"Tired." ~ Chrom ~ Fire Emblem: Awakening

Chrom x Reader. Angst.

Created by ThatOliviaGirl on Friday, November 01, 2013

“Tired.” – Chrom

“I’m…so sleepy, Chrom.”

“No, ___, you have to stay awake, dammit.”

The young girl raced almost as fast as her heart did, (E/C) orbs shining in on the enemy before her.

She would finally be useful to him.


“Tell me a story, please.”

The bluette just sighed, glaring down at his arms that held her.

It was all his fault.


The girl jumped infront of the prince, knowing her life had no value compared to his.

The spear plunged through her sliver-laced armor, a guttural moan leaving her lips.

“Sorry, Chrom...”

He watched the hell in-front of him, indigo eyes cringing at the horror.


“Once, there was a prince from Ylisse.”

“Sounds familiar.”

The girl laughed, then immediately clutched her injured and bleeding side.

“Yeah, huh? He met a beautiful girl, and he loved her dearly."

His voice cracked, light tears streaming his pale face.

"Her name...her name was-"

The (H/C) girl smiled, closing her eyes for the last time.


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