Gakuen no Alice II- Part 8

Does anyone else ship Asura x Maka?

Created by nmbuhr on Thursday, November 07, 2013

---The Next Day Of The Alice Festival---

--Asuka's P.O.V.--

My class gathered in Ruka-sensei's room, because we were waiting for permission to leave. Today a music band made of people who graduated from the Alice Academy was coming to make a performance. Youichi had decided to sit to my left now, and Zorrorin was sitting on my right. Ruka-sensei walked in the room and said, "Okay, everyone, it's our turn to find our seats. You're allowed to sit wherever you like, alright? Get into groups of two, then!"

Youichi and Zorro both grabbed one of my hands at the same time, and started pulling in either direction. "Ow ow ow ow.." I said quietly. "Hands off, fox." Youichi told Zorrorin in a threatening voice. "You let go, Youichi." Zorrorin responded. Bear walked by and saw me in trouble, so he grabbed me by the waist with both hands, pulled me out of the two boys' grasps, and lifted me over the table. He put me down (standing) next to him and said, "We'll be partners, Asuka-chan."

He put his left arm around my shoulder so I could keep next to him, and he walked me out the door.

{This is what Youichi & Zorro are thinking: Damn you, Bear!!}

"Sorry about that. Those two seem to hate each other a little more than usual today." Bear apologized. "I don't mind, Bear. We haven't seen each other in a while, so let's have fun, okay?" I told Bear. He smiled at me and nodded his head.

---Bear's P.O.V.---

Asuka and I manage to find the last two front-row seats, while Youichi had to pair up with one of the girls in the older classes and was two rows behind us, and Zorro was paired up with one of the shy boys in our class, and was sitting three rows behind us. Zorro was to our left and Youichi was to our right.

"Hey, Asuka, you play the violin, right? I just remembered." I asked Asuka. I was getting bored just watching the band getting ready to play. "Mhm! But my violin is still at home.. I bet someone's taking care of it, though! Hey, Bear, do you play anything?" Asuka replied. "No, I never had the time to learn anything. Besides, if I tried now, I'd get bored of it too easily." The vocalist finally stepped up to the mic and the band started playing.

This are the songs & links cuz I was too lazy to put lyrics:


Everybody Loves Me-

I Don't Care-

After the band finished playing, most of the older girls swarmed to the front to talk to their "idols" and get autographs. I grabbed Asuka's hand and pulled her through the massive amount of people. When we managed to break free of the crowd, Youichi was waiting for us at one of the exits, leaning on the doorway. Zorro had already been crowded out, so he was probably back with Ruka.

---Youichi's P.O.V.---

Bear and Asuka walked up to me, but Bear headed back down the stairs and said, "I'm going to see if I can get one of their autographs. It'll be worth some money on the web." When he had disappeared into the crowd of girls, I took hold of Asuka's hand and asked, "Let's go, then. I want to check out the haunted house while it's still open. Want to come?"

She walked to my side and smiled, "Okay!" We made our way to the haunted house, and as soon as we walked inside, it was pitch dark. I bumped into a wall on accident, so I went to the left, with Asuka following next to me, and one of the Illusion Alice users created a fake monster to jumpscare us.I wasn't that scared, but Asuka had squeezed my hand when it appeared.

"Are you scared?" I asked her. "A little." She replied, but we kept walking. By the end of the haunted house, she was clinging to my arm. I felt kind of happy about it, but also upset for her. "Hey, Asuka, it's over, you can open your eyes." She opened her eyes, but I realized Persona was staring at her. I thought if she saw him, it might scare her more, so I covered her eyes with my left hand and mentioned, "Nevermind; don't look."

She pushed my hand down and asked, "How come, what is it?" She laid her eyes on Persona, and a smile crept up on her face. She broke free of my hand, and I watched with a shocked expression s she ran to Persona and yelled, "Rei!" He saw her when she was coming, and he picked her up, smiling.


------------Ryouta's P.O.V. (The Band Vocalist [11 yrs old])

I had ditched the guys and skipped out on autographs and the girls because I had smelled someone I used to be friends with. Asuka.. Murakami, I think was her last name. I had the voice pheromone alice and the cat-dog alice, so I was naturally part of a band formed from the school, and I was able to track down anyone I knew.

I had caught her scent, but it was mixed in with a lot of other scents, too, so I was mostly relying on what I saw around me. I bumped into a tall person who was carrying a girl. I looked up at her face, and she looked just like Asurin. "Hey. Mind coming down so I can see you better?" I asked her. The man put her down, and when he did, I licked her cheeck to see what she tasted like.

She hid behind a boy who had a pokerface expression, but I wasn't too concerned by that. This taste... it really is Asurin... "Wh-who are you?" She asked me timidly from behind the boy's shoulder. I pushed the boy to the side gently without thinking, and hugged Asurin. I had heard her Aunt had come to the school on a killing spree, so I had assumed that Asurin was dead. my only friend.

"You idiot, Asurin! I thought you were dead, " I spoke, my voice scratchy because of my unstoppable tears, "You should at least keep in contact with your friends, you know. I was plenty worried about you." I felt her hands reach my shoulders as she realized who I was. "Ryouta.. Katagami? From the Central District?" She asked me. "Yeah, it's me." I told her, and the man tapped my shoulder.

The two of us broke out of our hug, and Asurin started talking to the man again, who's name turned out to be Rei, or known to the other boy as Persona. "I'm Youichi. No offense, but if you don't want me to kill you, you'll never lick Asuka again. Got it?" He told me. Youichi obiously liked Asurin. More than I did- I only liked her as a friend and as an awesome violinist.

---Persona's/Rei's P.O.V.---

"So, Asuka, are you still playing the violin?" I asked Asuka. "Yeah. My violin's back at home, though. Are you still playing bass, Rei?" Asuka replied. "Yeah, I'm not so bad anymore; I practice every now and then. I feel bad about your violin, though. I should get you a new one." I smiled at Asuka. Out of the corner of my eye, I read Youichi's lips as they moved. Since when did you become so friendly? And get this idiot away from me, he's irritating.

I leaned over Asuka's ear and whispered, "Sorry, but someone's getting annoyed, I have to leave." Before Asuka said anything else, I stood up straight and ushered Ryouta away, "Now, why don't we check out that building over there? It looks interesting!"


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