[Teen Wolf] The Midnight Beast [Isaac Lahey] 2

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Created by MsSalvatore on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Chapter 2 -

It was last period and the bell had finally rang. Jade had spent her entire day with Isaac, three out of five of her classes she had with him too, all in which he sat her beside him, taking her under her wing and looking out for her.
She more than enjoyed his presence around her, he made her feel entirely comfortable though she could tell that he had some sort of annoyance when it came to Scott being around her, which she hadn't understood why.

She sat at the tables and waited for Isaac to turn up, afraid that he might have bailed on her after all.

"New girl" she heard someone call out to her, Jade looking up to see Stiles approaching her now.

"New girl has a name" Jade scoffed back."What's your problem with me?" she then questioned him.

"Me? I don't have a problem" he stated with a small shrug.
"First you hurry Scott away from me in the hallways, then you make comments to me at lunch and you groan every time Isaac brings me around" Jade stated. "If you have a problem, just tell me."

"Fine. I don't think you're any good for Isaac nor Scott. You're just going to distract them with your pretty little face and the mystery of you" Stiles said back.

"Distract them from what?" she asked.

"Uh, their school work and sport duh!" He scoffed back lightly now.

"So what? I can't be friends with them? I can't talk to them? Look at them?" she rose from where she sat now, annoyance building throughout her.

"You don't even know me, so how can you be so certain I'm bad for them?" Jade questioned now.

"Because I know you... You're the type of girl that can get any boy and when they have them you end up being damsel in distress and the guy he ends up with all these issues and dramas.. But not only that but for you to spark attention in Isaac is a big thing cause no girls do and for Scott to take some interest as well and you don't want to be the girl to break up friends now do you?" He finished saying, Jade not saying another word and storming off.
"Trust me, it's for the better!" he shouted out to her now.
Jade walked the entire way home now, her annoyance still there from what Stiles said. She didn't know why she was so angry and it was the fact that someone had told her off on the first day of her new school, only proving one of the reasons to why she hasn't change and moving to a new school.

She walked into her house, her mother running around frantically. "Oh thank god you're home" her mother sighed with relief.

Her mother was beautiful, something Jade always adored about her. She had long luscious dark hair like Jade, her eyes were small and brown but held so much sparkle to them and her lips were thin while her skin was a soft glowing tan.

"Savannah went out somewhere and won't be home until after five and I have been called back into the office and won't be home until after nine honey" she rambled off to Jade, grabbing her bags and keys.

"If you can't figure out something to cook just have take out yeah? Your car has already arrived as well and can you please pick your sister up at four too . Bye honey" she smiled small kissing Jade on the head before leaving the house.

"Miss Harper" she heard voices say, her brows furrowing as the voice is so recognisable.

"Jade honey, you have visitors" her mother called out to her, Jade walking to stand in the door frame, the view of Scott, Stiles and Isaac standing there.

"It was nice to meet you all, Scott you and your mother should come over for dinner one night, well I have to go now, but Jade you know the rules, no boys in your room" she said one last time before walking off.

Jade stood there looking at all three of them awkwardly now, her eyes dropping to the ground as her pulse began to rise again.

"Stiles eventually told us what he said to you" Scott begun to say.

"And he came here to apologise" Isaac told her.

"It's fine, he doesn't need to apologise over anything" Jade shook her head lightly, grabbing onto the door handle tighter as she looked away.

"He actually does" Isaac stepped forward, his hand gently laying on top of Jades hand, slowly releasing it as he took it in his own now, Jade looking up at Isaac, a frown placed across her as she looked at him.

"Do you mind if we come in?" Scott then asked, clearing his voice as if it break up and awkward moment.
"Sure" she said blankly, stepping aside and letting them into her house.

"Your house is really nice" Scott stated as he looked around, Jade murmuring out a small thanks.

"Is this your Dad?" Stiles looked throughout her living room, looking at every photo that hung on the wall and was layed out in the cupboards and shelves.

He picked up a photo that layed in front of her tv, right in the centre. A picture of her mother, father, sisters and herself, recently taken not so long ago. Her father stood there, his arm wrapped around Jade as they smiled bright, sad smiles, her father in his army gear head to toe.
"Yeah, he's in the army" Jade answered, only causing her sadness to grow now, Jade snatching the picture out from Stiles hands and placing it back in place.

"I don't mind if you look through the photos and what not, but please don't touch them" she said politely, before taking a seat now.

"Stiles, go ahead, what do you have to say" Scott nudged him now, a stern look plastered across his face.

"I'm sorry for talking to you the way I spoke to you. I don't know and can't judge you so quickly, but I will say that the little scenario I stated before usually occurs with these too in my defence, just maybe not you" Stiles began saying. "I was just looking out for my friends that's all.. I turned into protective friend mode and I apologise for everything" he finished saying.

"And.." Isaac trailed on for him, Jade looking beside her as he raised his brow at him.

"And it's your first day at school and in a new town and I shouldn't have made you feel so nervous and in-welcomed considering you were already feeling that today. I was acting like a real jerk and if you want to hit me, you're more than welcome too" Stiles said in a monotone as if someone had told him exactly what to say, the corner of her mouth curving as she looked over at Isaac, knowing that he was the one to do so.

