Nowhere to Run ﹄Zero Kiryu﹃

Second entry for ShadowVixxen's 'All Hallows Eve' contest! | Vampire Knight | Zero X Fem!Reader | I know Halloween was over yesterday, but let's pretend that it isn't over yet, just for a few more entries lol ^^''

Created by xSalvatoreXPrincessx on Friday, November 01, 2013

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And no one's going to save you,

from the beast about to strike.

He deeply inhaled the scents around him in the crowded room; sweat, alcohol, and most of all blood. Zero could smell it as if he were tasting it. He grunted in pain and leaned against the wall behind him for support and his pale hand ran shakily through his silver locks of hair. He tightly closed his purple eyes and tried his best to focus on the beating rhythm of the loud music around him; he tried to focus on anything besides the alluringly sweet sounds of the thump thump sound of the blood that was flowing through the people around him. It was a mistake to come to this stupid Halloween party. A big mistake.

"Hey, how's it going?"

A girl's voice reached him over the loudly annoying music and his eyes quickly opened. He looked to his right side to notice a girl about [your age] was standing beside him. He expected to see a costume on the girl, but he didn't. Her [h/c] was down, flowing over her shoulders and every time a strobe light would flicker he'd see the hints of [e/c] in her eyes. The smile never faltered from her lips, even when he rudely didn't say anything and looked anywhere but at her.

"Are you ignoring me? I mean, it's okay. I can leave if you don't want me here..." She straightened herself up and started walking away, but stopped in her steps when Zero's voice stopped her.

"I'm sorry... I.. don't really like these sorts of things."

She smiled and turned around, made her way back to the spot beside him and leaned up against the wall again. "Yeah, I don't either. Hence the missing costume."

Zero looked over at her, and a small smile graced his lips. His eyes trailed from her shoes to the top of her head, and then he focused on the beating vein in her neck without meaning to. He harshly gritted his teeth in an attempt to keep his fangs from protruding out the corners of his mouth and he sharply inhaled again as he threw his head back to rest against the wall behind him. He hadn't noticed until it was too late that the girl had gotten even closer to him.

"My name's [Name] by the way. Yours?"

He could smell her, all of her. The minty smell on her breath, the strawberry scented shampoo in her hair, and he...

"Zero." His voice spoke gruffly, and he had to swallow the lump that was forming in his throat. She nodded and in that second the surrounding speakers thumped louder as someone turned the music up.

She talked in a higher octave this time, without screaming, so that he could hear her. "Do you wanna go somewhere else, so that we can talk? It's really loud in here!"

He closed his eyes and his hands tightened into fists. He could easily hear her without her raising her voice. But, now she was so close to him that the burning pain inside of him started to become painful.

"No, thanks..."

"Oh, okay..."

He heard the hurt in her voice before he even glanced over to see the hurt expression on her face. When she moved away from the wall and started walking away from him, he didn't know what came over him when he reached out and grabbed her wrist in his hand.

"Let's go." Was all he said and then they made they way toward the staircase. The music slowly faded into a soft hum as they walked further and further away from the party. Zero's hand never left [Name]'s wrist as they walked down a hallway with only a few people in it.

A few minutes later they finally found a vacant room and stepped inside of it. Zero noticed he'd held onto her wrist way longer than he had intended to and quickly let go. She smiled and walked over to the window, slowly opening the curtains to look out into the night.

"I honestly don't know why I came to this party. My friend talked me into coming, but then she left me by myself. I'm glad I ran into a less insane, safe person to talk to." She fully opened the curtains and then turned around to face him, a smile upturning the corners of her lips.

All Zero could think was, 'She shouldn't be smiling; I'm not safe.' She moved closer and he watched as the hair that was lying on the side of her neck moved and fell to expose the beating vein again. His breath caught in his throat and he closed his eyes again for the umpteenth time that night; he needed to control himself or he was going to do something he would regret.

He felt her small hand grasp around his upper arm, but he didn't move nor open his eyes. "What's wrong, Zero? You okay?"

He slowly opened his eyes to look at her, though when her eyes widened, in what looked like shock, he knew how his eyes must look now. Her arm fell back down to her side and she stepped back away from him until she was against the wall, she was cornered. Zero stepped closer to her and when he opened his mouth to speak, his fangs were plainly noticeable for the first time that night.

"Don't scream and don't move. I don't want to hurt you, [Name]."

The pupils in her eyes became larger as the compulsion overtook her being. All her coherent thoughts vanished into thin air and she couldn't move, even though she so desperately wanted to. She couldn't do anything as Zero, the boy she had just met for the first time that night, stalked toward her. She whimpered as his hand reached out and moved her [h/c] hair behind her and out of his way.

"I'm sorry... I'll try not to hurt you." He told her, but that didn't calm her nerves, she was a wreck on the inside. She wanted to scream, to push this man away from her, but she couldn't. She closed her eyes in fear as she watched him lean in toward her neck. Her heart beat so erratically behind her chest that she thought it may stop. When she felt his sharp fangs scrape across the junction of her neck, only one question dominated her mind. Was she going to die tonight?

Zero pulled back slightly and if she could see him, she would be seeing the painful expression on his face. He was going to regret this, he'd probably never forget it. Him biting a girl's neck, a nice girl that he'd just met.

Though, in a split second, his vampiric side took full control of him and the whole situation became clear. He was the predator and she the prey. And then he sunk his teeth into the vein on the side of her neck that had been tempting him all night.

And [Name] couldn't even scream as he drunk from her, and even if she did scream, she doubted that anyone would be able to hear her.

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