The Fairy Godmother

A fairy Godmother must rescue her Godchild, who is the princess of the kingdom Solar. I apologize for any grammatical and spelling errors. Enjoy and please rate!

Created by SirGawain98 on Saturday, December 07, 2013

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I live by myself in a cottage. My life tends to go by peacefully and my days are usually undisturbed. However, when one is a fairy Godmother (and especially the Godmother of a princess), getting involved in large-scale problems is almost unavoidable. Take this incident that happened a few years ago for example.

It was a sunny day and I had decided to relax. I thought I would start a sweater for my nephew for his birthday. As I sat in my chair knitting, I heard a curious scraping at the door. I ignored it for a few minutes but it persisted. Annoyed, I got up and opened the door.

As soon as the door had opened a crack, a furry animal streaked through the opening and stopped in the middle of the floor. Oily black fur covered its pointed head and rotund body. Two sharp brown teeth stuck out of his wet, drooling mouth. His tail was like a long pink worm. It was a rat and the ugliest I had ever seen. Normally, I would have grabbed my broom and shooed it out, but I noticed that it had a scrap of paper in its mouth.

As the creature stared at me with its big black eyes, I bent down to take the paper. Signed at the top was the name Annora. Annora was my Godchild.

As the rat was apparently a messenger of Annora’s, I couldn’t send it away without giving it something. Thankfully rats are easy to please. I gave it a seed cake, which it seized greedily, then fled out the door.

Once the disgusting creature had gone, I took a look at the note my Godchild had sent. Scrawled across the dirty paper in smudged charcoal were the words:

Godmother, I don’t like to bother you but I am in need of your help. A witch named Fey captured me and has me locked in her tower, because she has a grudge against my father. She says that she means to keep me as her slave forever. Please send help. –Annora

That girl! She was always in some sort of trouble. I knew who Fey was. She was wicked as witches come. If I remembered correctly, she lived in tower on the far side of the forest.

I sat back in my chair with my knitting needles and tried to think of a solution to Annora’s predicament.

After I had finished the sweater, seven socks, a hat, and started a blanket my brilliant idea hit me. A prince! A knight in shining armor! I would find a champion willing to rescue my beautiful Godchild from the wicked witch. And who better than Prince Evander of Luna? I thought. I knew he had desired to marry Annora for years, but could never catch her attention. Surely, he wouldn’t turn me down.

I put on my shawl and prepared to make my way to the castle of King Alfredo to ask the assistance of Prince Evander and rescue my dear Annora.

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