"It's fine Stiles, I forgive you, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't say stuff like that to me next time" Jade spoke up now, flattening out a smile to him.

"Like I said, I am actually sorry, even though half the stuff I said was scripted by hours truly" he motioned to Scott and Isaac. "I meant it" he said more honest now.

"Well seeing how that is now done and dusted, Jade and I had plans before Stiles rudely interrupted them" Isaac stood now, giving both Scott and Stiles a firm look to leave, but Scott wasn't one to want to leave just yet.
"Maybe I could help? We have two classes together" he questioned Jade.

"Actually we were just going to hang out.. Just the two of us for now and I have to go pick up my sister too"Jade admitted to him softly, "Maybe tomorrow though or at school?" She then suggested.

"Yeah no worries" Scott smiled small, his eyes glancing over Isaac for a small second before landing back on Jade.
"Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow at school" he said, turning on his heel as he made his way out.

"He means well Stiles, but like you he tends to not like change and when a new girl comes into his inner circle, he tends to think of bad scenarios in his head that could happen" Isaac began explaining to her.

"I'm a part of your inner circle?" Jade arched her brow, her nerves disappearing again as warmth and comfort filled her, Jade more than relieved to have just Isaac in the room with her now.

"Well it's either your in my inner circle or we could just be friends, you and I and no-one else added?" he smirked at her, stepping closer towards her.

"I like Lydia and I do need more girlfriends, so your inner circle doesn't seem too bad" she smirked back now, looking down at Isaacs lips before looking back up at him. "But then Stiles, he seems like a handful, who's to say he even wants me in your inner circle?" she laughed now.

"That's true and I'm certain Scott would love you to be in the inner circle too, probably more than I would" their pulses began to rise, Isaac brushing his hand over hers as he filled the space between them, Jade unable to look away as she closed her eyes briefly.

"I have to get my sister" she opened her eyes now, stepping back as she looked over at Isaac. "You don't have to come though" she shrugged.

"And say no to spending more time with you" he smirked, stepping towards her only to cause Jade to smile brightly. "Now why would I do that?" He smirked again.

"We're going to be late, lets go" Jade resisted him again, stepping back as she took in a deep breath, collecting her keys before they existed the house and locked up.


Pulling up outside the school, Jade and Isaac made their way inside, Jade continuously looking over her shoulder and over at Isaac, their eyes locking before she turned back around.

"Jade" she heard her name being chimed, a wide smile appearing across Jades face as she watched Rose run up to her.

"Hi Rosie" she cooed picking her up, "How was your first day of school? Did you make lots of friends and have fun?" she asked.

"Yes I had lots of fun and I drew you all pictures, one for you, one for Mummy, one for Vannah and one for Daddy" she then told Jade, turning her view over to Isaac now, her brows furrowed causing Jade to laugh small.
"Rose, this is my friend Isaac" Jade told her, looking over to Isaac, waiting for his reaction towards her.

"It's nice to meet you Isaac" Rose smiled bright, her front tooth missing making her look more adorable.
Rose has small and petite and very short for her age. Her hair fell in long brunette ringlets while her eyes shone a bright brown, her complexion glowing and her features soft. She had looked more like Jade than ever, every feature of hers more like hers than anyone of her family members.
"Well it's my pleasure to meet you Rose" Isaac smiled bright back at her, his attention moving back over to Jade as he looked deeply at her.

"We should get going" Jade stated small, quickly looking away from Isaac as she walked back to the car now.
Arriving home, Jade unlocked the door, Rose running straight inside and upstairs to her room.

"I don't think your ideal thing of hanging out would be baby sitting" Jade stated to Isaac, shutting the door behind her as she made her way into the living room.
"Like I said before, it's cool" Isaac shrugged following after her. "Besides I don't have any siblings, so I think it would be fun" he smiled at her, Jade giving him a blank expression as she sighed small.

"You don't have to do this. I know I'm the new girl and I know that it may seem to you that I'm totally nervous and totally uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice yourself to spend time with the "new girl", especially after school hours" Jade stated to him with an arched brow.

"I'm sure that any guy would want to put themselves in my position and "sacrifice" themselves to spend time with you" he laughed small, quoting and mocking the words she choose lightly.

"So stop over thinking things, take a deep breath and relax" stepping forward he held Jade by the arms, his eyes never leaving hers once. "One thing about me is that I'm to the point. If I have something to say, I'll say it and if I don't want to do something, then I won't do it" he smiled his half smile that Jade was beginning to love.
Jade smiled brightly, both Isaac and she not moving once, her smile brightening as she looked up at him, her pulse beginning to rise.

"Easy there Jade" she heard someone comment now, Jade quickly breaking away from Isaac and turning to see Savannah leaning against the wall frame, a wide smirk plastered across her face.

"Does Mum know you have boys in the house?" she arched her brow, moving from the wall as she walked approached them.

"Of course she knows" Jade rolled her eyes at her sister now, Savannah stopping in front of Isaac as she looked him up and down.

"Savannah, Jades hotter, overly protective and talented, older sister" she held out her hand, a small smile plastered across her face as Isaac shook her hand now.

