Do you love me? Chapter 54 ~Ciel Phantomhive~ Love Story

Created by animeviolinist989 on Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Hikari and Ciel stood in the painting room.

“...So, what do you want?” Cole asked.

“Why did you call me here? I have to go to the swan gazebo” Cole said.

“We won't waste much of your time~” Hikari said.

“I just want to make sure of something” Ciel said.

“Cole. I'm pretty sure that your message to me was wrong the other day.” Ciel said.

“Why do you say so? You shouldn't blame other people” Cole said.

“Me and Ciel were both there. It's not likely that we both got it wrong.” Hikari said.

“My friend asked other classmates. You know you're the prettiest boy in the school. There were many bystanders” Ciel said.

“And by the way, 18 people testified that you mistakenly said '4 o'clock'.'s not accurate to say 'mistakenly'. Since you said it wrong purposely~” Hikari said purposely trying to annoy him.

“Tsk. You're just bluntly accusing me!” Cole said.

“Well then. How do you explain Johan Harcourt and the other 4 people?” Hikari asked.

“Huh?” Cole asked pretending to not know what you're talking about.

“Among the students who were invited to the swan gazebo, all the ones that failed to show up said that you gave them the wrong information. You're a prefect's fag, yet you look down on the weak” Hikari said.

“That's cruel and unfair.” Ciel said.

“Only a liar would do that! ~” Hikari said.

“And not only that, you also make other people do your job as a fag.” Ciel said.

“Haaah? No idea what you're talking about.” Cole said.

“The data Redmond asked you to gather.” Hikari said.

“Ironing, polishing shoes” Ciel said.

“And even preparing're doing none of that” Hikari said.

“All your skills are fake!!”Ciel said beginning to raise his voice.

“Hah. That's some good imagination. You don't even have evidence” Cole said.

“I do” Ciel said taking something out of his pocket. He held a flower card in his hands

“THA...THAT IS” Cole yelled surprised and Hikari smirked.

“Do you recognize this? It's the cards you use to ask your entourage to do your job.” Hikari said with a smirk.

“This is when you requested to gather the date. This is the ironing. This is to polish shoes. This is when you asked the red house's chef to prepare the snacks!” Ciel said dropping cards on the ground as he went on with the list

“And I have many more” Ciel said pulled a lot more out of his pockets.

“They even have the date and time, and it's all in your handwriting.” Hikari said.

“I told them to dispose of them-”Cole said.

“They did. Luckily they hadn't been collected yet. We had a hard time.” Ciel said.

“We had to find all these tiny pieces of cards among the garbage from all over the school. And they were all carefully ripped up. It took a long time to patch them together” Ciel said as you remembered Sebastian doing that while you and Ciel were eating snacks and drinking tea.

“WHAT!?”Cole screamed.

“What would Redmond think if he knew this?” Hikari asked pretending to be sad.

“As a student of a prestigious school, aren't you ashamed?” Ciel yelled.

“I will forget that you deceived us. But you have to be honest with Redmond.” Ciel said.

“Fags should be trustworthy brothers...right? I thought you cared for him. If you do then you'll tell him the truth” You said pretending to care about his feelings.

“Yeah....I'll tell him everything.” Cole said staying silent for a long time

“The fuck. No way!!” Cole yelled making a really ugly face. He snapped his fingers and four guys ran into the room and grabbed Hikari and Ciel.

“I would've never come here unprepared” Cole said.

“Are you stupid?” Cole asked as he lit the cards on fire.

“Ok. No evidence~ Too bad for your efforts.” Cole said grabbing Ciel by the tie.

“Your attitude really pisses me off! You're getting carried away just ‘cause the seniors kind of fancy you” Cole said.

“Using others is also a skill you know!? I'm simply making good use of otherwise average people. Since I'm the most beautiful in the school!” Cole said.

“Your life changes greatly if you’re able to become a prefect in this school. Do you know how much I flattered them to be where I am now?” Cole asked.

“You're already a winner. You can't understand the feelings of a younger son that will never inherit a title” Cole said to Ciel.

“I believe that winning by cheating has no value” Ciel yelled.

“You acting like a good boy...gets on my nerves!” Cole yelled pulling a pair of sharp scissors out of his jacket.

“I'll become the next prefect of the red house. And Redmond will like me more than anyone else” Cole yelled.

