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Kristen: The one word that best describes her: Lovable. She's your average 17 year old girl but she's clueless as to what effect she has on guys. This shy cutie makes guys stop and stare with her beautiful figure and sweet nature. She thinks she has love all figured out and decides to steer clear of it but life takes an unexpected toll when she falls for her best friend. Jake: Smart, flirty, sporty and sensitive. He's the ideal boy friend. He's bold and daring when it comes to love but will he be able to..

Created by RTrio on Friday, November 01, 2013


Kristen's POV:
Three raps on the front door means its Jake. My stomach does a flop. I calm myself, blushing first. I speak to myself "Relax Kristen, its just Jake." I open the door, smiling."Hey Jake" I say."Hey Kris" he grins, sleepily.I laugh "Its 12 already and you just woke up?"He yawns "I would've woken up later but I just had to see you!"I laugh "Save it for Alyssa,Jake."He looks confused, then he realizes what I mean and looks hurt, he frowns slightly "Kristen I don't like her. I dated her a month ago and because I didn't want her to feel bad."I sigh "Whatever Jake,lets just finish English fast and then you can go home." I cross my arms over my chest and look away."Kris" and when I look he starts tickling me. I giggle."Okay okay I won't be mad" I hear myself saying."Good" he says holding me for a second too long.. I look down,blushing. We walk into my room and he flops down on my bed. "Kris how's your room so neat?",but he knows I hate messes so I don't have to answer. He pats the spot next to him. I sit down, tentatively. He smiles, grabbing me by the waist and resting my head on his lap. I lie there silent and secretly pleased."Jake" I whisper."Yes Kris?", I stay silent. "Nothing" I say.He laughs "Kris, when you're quiet you're thinking and whatever it is you're thinking about means something to you... Tell me when you're ready" he adds.I whisper a muffled "I will." Jake's right though,that's what annoys me the most. I'm thinking about him. His artist's hands. Brown-black hair and piercing green eyes. How will I ever concentrate on English?
Jake's POV:
I pull her closer and hand her her English book. I flip through "myths and legends" and one page catches my eye. I stop, stare, and gasp in surprise."Jake what happened?" she says."Kris you look like..warrior princess.." I stumble with my words. She peers over my shoulder. I smile "She could be your twin, the only thing is you're way prettier." I see her blush and my smile widens. Gosh she's so cute when she does that."Jake did you find anything?" Kris asks."How about we act out a spoof of Cleopatra?" I laugh and add "We could also do the whole mummy wrapped in toilet paper thing." Kris cracks up. "Its a great idea!"We spend the next hour and a half working on our spoof. Its unbelievable how I feel around her: One moment she's Kris, my best friend. Funny, outgoing and smart. The next she's Kris, sweet, loving and an ideal girlfriend. She's beautiful and she doesn't even know it. Most guys get caught up staring at her body, sad to say there are a lot of perverts in my school. For me.. its her eyes. Sky blue with specks of gold, wow. How am I supposed to make someone who's been my best friend since primary fall in love with me? She has so much going for her that she could get any guy... :(

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