"Isaac Lahey" he said with confidence, his hand shake firm, Savannah's brows furrowing before she thinned out her lips.

Savannah was stunning. Her was black, falling straight down her back to her the top of her hips. She had no ounce of fat on her body what so ever, her body toned, tanned and lean. Her complexion was absolutely flawless, high cheekbones, full lips and small brown eyes. She was known to be the lustful sister out of the two, the one everyone knew not to cross.

"Cute, pretty guys and you seem like the type of guy who would protect my sister" she told hi

m. "Don't hurt her or I'll have to hurt her" she turned
"I thought you were meant to be out till five?" Jade sighed lightly now.

"That was until I found out Mum was working back late" Savannah sat down now, sitting on the single couch across from Isaac and Jade as they sat down too.

"Well seeing how Mum obviously doesn't care about your well being, I'll play protective mother and interrogate your little boyfriend" she sighed before flashing a wide smirk, Jade use to her un-rational behaviour.

"Savannah do you really have to do this right now?" Jade questioned, beginning to get annoyed with her. "And he's not my boyfriend" she states firmly.

"By the way you two were standing and staring at each other like long lost lovers, it's just a matter of time before you two eventually get together and I want to make sure that you don't get another bad guy" she said to her.

"Shall we recall them all... Steven, Matt, Kye, Kyle... and oh we can't forget about Leo" she trailed off.

"You've really had that many boyfriends?" Isaac questioned with an arched brow.

"No.. Well yes.. They weren't all serious and were counting back to when I was like twelve though" Jade tried to explain.

"Do we really have to do this? I mean it's my first day in town Savannah. You're going to end up scaring off all my friends I make" Jade stood up now, anger boiling throughout her, despite her efforts of trying not to make a scene.

"That's because you choose the wrong people and the wrong crowd Jade. Every school you've been to, you've ended up crying and hurt. You even said it yourself that you hate change, that being one of the very reasons. I'm just looking out for you before you end up hurt in the long run" Savannah stood up herself, her voice firm as she spoke, dominance filled throughout her voice.

"Why do you always have to ruin my social life for. All the time Savannah. Can't you ever just let me be happy for once and just stop embarrassing me!" Jade snapped now, her anger rising high adage fumed at Savannah, pushing past her and rushing upstairs.

Isaac stood there in shock. He didn't realise that the quiet, nervous girl he met today could get so angry and fume the way she did, but then again he had only known her for a couple of hours so what was he actually expecting.
"Don't you think that was a bit harsh?" Isaac stated as he stepped towards Savannah.

"See that, that little outburst there, that is just a glimpse of how uncontrolled Jade can get. You think she's all mellow and quiet, well there's another side to her that no-one sees and I just proved that to you. So please just stay out of her life and leave her alone because I don't want to see her hurt" she lectured him.

"What makes you think that she'd get hurt though? Obviously everything was going fine-" he started to say before she cut him off.

"You have known my sister for what? Six, seven hours?" She arched her brow, walking forward and folding her hands over her chest."I've known my sister since she was born, I've been the one she turns to for help. I'm the one who comforts her when she cries at night. When she gets hurt, she hurts. She's been hurt too many times for me to let her take a risk this time and it's not that others will hurt her, it's that she ends up doing things that get herself hurt" she explained to him now.

"My sister is my everything and if you remotely care about her, you'd see that I'm looking out for her best interest and please just let her be..." She then pleaded now.
"And what happens if she becomes friends with someone else?" he continued to question.

"We'll I can't prevent that, but it's a different story when I know when one of her new friends walks in with a secret that could hurt her worse" she said strongly now, Isaacs eyes slowly widening as his brows furrowed.
"How-?" he questioned instantly.

"We all have our secrets Isaac" her eyes glowed orange, although they were different from what he would see. The rims were gold while amber flecks were filled throughout the orange and her pupils glimmered with gold.

"You trust me? Yet you don't know me?" Isaac stated now.
"Jade doesn't know about any of this, so I'd like to keep it that way too" she looked over her shoulder, Rose coming down the stairs and making her way over to Savannah now.
"Savannah, is Isaac staying for dinner?" she cooed lightly.
"No baby, he was just leaving" she stated firmly now.
"Say bye to Jade for me" he said staring at Savannah a moment later, "Bye Rose" he then said, leaving a moment later.

"Come on, lets go check on Jade" Savannah said grabbing hold onto her sisters hand as they climbed the stairs.

She knocked on the door lightly, opening it to see Jade sitting on her window bench, watching as Isaac left her house now, a frown appearing across her face deeply as she rested her head on her knees.

"Isaac said bye" Savannah stated walking in.

"What would it matter, it's not like he's ever going to talk to me again" Jade moped.

"You know I never meant to get you mad or anything, that I was just looking out for your best interest" Savannah began to say.

"It's just, every time we start some where new, you fall for a guy instantly and get hurt."

"I know" Jade smiled small now, "I just over reacted that's all, thanks Sav" she sighed, looking back out the window.

"I'll call you when dinners ready" she told her now, grabbing Rose's hand as she left the room.

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