“Pfft. What are you going to do? Cut our hair?” Hiakri asked smirking. He cut Ciel's shirt off. And punched him in the face. Hikari gasped.

“-Gah” Ciel yelled.

“It's so stupid to call me to such a deserted place. No one will come to save you” Cole said.

Hikari started to laugh.

“What?”Cole asked annoyed.

“Are you stupid? Did you really think that we'd come here with all of our evidence? Pfft. We left more of those cards in our room. With our friends also” Hikari lied with a smirk. He kicked her in the stomach.

“Hnn-!” Hikari yelled.

“I hate you. Trying to act cute. Getting in the way. Making Redmond favor you. You're annoying....So let's take some pictures. The kind that’ll make you wanna die from shame!!”Cole said unbuttoning Hikari’s blazer then her undershirt. Hikari’s eyes widened as the wraps around her chest were almost visible.

“DON'T. TOUCH. HIM” Ciel yelled. Hikari heard Cole laugh.

“PLEASE STOP” Hikari yelled closing her eyes.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!?” Greenhill yelled as he and Edward slammed the door open.

He and Edward beat the guys off of Hikari and she quickly pulled her blazer closed again, tears in her eyes.

“Ah...ahhh” Cole said falling to his knees.

“I swore that I'd never use violence again, and you made me break my promise Cole!” Greenhill said through gritted teeth as he glared at Cole.

“P-PEASE, GREENFILL! DON'T TELL REDMOND” Cole pleaded while he started to cry and his body trembled.

“Shouldn't you ask us the same?” A voice asked.

“Bluer....and Violet!? W-why are you here!?” Cole asked.

“After hearing that the skilled and brilliant Maurice Cole is about to commit an act of violence...anyone would come running” Edward said as Ciel helped Hikari up.

“But the swan gazebo is far away from here. My voice couldn't be that would” Cole yelled.

“Well. Sound is not transmitted by loudness...” Ciel said looking at Cole with a disgusted look.

“But by vibrations” Ciel added.

“As long as you can transmit the vibrations, in theory the sound will go as far as you want. For example, by taking a perfectly tense thread and connecting it to a flat surface you will be able to transmit sound to faraway place.” Ciel said.

“Like...this” Hikari said picking up a painting and showing completely straight string behind it that lead to the swan gazebo.

“No way. NO WAY...NO WAY. NOW WAY. NO WAAAAY.” Cole screamed.

“I listened to everything” Redmond's voice said.

“Red....mond” Cole mumbled.

“Even you betrayed me...I'm ashamed of my inability to judge people” Redmond said.

“It's not-” Cole said trembling.

No excuses” Redmond said.

“You disappointed me. Cole. I cancel our brotherly relationship” Redmond said. Cole let out a scream and fell to his knees once again. Hikari stared at his crying figure.

“If you start behaving honestly I'm sure that you'll be able to regain everyone's trust” Hikari said as Ciel handed him a handkerchief.

Cole smiled at Hikari and Ciel thinking that you two have forgiven him.

“So I thought by showing everybody your 'real face'” Ciel said as Hikari handed Cole a picture of him putting on makeup.

“!!!!!!!??!?!?!”Cole yelled.

“You should be proud. You definitely have skills with makeup” Hikari said smiling.

“I'm sorry for blaming you unjustly. Please forgive me!” Edward said bowing to Hikari and Ciel.

“No matter the reason, I still was late” Ciel said.

“You don't have to apologize” Hikari said smiling.

“I really didn't think you were such an active person. I can see why Midford would acknowledge you.” Greenhill said to Ciel.

“You're really interesting” Violet said to Ciel.

“You were brave” Bluer said patting Hiikari and Ciel on the head

“T-thank you. I really couldn't stand the thought that other people beside me had been deceived.” Ciel said.

“I've always been against injustice” Ciel lied and Hikari stifled a giggle.

“You follow traditions, you don't lie and you are pure and noble. You’re a model student of this school” The four seniors said complimenting Ciel.


“Jeez. The nerve.” Ciel said looking at Hikari.

“What?” you asked.

“I mean, punching me. But hitting a girl? And he calls himself an English gentlemen?” Ciel asked really annoyed.

“It’s not like he knew I was a girl” Hikari said as she hugged him from behind.

“Is there a reason your doing this?” Ciel asked smiling.

“...Just wanted to” Hikari said.

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