She held that post since 1988, the same year Yard became administrator. In response, to questions, Yard acknowledged that the medical insurance bills were directed to Wieder personally, and not the Finance Department. Through questions of both witnesses Monday, De Sapio was trying to show that Finance only paid bills that had been approved by both some other department and the Freeholders.

GE Capital, Franchise Finance Provides Original Joe's with Credit Increase to Fund Expansion

One board employee, after receiving a subpoena, retired, left the state and said she "will not be returning to give testimony," Rice recounted. Much of the hearing went on to focus on the BOE's enforcement unit, which agency leaders called "woefully under-resourced," but which commission members accused of all but ignoring scores of potential campaign-finance violations it could have been investigating, including any complaints brought forward anonymously. "You are representing to us that you're up to your eyes in work, yet you have an investigator sitting at his computer playing solitaire?" a commission member, Warren County District Attorney Kathleen B. Hogan, asked of a board leader, referencing the previous testimony of an investigator who had acknowledged playing computer games while in the office. Moreland Commission members said at one point that top state BOE staff voted to issue subpoenas and open a formal investigation based on a complaint just four times since 2008 -- and only once since 2009 -- yet has had backlogs of roughly 300 cases. But BOE leaders insisted they're doing the best they can with limited resources, saying its campaign-finance unit of 17 employees must ensure compliance from 14,099 filers.

An employee explains the bill to a customer as gold bangles are placed on top of it inside a jewellery showroom in Mumbai August 30, 2013. However, a person familiar with the central bank's thinking said the loan-to-value ratio had not been increased.

Moreland Commission targets campaign-finance law enforcement

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